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Author Topic: Becoming One with the Creator  (Read 4249 times)

Offline Doctor Whodini

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Becoming One with the Creator
« on: October 02, 2006, 07:44:26 PM »
Hello all,

I believe I discovered the final piece to the puzzle, OUR ultimate purpose, and becoming "one" with the TRUE creator - so, what am I talking about here? To give a little early history, my research into this field began in Sept of 1998 when I attended the Richard Hoagland / Tom Bearden conference in Seattle Washington. At this conference, the first hint of a vision of "The Ranch" project I had back in 1977 was starting to come together. It was a major turning point in my life. I purchased a rather strange looking paper written by Leigh Richmond Donahue:

In short, it describes that ALL matter is composed of various configurations of the ONLY stable particle in the universe called an electron, and this electron is composed of a central singularity, a blackhole if you will, and around that, a trapped electromagnetic field or photon. Now, this trapped photon plays a significant role in terms of inertia because if the electron is placed under the influence of an external electric field, it produces a magnetic field whose intensity is the relativistic increase in mass, and the speed of this field energy is that of light. So, the speed of the electron is limited due to this trapped photon, and MUST therefore, be under the speed of light.

Now, enter David Sereda, who was the guest the other night on C2C:

David's discussion allowed me to FINISH the puzzle, and put the final piece in place. It occurred to me that this trapped photon and inertia are directly correlated, and controlling the field energy of this trapped photon is key to controlling inertia of the electron. Greatly minimizing this field energy would greatly minimize its inertia. The electron, defined as a singularity, would be free to move such as in a superconductor.

Now, enter Bill Ryan's interview of Ralph Ring:

Its interesting to note the following report by Ralph, "... "The Utron was the key to it all. Carr said it accumulated energy because of its shape, and focused it, and also responded to our conscious intentions. When we operated the machine, we didn't work any controls. We went into a kind of meditative state and all three of us focused our intentions on the effect we wanted to achieve. It sounds ridiculous, I know. But that's what we did, and that's what worked. Carr had tapped into some principle which is not understood, in which consciousness melds with engineering to create an effect. You can't write that into equations. I have no idea how he knew it would work. But it did. ..."

This is a key paragraph because the phenomenon is changing the inertia of the craft by DECREASING the field energy of this trapped photon of fundamental particles. As a consequence of this phenomenon, human beings exposed to this change of inertia have their consciousness expanded. Their minds literally operate the craft, which I find absolutely fascinating, and perhaps reveals the true purpose of developing this technology. Human beings and technology become one, a singularity, if you will - its ultimate purpose!

Question, if the field energy of the trapped photon of fundamental particles were decreased to zero, or near zero, would the craft disappear from sight, or become cloaked? Would the craft be capable of passing through other solid objects such as solid rock? How would time aboard the craft be affected? Isn't time related to inertia? Would our brains become superconducting? How is human consciousness affected?

The key here is exposing the singularities of fundamental particles. BIG, BIG reasons for "The Ranch" project. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh,... <>


William S. Alek, INTALEK, INC.
Exploring Gravitational and Inertial Mass fluctuations,
Low Energy Nuclear Fusion, and Temporal Anomalies

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