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Author Topic: Monoatomic Gold is the KEY STOP LOOKING ELSEWHERE!!!  (Read 11511 times)

Offline ayeaye

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Re: Monoatomic Gold is the KEY STOP LOOKING ELSEWHERE!!!
« Reply #15 on: September 06, 2015, 07:58:26 PM »
Well, people are taught to trust the authorities, to make sure that they don't go wrong. Which means, to replace their own thinking with that, because if they thought themselves, it were possible that they would go with something different from the authorities. Which is bad, because who differs from the authorities, likely went wrong. Which may be because one didn't know everything the authorities taught. Thus, that's circular, and by itself makes to consider everything alternative inferior.

Like the relationship between the slaves and the upper class. The thinking of slaves about the upper class mostly is, we need them, they help us, without them we couldn't live. And this is circular, too, proving itself to be true.

Offline garry s

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Re: Gold as the final answer
« Reply #16 on: February 13, 2016, 10:28:50 PM »

Tell me that all the minds here on are doing just that! Count the active members here and multiply this by the number of years they have been working on this site and tell me that no one has a viable solution to propose us as of 2015?!  Comon!!!!

Or we are
             Really Damn stupid, or
             People are really good at keeping secret to themselfs, or
             no solution  exists on our scale (macro/nano) of our testing.

We tend to turn in circle in my opinion! I actually see this site as an INFORMER point of view site where someone on top (big brother) wants to know who knows what and so that they can later destroy your work as seen in the past.

Its not about do they have a solution its about the reaction to it.
First its ignored, no one wants to know someone else beat them to it ... surely they will be the one to make millions from it ?
When 10 people finally replicate it and show it works, they move off back to their ideas and try and combine your work with theirs so that they can claim their idea was the one that worked when they added your idea to it.
While people are replicating your work and showing it works beyond doubt, several people will still be saying it cant be true ... one of those people will post some nice pic of it not working, without even having enough brain cells to understand what they just poo poo'd.
Everyone encompasing your work, will use this to justify, that your work, didnt work at all and so its only when they add it to theirs, it was finally working, credit or not.
Its not hard to get 5kw to run your house with FE/OU, whats actually hard is to get 1 watt FE / OU and even after you have it, understanding where it came from is another story.
The reaction to people seeing it is priceless, but not priceless in a good way, it priceless, because thats when you realize its valueless, becasue even smart people, who you know understand what they are seeing, dismiss it as a fake or impossible, almost before they have seen it.
Ancient people didnt spend their lives digging gold from the ground because it looked good ... like anyone with half a brain, they mined it becasue it had a value, or a historic value, so i think your ideas about gold being a key component is pretty much right on ... how long until we figure out what its correct use is ... is the question.
Garry Stanley