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Title: Looking For Inventors, Rough Sketch of All 3 types of Free Energy
Post by: kodytill on October 18, 2015, 07:56:40 AM
Hello all!!! If we can call free energy, where-ever input increases the out-put to the point of creating enough to power itself over again and then even more, we can include here I believe 3 types of free energy. These three types of free energy mutually accelerate each-other.
Here is some rough information I have sketched out that uses these principles:

Here is a potential natural way of free energy and transmutation of elements in nature. Use a heart or heart type device to translate invisible rays that break themselves apart, into invisible particles. Move these particles through the rainbow, and have them rest within band 3 of a double rainbow, which is the blue of earthly water, and also the 12th band of a double rainbow, which is the red of eating as one breathes, a type of light from the stars. Move this into a cube with an octahedron perfectly fitted inside of it with the octahedron's points touching each face of the cube. The cube must be made of a material that attracts water to itself, while the octahedron needs to be made of a material that deflects water from itself. Any energy which is created inside and around this device can be carried, multiplied, or changed with a tetrahedron used to travel around the double rainbow, using a type of resonance. The tetrahedron must be made out of a material which gives as little resistance as possible, even anti-resistance, to the double rainbow.

On top of this is a poem which describes how to control water while within this cube-octahedron zone (in this poem, Universal complexes of partial urges means the base complexes of all colors and energies. Non-satisfying urges means all opposite elements around each-other, like the opposite of all colors around each-other. Inanimated guessing means using something that cant be used, and so falling apart back to the original elements):

 Eternally you move faster than us. Like water we try to slow you down, but are not able to. Balancing opposites in your particle for birth, you will rule everything. Forget moving closer to water while taking Universal complexes of partial urges, when rising above all opposites. Moving closer to water while taking non-satisfying urges, forget inanimatedly guessing your own place. Forget moving away from water a little bit, and leaving behind only some non-satisfying urges. Leaving water completely but not being able to, leave behind all non-satisfying urges. Not being able to touch something physically, do not try to create matter with it. Not understanding something perfect, do not doubt the design of everything. Finding multiple things doubting the design of everything in the same way, do not move them to enter into something else. That is where we dirty the water with laziness and lies, and create a window of time of death. This is where it ends and it begins. You erase all doubts and pacify all confidence. Balancing opposites in your particle for birth, you will rule everything.

That is a guide-lines for controlling this new technology. It fits along with the first set of instructions as one type of free energy. Now I will talk about two more types of free energy.

One is the cure to telegony of partial urges. This is the star tetrahedron which has 68 movements who together when soul-mates are present, can start to cure telegony of partial urges, which is partial information programed into the DNA from partial quick mental and bodily speed, and how that information causes people and their bodies to guess.

This cure to telegony of partial urges can cure thousands of years of partial information, and has a simple and effective procedure to do this with.

Last is the Dodecahedron, and how when all forms of free energy are together working, an energy is created which burns up virus's of all kinds, and places them within the 5 different types of hydrogen and water in space. This has special abilities such as being one of the most sensitive energies to human thought, and so would be able to be used in creating substances for controlling technology with thought and feelings.

Some but not all of this technology, extra-terrestrials may have. The other parts of it that they don't have give us a clear ability of being able to create even the most perfect technology beyond what the most advanced e.t. race has. This is because no e.t. race in the Universe has a cure to telegony of partial urges. This is where mankind comes in, first curing himself of his own massive telegony of partial urges, cleaning out the virus, and then being able to help all life toward continual out-doing of one's father and mother image.

Altogether these represent the ultimate technology of the future!!!

