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Title: In Defense of Dr. Konstantin Meyl
Post by: on November 04, 2015, 01:00:45 AM
I am an experienced EE with 30+ years experience, and have actually purchased the Experimental Kit and performed numerous experiments to confirm all of Dr. Meyl's assertions.  I read his entire book on Scalar Waves and there are no errors in his mathematics or reasoning that I could detect.  I spent the money and effort to visit Dr. Meyl and attend his 3-day conference in Lyon last year.  Konstantin Meyl is a great man and his work is for real.  in my opinion, people who are not scientists likely will misinterpret what Dr. Meyl has taken the pain of demonstrating for us.   

There seems to be a misconception some people might have that the over-unity energy is free.  Konstantin does point out correctly, that for over unity to be measured there would be a sympathetic source of scalar waves to couple-in and be measured just like Tesla was doing.

If you are a serious scientist (a degreed Engineer) then we can have a productive discussion.  On the other hand if you are not able to compute the curl or divergence of a function then we probably have nothing to talk about.  I live in the Seattle area.