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Title: Need help with a device
Post by: magnetman12003 on December 22, 2015, 05:56:43 PM
I need a North Pole pulse from a single electromagnet from time to time. 
This electromagnet will be in an area of high permanent magnet polarity. 
So any reed switch or switching unit that is sensitive to magnetic polarity is out.

A proximity switch circuit probably might work but has to be very simple and work with one 9 volt battery
and a electromagnet coil.  Any ideas on how that can be made and a illustration will be a great help to me.

I have designed a pendulum device and when it swings in a circular fashion the swing needs a powerful
Pulse kick every 360 degrees. My magnets are very powerful and the pendulum is heavy so hopefully
The tiny pulse of energy from the electromagnet will be negated by what kinetic energy the pendulum can deliver.

Any help with a schematic will greatly be appreciated.
Title: Re: Need help with a device
Post by: truesearch on December 22, 2015, 06:29:39 PM

Just an idea: with your design would it be possible to use an optical "eye" or an infrared cel to trigger the pulse rather than using any magnetic switching? If you do go down the avenue it would take some calculations because either the light or infrared source that is being interrupted would take energy that would need to come from somewhere. . .

Title: Re: Need help with a device
Post by: Fluxite on December 22, 2015, 06:30:06 PM

some time back we used a board that had nothing but traces.

we then used a sync pulse to put current through the coil.

The coil was then placed between two 1x2x2 inch neo magnets.

Not sure if you ever heard a magnet scream but they did. Its a cool effect that allows you to hear the pulse rather than look at it on a scope.

The telsa coil creates a lot of field with little power and perhaps a curved shape would suit your needs.

Title: Re: Need help with a device
Post by: mscoffman on December 22, 2015, 06:58:01 PM


Yes any sort of proximity detector will work I suggest either an optical wond with a optical dark
spot would work. I also like fluxite's AC coil mechanism. You would use a Bedini type driver circuit
driving a reed relay coil. Some exotics type might be an acoustic, wind or even a geiger counting
circuit. I would not use a mechanical microswitch at first.

What you should do is just get anything to work...then worry about energy balance later,
once your system works mechanically. It will be possible to get your sensor to have arbitrarily
low level running energy required. But why put in the extra optimization effort ahead of time? 

Title: Re: Need help with a device
Post by: sm0ky2 on December 22, 2015, 09:23:59 PM
assuming you want the pendulum to synch into a stable frequency or rpm of rotation,....

and also assuming that you truly have more kinetic energy than you need stored in your pendulum "flywheel"....

you could use a double-coil system. one coil acts as a pick-up / generator coil, when the magnet passes it sends a pulse through the kicker coil, which it is directly wired to.

Timing is then adjusted by the location of the pick-up coil along the magnets path.

This is the most direct form of energy conversion without the need for an additional battery input.