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Author Topic: Extra economic Syngas generator and burner 1MW  (Read 4509 times)

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Extra economic Syngas generator and burner 1MW
« on: February 28, 2016, 02:39:36 PM »
Ukrainian public research laboratory of alternative energy GverLab looks for partner (investments, grants) to support our very perspective energy saving green project «Syngas generator & burner 1MW with a mini fuel consumption».
Our achievements :
In 2014 GverLab designed, built and tested prototype syngas generator , a power 250 kilowatts, it produces 0.2 Gcal of heat per hour , a fuel consumption - 6 liters of diesel fuel (waste oil, light fuel) and 6 liters of water. In comparison - a fuel consumption of our generator is 3-4 times less than for any industrial burner same capacity.
In 2015 was designed, built and tested more powerful syngas generator 1000 KW, it produces about 0.8 Gcal of heat per hour , a fuel consumption - 30 liters of diesel fuel (waste oil, light fuel) and 50 liters of water. The saving of a fuel consumption - about 300 %. We have the patent for our generator.
Prospects :
In the second stage in 2016 is planned to upgrade significantly the constructed  generators and to build and test two more powerful and economic models of syngas generators 1 MW and 2 MW with fuel consumption of 20 liters per hour and 70 liters of water with minimal harmful emissions (CO2, NO) into the environment. These generators will allow 4-5 times reduce fuel costs comparatively with industrial devices the same power and significantly increase the amount of generated heat.Our patented technology possible production of heat generators capacity from 250 to 10000 kW.
Technology Overview (from our patent)
Generator-burner «Gver1000» produces and burns the syngas simultaneously. An activated water submitted into the generator , turns to steam, then a steam mix with liquid fuel, next the mixture heats in two cells, passes through a catalyst, next heats to a temperature of about 1000 degrees Celsius and produce syngas. The produced synthesis gas burned, generate an heat for the process chamber of generator and for the different purposes- water heating, air heating, steam production, etc.
A distinctive feature of the generator «Gver1000» is producing high-energy gas mixture (synthestemis gas) consists mainly hydrogen H2 plus carbon monoxide CO and combustion of the mixture at high temperature (1300-1600 ° C) .
Our generators produce heat, which can be use for production of steam heating boiler water, drying of agricultural  products, forest products, heat large rooms, greenhouses, for road and repearing work in the cold time and to produce  cheap electricity.
Our main goal - significant reduction of harmful emissions into the environment,  significant energy savings and reduce the cost of thermal energy,  partial substitution of imported energy (gas, electricity). Our slogan - «Safe our planet - stop global warming!»
More info -