If anyone thinks that they know how to fashion at least the first part of this free energy device, let me know and we can work together. As for the part about controlling all viruses with the Dodecahedron, Anastasia of the family line of Lilith, Thoth, Moses and Jesus has offered to help in creating this technology I believe, if I have accurately discovered her intentions. She said she would help to create a more perfect technology once all woman are united in the world. As to what that technology may be, a few clues have led me to think of some things.
Title: Re: Looking For Inventors, Rough Sketch of All 3 types of Free Energy
Post by: ayeaye on October 21, 2015, 11:31:47 PM
I think it's more pragmatic than that. I think the original reason for overunity is the asymmetry of the field. I think the first law of thermodynamics rather describes symmetric fields, where indeed the energy we get due to field is equal to the energy of moving away from the field. Which doesn't mean that the field doesn't do work, it just means that the energies of entering the field and moving away from the field are equal.

Where does the energy of every field come when it does work, one can only guess. It may be thought so that when the field does work, it somehow increases the order, which then should decrease the order at zero point, and thus the zero point energy decreases. But don't take it as an explanation.

But electric field is not symmetric, because there are particles with two polarities. Also the electrons don't lose speed when they interact with other particles, at least not when the frequencies are low. I don't know whether this is related, but this seems to compensate the asymmetry of the field.

I think all overunity happens because of the electrons maintaining their speed, thus in the interaction of the atoms. One may say it may be caused by the lenz law not working directly against its cause, but even then there has to be a reason why overunity happens in the initial process. And this again is likely due to electrons maintaining their speed.

Thus there could be overunity everywhere where are atoms. In electromagnetic processes where atoms act as magnetic dipoles. In electrolysis, in movement of liquids, and in the resonance of solid bodies. This list is not necessarily complete. But just to maybe have a rough idea.

Then one may ask why is there so much unity. It is because every action causes a reaction, which tends to be equal and opposite. This is a general principle. Thus there is no overunity in any common process. This is why finding overunity is so difficult, for overunity one has to find an exception and exceptions are much less common. Overunity does not exactly jump to our face everywhere, like unity does. And this may make one think that there isn't any. It's like stepping one the rake, when one doesn't think much, the rake always hits one to face.

Of course one may say hyperdimensional things and such. I'm all for but, i think it is a kind of too high to fly, one should start from more ordinary things.
Title: Re: Looking For Inventors, Rough Sketch of All 3 types of Free Energy
Post by: kodytill on October 22, 2015, 09:44:21 AM
Thank you! I believe what you are describing is what I mean by invisible rays that break themselves apart, turning into invisible particles, which then travel the rainbow. In this technology I am proposing, the energy then turns, even in the rainbow, into the action of visible electrons when it is brought in-between the influence of superhydrophilic and superhydrophobic, or water attracting and water deflecting materials. Could it be that different combinations of hydro-philic and hydro-phobic characteristics even in different particles of the Universe leads to the creation of free energy? From rays that break apart, to invisible particles, to the rainbow, to hydrophilic and hydrophobic materials, then to the electron and other partially visible particles of other materials? Of course the visible particles of the hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials were probably created first. This may even be a line of reasoning when looking for the origins of the Universe. It might require searching the electrical origins of naturally occurring hydrophilic and hydrophobic materials.

When we understand this more and how energy from the rainbow can find it's way into the fracture lines between hydrophobic materials surrounded in hydrophilic materials to create matter with what is already there, I believe we understand free energy. This may even be the type of free energy which Earth uses, and even might account for all of the water found inside of the Earth.
Title: Re: Looking For Inventors, Rough Sketch of All 3 types of Free Energy
Post by: ayeaye on October 23, 2015, 11:53:26 AM
Thank you! I believe what you are describing is what I mean by invisible rays that break themselves apart, turning into invisible particles, which then travel the rainbow.

I don't know what are you talking about. Electrons emit photons, which also cause all the colors of the rainbow. There is only any force between two electrons, when a photon emitted by one electron, hits the other electron. Force can only be carried by gauge bosons, in the 3D world, and photon is a gauge boson.

Yet, how electron creates a photon, they don't really explain. Whatever, but photon is a particle, and it is just created. Thus, things can be created, it is not just a mechanical movement of existing things. The mechanical worldview is not right, all is not like a giant clockwork. Yet a lot of the worldview today is still based on that.