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Author Topic: purpetual montion Working modle that can be reproduce  (Read 4907 times)

Offline vonhen

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purpetual montion Working modle that can be reproduce
« on: October 28, 2015, 03:17:01 PM »
To all that will listen, there is no such thing as perpetual motion machines. The word motion applies heat. The laws of thermo dynamics takes over. There is always an energy lost. There is no physical science to support the notion that a machine can create more energy than is supplied. Without physical science that support it, it does not work.  There is no such thing as perpetual motion but the Physical science support nay decrees that a close loop energy transfer process works. The laws that govern this are over 300 years old and we see the practical applications of these laws are use every day. Everyone has seen these application their entire lives.
a close loop energy transfer process is only quantum physical laws. That always works. Where ever you are on this planet nay in this universe it will work. There is nothing to Patten. It is just quantum physics. The process has been used every day for the last 100 years. Anyone could go to their local hardware store and pick up the parts and in lest then 1 hour put together a free close loop energy transfer system.
If anyone out there is still interested in a free close loop energy transfer system, know that there is no money in it. The systems need to put one together have been manufacture for the last 100 years. So this is the dilemma that I find myself in. There is no way I can get paid. I have the quantum physical laws that prove the existence of a close loop energy transfer system but all I get is to be known as the person who came up with it .Right now that’s not enough for me to give it to the world. To everybody that has put up prize money for a perpetual motion machine, you money is save. There is only one way free energy works , through the laws of physics and I have those laws. If someone wants the world to have this contact me and let me know what is worth to you. Yes I have the quantum physical laws and the U S government knows it, so I will get credit for being the person who figured laws out but I want more.I have a working model that can be reperduce any time any where.Any one that hase prize money up for purpetual motion and need a working model to pay contact me ill let you and your people go over it with a fgine tooth comb but bring the check with you,

Offline e2matrix

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Re: purpetual montion Working modle that can be reproduce
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2015, 05:12:58 PM »
Are you an English speaking person in America?   If you are I think you will have a hard time convincing anyone to come look at your device or pay you anything as your spelling and grammar is about as bad as I have seen here including a lot of foreign people who speak only some English.   That is not to say you could not have found something that works but your use of English would seem to indicate a lack of education.  I wish you luck with your endeavor if you really have something but you may want to use a spell and grammar checker before attempting any more promotion of what you may have.   I do believe in the possibility that someone who is not educated in physics and related sciences might stumble onto something because they are not locked into traditional beliefs about what can't be done however you will need to do a lot more than post a message like you have here to convince anyone to look at what you have and to pay to do so.