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Title: Background Radiation Converter Concept
Post by: hoppfield on October 29, 2015, 06:43:43 PM
  The idea is basic. Radios and phones work because they receive signals. And without a ground, there is no reception.
 Yet the signal itself is not grounded but is amplified.  And if an antennae is grounded to a capacitor, then the capacitor
should store energy. The attached video explains how aluminum foil and polypropylene stretched can be used to make
a capacitor of the dielectric type.
 And I could be wrong about this but do capacitors store energy until they release it, if so, using an antennae in a rudimentary
background radiation capturing device might be slow going at first. Then again, a large capacitor might speed up the process.
 The 2nd link is to how a car audio amplifier is wired. There is a source of energy (the car's battery), a common ground and then a
hot wire going to the amplifier. It is this configuration for capturing and storing energy that I would be considering. And then when
the capacitor has a sufficient charge, it can release it do to work. And with what I am asking/suggesting, if the power supply instead
of being a car's battery instead was the positive charge of our atmosphere, think it could work ?

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Title: Re: Background Radiation Converter Concept
Post by: hoppfield on October 29, 2015, 08:38:56 PM
   With what I am suggesting, it is a variation of Maxwell's Demon (
  What is interesting is that if a number of smaller capacitors are grounded to the positive pole of a much larger capacitor, then they
 may attract a charge more quickly. If so, then the smaller capacitors could discharge into a primary capacitor that would be to convert
 the charge into usable energy.
   An example of this is if  small capacitors could absorb a total charge of 5 joules in 0.0167 seconds, then a discharge from a primary
 primary capacitor of 5 joules every 0.0167 seconds would also occur. And this would be the same as generating 5 watts of electricity
 and would be mimicking 60 Hz.
   What this is partly based on is that our environment often will have over 700 watts per meter^2. And with small capacitors between
 an antennae and a larger capacitor, it is possible a flow of energy from our atmosphere towards a capacitor might be possible. while
 the diagram is basic, generating electricity would require something possibly larger than something one would find in something like
 a computer. And this might require making capacitors unless cost isn't much of a concern.