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Author Topic: To Stefan Hartmann  (Read 2503 times)

Offline hoppfield

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To Stefan Hartmann
« on: October 26, 2015, 05:39:28 PM »
  It's me, James Lindgaard. Am letting you know that I have saved my thread where Tinselkoala harassed me for working on a modified Heron's Fountain. Will probably look for something on AB Hammer as well.
  At the moment, I am building MT 125 and it will probably work as drawn. What has been missed by people like Pirate 88179, tinselkoala and ab hammer is that these things take work. And it seems they have no understanding of hydraulic theory and any abstract behavior of moving water.
  And since I did have serious complications from treatment for cancer, people will know some of what I had to tolerate besides medical and financial hardship. And if Mt 125 works as I believe it will, if anyone ever said I was using my medical situation as an excuse made such statements because it was the only way they could discredit me while they were doing nothing.
 At present, if you look on facebook and Johann Bessler, I am documenting some of my recent work. The thread Modified Heron's Fountain shows some of my early work.
 And I did offer AB Hammer the chance to work with me and other people and he rejected the offer. I have that linked saved which was in For someone who claims to need money, I have to wonder why he's not willing to work with someone.
 By the way, I do have 2 builds that I am showing my work on and one is Mt 125, the other one is my own design which I did post in this forum a couple years ago or more. AB Hammer disproved it. As he said, he and tinselkoala called me out. It takes time to build and develop ideas and I wouldn't want people to think this has been easy, it hasn't been.

edited to add a capture of ab hammer saying I don't know anything about blacksmithing when the subject was how Bessler could use bellows, like what I am using in my build. He couldn't talk about Bessler but only about his blacksmithing. ROFLMA !

Offline hoppfield

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Re: To Stefan Hartmann
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2015, 05:53:52 PM »
 I like this, it shows that I've been working on understanding bellows among other things for over 5 years.
And what AB Hammer misses badly is my serving in the Navy included schooling in Propulsion Engineering.
Not sure how that's a crutch unless a crutch is a tool that helps some.
And to think, he's never been banned from a forum. I guess that's why I have work that I am showing that
is in progress and he doesn't.  :-)

 Here is something ab hammer posted in He justifies having attacked a cancer patient. Why this is funny is he says his knees are an excuse not to work. I worked through cancer and get slammed by the likes of him. No reason I should have to tolerate it.

PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2011 2:35 am    Post subject:    Reply with quote Report Post to Admin

1. Have you got more than one sign in name? Yes several !!!!! "against the rules"

2. Is 75% plus of your post say something bad or misleading about me in them? Sure looks that way

3. You send personal message to my wife telling her how big of a mistake being married to me in a very bad way? YES!!!!!!!

4. You have been banned from this forum but you keep coming back under different names? YES!!!!!

5. I almost forgot. You use the sympathy card with cancer as a shield to try to prove a victim when you are nothing of the sort. In the same way someone says you cant hit a man in glasses after you hit them in the nose as you put on your glasses.

Ovyyus, corrected me on on deletion issue and I thank him for it. For my anger got the better of me. Then he gave me some good advice and that is what I am doing.

SO!! Good Buy! James Lindgaard Good Buy!.
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