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Author Topic: Plasma Arc Blast Furnace & Octivtron Vacuum Sphere  (Read 3264 times)

Offline mikewick77

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Plasma Arc Blast Furnace & Octivtron Vacuum Sphere
« on: November 27, 2015, 11:19:18 PM »
Hello, my name is Mike Wick & I have discovered a device that may help revolutionize what we know about thermodynamics & convection, or the stacking effect. In effect it is a short vanturi cyclone chimney. It is utilizing the basic concepts of a rocket stove, ram jet & blast fernace.

This is a NMP mechanism made of HPC (High Performance Ceramics) Materials: Ceramic, Silicon & Minerals. Adding refractory materials such as flux salts, metal minerals & tightly compressed, will allow for the vitrification process. Any flammable material can be used initially, fuel from the fire chamber rises threw a series of chambers stair stepping smaller exhaust points. Side spaces at the top of the first H lid, will allow airflow threw both directions. This can be used for cooking. Or used for creating a vanturi airflow into a secondary combustion gasification chamber & creating a fire cyclone. The hotter the thermal ceramic becomes the more complete the combustion. Once this ramjet is up to tempiture & the desired fire torch size is achieved, place an H shaped double cylinder (hourglass) with a smaller exhaust hole in the center. As the cylinder is filled with a spinning cyclonic toroidal blast fernace the center of the toroid becomes the pinch point magnifying the final heat combustion as the molicules rub in opposite directions, kenitic energy. A toroid multiplys combustion by the kinetic effect within the center pinch point or zero point. the toroidal convection stack effect creates a strong enough vacuum to draw flame sideways within chamber. The air & gasses must be completely broken down to the most basic form. Once this point is achieved, begin adding H20 to the top  chamber. While water does not have a flash point, it has properties similar. At this the H20 should become the nessary fuel to begin the next process. The top of the cylinder should be forcing air threw a small enough hole the the expansion of gasses will rapidly cool & reform into an atmospheric field replicating the internal toroidal shape. As this gas begans to supercool because of the atmospheric openess of no walls, yet contained within its own cold toroidal plasma field, this will began the process of the semi liquid nitrogen & hydrogen electrolysis flux at the center of the plasma toroidal field. Creating a thermodynamic heat pump & refrigeration cycle by the forced convection of thermal gasses compressed & expanded.

The heat pushing upward & cold dropping downward creates the electrolysis. This is the true nature of Cyclotron. This is how to build a replica of the universe & all of its endless potential. There is absolutely no reason for a collision, or a collider whatever. This is a kenitic & thermodynamic flux, basically cold fusion.

If you are intrested just let me know & I will explain further. Any questions, just let me know.


Plasma Arc Blast Furnace &
Octivtron Vacuum Sphere
Octivator / Octivation / Octovtron

Cyclic Regenerative System
Thermo & Magnetic
No Moving Parts
Combustion & Expansion
High Volume Gasifier Woodstove
Vortex Tube / Jet Stove
Ram Jet / Gas Turbine
Vacuum Pyrolysis
Plasma Rocket
Direct Heat Transfer / Circulating Solids
Water-Gas Shift Reaction & Equilibrium

High Performance Ceramic
Ceramic Engineering / Ceramography
Refractory / Piezoelectric / Pyroelectricity
Metal Morphing / Metallurgical
Extremely Rapid Cooling / Vitrification
Amorphous Metal / Metallic Glass Alloy

Toroidal Vanturi Chimney
Tri-Chamber Stove Design
Gas Vortex / Duel-Toroid Cyclone Chamber
Fuel / Air / Combustion & Exhaust
Heat Exchanger / Flash Point
Thermodynamic Non-Equilibrium

Superheated Gases Upward
Supercooled Gases Downward
Complete Combustion
No Moving Parts / NMP
Heat Pump & Refrigeration Cycle
Condensing / Expansion
Evaporator / Compressor
Center Venturi Chamber
Heat Exchanger

Super-Critical Dynamic & Effects:

Atmospheric Gas Condenser
Superfluid Plasma Generator
Radiant Neutral Plasma Field
Thermal-Energy Storage Device
Thermal / Electro / Magnetic
Thermal Runaway Feedback Loop

Atmospheric Water Generator
Water Harmonic Frequency Device
Plasma Arc Electrolysis / Water Splitting
Hydro-Dynamics / Super-Fluidity
Thermo / Hydro / Electro / Magneto
Super-Critical / Super-Fluidity
Hydrodynamic Cavitation
Water Magnifier
Attracts & Assemblies H20
Ionizer & Ozone Generator
Hydrogen / Oxygen / Noble Gas

Furnace & Sphere:
Crystalline Amorphous Composites
Carbon / Graphite / Diamond
Super-Critical Dynamics
Golden Ratio Circuitry
Zero Point / Vacuum Energy
Biefeld Effect
Crystalline Vacuum Sphere
Anti Gravity Sphere
Mineral-Electric Veins
Harmonic Resonator
Cold Plasma
Crystalline Superconductor
Klystron Tube / Cavity Magnetron Tube
Gyrotron Tube / Cyclotron Tube
Bodahi Sphere

Thermionic Vacuum Arc
3D Cymantic Projection
Rolling Loop Projector
Fractal Feedback System
Macro System Duplicator (Cosmic)
Micro System Replicator (Weather)
Micro Fractal Multiplier (Mathmatic)

Spintronics / Fluxtronic
Toroidal Polarization / Harmonic Oscillator
Radiant Flux / Spectral Flux / Trinity Flux
Counter Current Rotation
Houerglass Dynamics
Duel & Tri-Toroid Stack Multiplier
Electron Avalanche Effect
Electron / Proton / Neutron
Ionospheric Dynamo Region
Birkeland Current / Primer Field
Choke Ring / Flip Ring
Confinement Dome / Pinch Nodes

Electromagnetic Generator
Lorentz Force / Electricity & Magnetism
Elements Phenomenon / Polarization
Pyroelectric : Radiant / Thermal / Temperature
Piezoelectric : Kinetic / Motion / Pressure
Electrostatic : Proximity / Static / Charge
Dielectric / Ferroelectric / Paraelectric
Polarization / Permittivity / Tunability
Thermoluminescence / Photoelectric

Paradoxical Physics & Trinity Effect (Y)
Stigmergy / Self-Organization
Spontaneous Order
Hundredth-Monkey / Butterfly Effect
Atomic / Wave / Particle: Accelerator
Ionic Field / Reflective Particle Barrier
Self Oscillating
Positive Feedback Tube Amplifier
Zero Point Equilibrium / Neutral Axis
Infinity Loop / Hopf Fibration / 0.999...

Neutral Polarity Portal Effect
Particle Automator
Proximity Transmitter
Atmospheric Electricity