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Title: Free Energy from Gravity
Post by: Spirit on September 10, 2015, 09:09:39 PM
Reminds me of Skinner's gravity machine..

Also check out this user's other videos..
Title: Re: Free Energy from Gravity
Post by: Brutus on September 26, 2015, 07:12:29 AM
Spirit;   You have the same idea I did.  Go to  Gravity powered Water Generator by Brutus just one day before your post (Sept. 9th) and see your idea in a better drawing.  If you have 10 buckets of water pulling down a conveyor on the one side and it is driving a set of gears which pull water from a trough using a rope pump up  to the top bucket, and  always filling a new one then you should have a constant power drive to run your generator.    But I still need some help in the calculations.  I saw the Rosch generator and thought why would he need an air comprssor when he could just use water as a power source.  As you  feel like I do about just wanting to find an easy to build self powering motor such as this is, just thought I would let you know in case you missed it.  All this device is is an accumulation of other peoples ideas.  The conveyor has been around for ever.  The rope pump is used all over the world and the step up gear assembly is just common sense.   You can find variations on them all.   I just like the way I put this one together.  I put a copy of the device in the attachment.  You can share with any and all.  Maybe some one will have enough money to build one and share how well it works.  Brutus