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Author Topic: Why am I here about Znidarsic on 1/137 and Wilbert Smith's alien science?  (Read 1423 times)

Offline DonEMitchell

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I'm of intent to find anyone interested in Frank Znidarsic's paper, The Control of the Natural Forces.  I work for the government and you're in trouble! (not)

Is there speculation that Frank Znidarsic's magnetic modulation for a harmonic-lock on the matter lattice is also the harmonic-magnetic-coupling that Wilbert Smith discusses as the way the alien technology behaves (1950-s)?

Frank is really an alien!  (not)

Has anyone information that this pulse field will interact with one's mind? Smith's coil did. I know a fellow that says he built a mentally active coil on military contract.  He's gone now, but he disclosed to me for ten days before dying.  His version is beyond hobby class as a military contractor.  (Don't ask... nobody ever believes the story, or acts like it, and when it doesn't fit in their brain they don't like me.  But, basically... we humans are screwed.)

Wilbert Smith's alien science and Frank Znidarsic both teach that it is the propagation of a magnetic density wave at one certain velocity will active the harmonic coupling into the matter lattice.  The situation gets sticky when considering the rest of the alien science through Smith... mind operates (lives upon) the same fabric of reality that UFOs levitate upon --the tempic fabric --controlling the rate of entropy over a gradient pattern of space (big talk for the 50s, huh?)  The stuff the military and intelligence people hid in the 50-s was about temporal engineering.  Smith says that is why the UFO craft seem able to do impossible things... the craft is aging at different rates, and that creates odd optical effects to be happening in reality.

That's hard stuff to talk about. Can you see two seconds into the past?  But don't go all Tito on me, please.  We're talking intense energy fields with a slow-time-core, not old cars to the future.

A magnetic density wave doesn't fit in Maxwell's EM theory taught commonly.  But a density wave is a re-gauging of the magnetic vector.  Forgive me if this verbiage isn't precisely correct with modern text-book physics.  It ain't in text books (except in Israel... Aharonov is Israeli).

A cancellation field can in principle vector rotate the normal electromagnetics into altered electromagnetics.  But that's for a moment.

To get the temporal lens effect (which well explains tic tac tech spec) one has to optimize the re-gauging (tweak to harmonic peaks) and engineer that frequency for some certain linear velocity that connects recurrently with the matter lattice --harmonic lock on reality of copper.  Eng. Z. calculates that velocity to about a million meters per second. 

How would one make a regauging event travel one megameters per second ? 

How would one make the circuit frequency adjustable?

How would one know when he finds what he's looking for?

What would one be looking for?

I'd be looking for a dimple in time that exhibits antigravity effects, except that it is a spherical time dimple, so its a null inertial balance with a center that ages slower (creating the non-Maxwellian phenomena we've all been wanting to see boldly demonstrated at the next burning man!)

The dimple may only be a differential of milliseconds, but we would need to know what we're looking for.  The causal vehicle would be a lengthening of the quantum transitions involved with mediating the electromagnetics (that's not really very fast for electronics... it's just knowing it and designing iteratively to get to it.)

This occurs because the electromagnetics entangle with the matter lattice when a magnetic density wave passes by at the right velocity. (Znidarsic on the hobby bench.)

A sine wave into a time dimple would heterodyne with itself forming a chirp.

Can we open this up? 


--Amateur Engineer and Newbie Woodworker on trail of alien science