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Author Topic: Magnetism / Electricity - Sub Atomic Theory  (Read 3598 times)

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Magnetism / Electricity - Sub Atomic Theory
« on: March 02, 2016, 11:29:27 PM »
   My loose understanding of  magnetism  is that in a   permanent-magnet,   since the atoms are all aligned,   and the  electrons orbits are aligned,   that since an electron has an electric-field,  all these  'Aligned-Spinning-Electric-Fields'  are the   Magnetic-Field.
( And,  I think I read that the   electric-field  and the  magnetic-field are unified in the  'theory-of-relativity'  )

    But to the above theory,   I add the following,   
  When an electron emits material,  the height of their orbit changes ,  and when an electron absorbs material,  it's orbit again changes in height.
  Electrons  are always changing the height of their orbit ( scientists call it a  change-of-energy-level or state ).   Electrons are constantly  emitting,  or,  absorbing  photon-like-material( what photons are made of, I don't know the correct-term,  and I don't know if electrons emit full photons ).   

    (  Electrical-current is mainly made of the  'electromotive-force',  which is not the electrons,  but in electrical-current,   'electron-drift'  occurs,  but the electrons move much slower than the  'electromotive-force'  )
    So,  could that continual emission of   photon-like-material  from electrons be what the   magnetic-field  is made of,   or,   maybe what the  electromotive-force  is made of.
     The reason I think that that might be what the   magnetic-field  is made of,   is because I wonder if the  'Aligned-Spinning-Electric-Fields'  could possibly be   controlling the ejected  'photon-like-material'  from electrons,  into a specific direction and pattern of travel .
    ( Photons and photon-like-material are not solids like protons or neutrons,  they are more like gooey-strings,  and apparently even  electrons themselves are similar to gooey-strings,  especially since because they travel so fast,   at any one definable point in time,  they are in more than one place at once.   )
    Could the  'Aligned-Spinning-Electric-Fields'   possibly be   controlling the ejected  'photon-like-material'  from electrons,  into a specific direction and pattern of travel,  and also turning the  gooey-strings  into flying-spirals( the characteristics of the spiral being the wavelength or frequency of the individual  'photon-like-material' ).
    It would be a strange theory,  because then it would mean that  protons and neutrons don't play a part in creating the  magnetic-field  or electric-current.

     WARNING - The Following Theory,  Is One That Not Even I Believe,  Because It Conflicts Too Much With Known Facts .
     I had an even stranger theory to the above theories,  that I thought I was the only one who had thought it up,   but some months ago,  I read that someone else had thought it up,  a long time before me.
      That theory is,   that  because  atoms  have this constant  dynamic-outer-shell caused by the continual  orbit  of the electrons,  that all  the  much-smaller-matter  floating around in the universe  is  propelled away from any area where there are  atoms( and matter made from atoms ).
    So,  atoms cause a sort of total-vacuum around them devoid of even the   much-smaller-matter  floating around in the universe,   and therefore in that vacuum  atoms  tend  to clump together,  and that is  what  Gravity is  .   And  all  that   much-smaller-matter  floating around in the universe  stays well away from  atoms( and matter made from atoms ).     
    So in effect,  Gravity is actually the vacuum-effect caused by the outer-shell of atoms.
    But then that wouldn't explain how gravity can work from distances of milions or billions or more kilometres or even light-years  away.