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Title: Using Factory Fuel Injection for Water Injection with Dry Cells
Post by: CoffeeCommando on July 17, 2015, 02:50:56 AM
As much as I've looked around and tried to find another place where someone has tried this.... I couldn't find a single instance.  Plasma Plugs are supposed to produce ionized plasma (i.e. lightening).  So I started thinking about using foggers and misting systems into my intake.... then I thought about the fact that the fuel injectors spray a mist.  Then I wondered if detouring my fuel line to a slew of dry cells (in parallel electrically, in series gas'ically) before returning to the fuel rail would help the process along.  It seems that the more pressure there is (as with the Joe Cell, "none of the energy can escape") that it would further enhance the effects of the HHO'ification, and since only water is in the fuel lines up until the dry cells chances of some form of vapor lock would be nill, especially since it doesn't just turn into pure vapor on the spot when a current is ran through it.  I'm also going to put some NaOH in the water to help the process along. 

My only fear is that the engine and drive train are designed for gasoline, and HHo has 3 times the combustion energy.  I'm wondering what the effects will be to my engine and drive train in the long run (especially since my engine is already supercharged and stroked).  I'm not entirely sure it will be able to idle correctly unless I modify the IAC (isling at 750 when the gas is far more combustable than gas) might mean that it reduces air so much it chokes it off completely.  I might have to just have a high idle, but if I can run off straight water I won't care. 

I installed all the wiring and smaller fuel injectors along with the dry cell.  The Plasma Plugs didn't arrive until after I left to go work on it at the Midas shop so I'll get them in tomorrow and make sure they work with gasoline well first before I pour the water in there. 

Thoughts?  Has anyone else attempted this or know of someone who has?