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Title: PM=Bessler+Watt...?!
Post by: iacob alex on October 14, 2006, 05:45:34 AM
...if you take a look at #216   Usually,a "wheel concept" (any!) is equivalent to a balance, with the center of mass under,below ,submerged to the fulcrum/bearing.It can work as a  slow oscillating weighing machine,nothing more.You can see it as a kind  of pendular mass, in the vicinity of equilibrium.It swings due to your additional momentum...for a short time.It can not be a self moving/turning structure,anyway.Bessler attached "something" to make the loop,let's say a "second wheel"...but not really a wheel!His intuition was regarding a serial of balances,on the rim, with unequal arms/a kind of steeyards,so to obtain a "sensitive" composition .Yet,the main problem for a gravity power collector,in my opinion is not geometry,trajectory,some arrangements ,but the real phenomenon,so the amassment,the "snowball effect",the roll up of momentum,the fall in a single word.We need a real gravitational wave,current as the first step.No matter what,I bet on simplicity:a lever,not on a wheel concept.All the Bests!/Alex