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Title: Veproject 1" Bessler Wheel
Post by: hoppfield on November 06, 2015, 03:32:40 PM
  The link is to veproject1"s Bessler wheel. It does not run on it's own.
  What can be done is to consider the weight being lifted, and if the time
it took and the rpm of the wheel are known, then the net force generated
by over balance could be calculated.
  And if rpm's and time are not known, then rpm and net force can be calculated
for different amounts of time. Bessler's use of scissors might allow for a greater
net force than other means. There is a small trick to using scissors. And without
it, it could be a waste of time.
Title: Re: Veproject 1" Bessler Wheel
Post by: AB Hammer on November 07, 2015, 12:16:15 AM
Thank you James Lindgaard for posting this string.

 Veproject 1 is a fantastic modeler. What I enjoy is that when he builds. He also shows how the inventor must have imagined how it was or they wanted it to work. Veproject 1 also builds other types of models and is well worth looking at. They can be an inspiration to other builders.