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Title: solid state bidini charger
Post by: mark101 on February 12, 2016, 10:49:04 AM
Alright this is my first time doing this but I thought I would share this with you. I feel I might have made some useful improvements on the bedini solid state charging system. Now I took a 2 kilowatt inverter and rectified it to half wave ac (meaning dc pulses of 115 v if I'm not mistaken) I hooked it to the high voltage side of a microwave oven transformer and used the back spike on a 3 year old 12 v 1.97 amp our battery o almost forgot it hasn't charged for 2 years and I charged it and the battery got fixed but that's not the improvement as I was experimenting I found I could measure the back spike now. Got about 200v with I think 200 milliamps then I measured the input amps it was about 30 milliamps Then I came across newmans book and then all of a sudden this made sense. Copper is magnetic but not in the way we think its magnetic the moment a milliamps goes thru a coil. The trick is to make the coils resistance so high that the amps you put into it can almost not flow thru it that way you don't waste a lot of energy and you some how get more out of it. It does not work with big battery thou you will need a bigger gage coil for that with the same resistance