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Title: Eschleuniger a new generation of transforming electric energie ?
Post by: freddyfeeuerstein on July 22, 2015, 02:28:12 PM
Dear Friends of the new free spirit ;)

hope you are fine and have a free mind to pickup something new. Before i start writting a huge story, i will test to see if there is any interest for my idea out there. I think it is time to come up with my new idea. For the beginning i will say, that this is a OpenSource project and i have no financial interest. I will not go to market nor sell anything. All my work  is based on scientific work and view.

Shortly said, after experimenting with bedini circuits was useful to understand and learning but would not help to solve the problem. Later I saw the youtube clips from “querdenker78” and “TechnikerX” which had a brilliant idea and this gave me a new few on this matter. Both experience with the low lenz effect. I began to test this for my own and saw, that there was right.
The magnetic field is different to the classic one.

I went a step forwards and thought about how to gear up this system. First I thought about using a re-disgined generator which has permanent magnets inside as a motor attached to a bedini circuit.
But I dropped it fast because I would like to have a independent motor for this system.

While experimenting with magnets I found this “perendev” / “sterling” Motor based on neodym magnets. The clue is the angle and the magnetic shielding.

So now I put both together and designed a new system.  Almost 70% can created with a 3D printer, the rest needs to buy or be manufactured in a CNC company. The cost for all parts is about 6000$.
Maybe later when it works and get popular the cost will shrink.

When I have all parts together and assembled  I can do some tests one the load and see how much ampre will be produced. I noticed already a bunch of tests which I will do.

You can see below the system. When the time is ready, I will publish the files. For improving you need to get solid works ( student edition would be enough ).

Hope to see many feedbacks, have a good day