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The mystery of Tesla's 3,6,9 and freemason's secret finally solved.

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The mystery of Tesla's 3,6,9 and freemason's secret finally solved.

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First i want to thank to Marko Rodin for his theory which helped me alot to solve this puzzle.
When i first read Rodin's theory was so impressed it was something very interesting to me but there was alot of cracks in his

theory. There were few questions puzzling me in the years which i couldn't answer.
1. Why 10=1, 11=2...
2. Why he is multiplying by 2?
3. Why 3,6,9 are the special numbers in his theory and not the others?

The third is the key to the secret.
The first 2 were not very hard to solve if you imagine a permament magnet is going clockwise on circle.
First it starts from 1 position then goes to 2 then to 4 then to 8 then to 16 but 16 itf you put 9 accelerators in circle is
actually 7 because there is no 10 (there is 9 and then 1 is actually 10). Then the magnet goes to 32 which is 5 and then to
64 which is 10 or 1 and then again till infinity. So for the stator you have to put accelerators only on this positions:
1,2,4,8,7,5. The second question Why he is multiplying by 2? Well it wasn't easy but the answer is because if there is no
Lenz law the rotor will accelerate this way. Yes there is no Lenz because it is self accelerating closed system but the
coils(accelerators) have to be connected one with another. You would say lasersaber already did it but his ez motor is not
the same he didn't do it right like have to be done. So last question what about 3,6,9? This is the key but you maybe already
guessed what we have to put there. Yes the coils for self sustaining the system and collecting the free energy by placing a
loads there. Prety amazing but logically fits.


What if 3, 6, 9 was not complex but very simple and universal in it's context?

Three... every force has three fundamental components which we falsely conceive as a dipole. For instance if a magnet has a supposed North and South pole then at some point near the center the field must be either North and South or it must be neither as two properties obviously cannot occupy the same space. If we hold a ruler and define one side as left and one as right then again near the center must be a region which is left and right or it must be neither. When we define a difference between two properties we must acknowledge the fact that one must transition into another thus there are always three properties not two. This is called the Trinity of unity, Trinity is threefold...one thing dividing two others.

Six... Every force acting on another must divide it's force.  Not unlike one magnet acting in repulsion or attraction on another. If every supposed dipole has three fundamental components then two dipoles must have six primary components.

Nine... Nine is our gateway which I have found very few people can wrap their mind around. Now if we have one magnet it has two opposite poles and a center which must encompass both poles or neither. If we have two magnets we have two sets of opposite poles N-S and two centers. However if we have three magnets with one magnet located at the exact center of the other two then Earnshaw's theorem states the center magnets magnetic field must couple to one outer magnets field more than the other because the forces can never under any circumstances balance perfectly.

Now if the magnet at the center coupled to the left magnet's magnetic field but was opposed due to Lenz Law then it must in turn couple to the right magnets magnetic field. If the right magnets magnetic field in turn opposed the center magnet's magnetic field due to Lenz Law then it must again couple to the left magnets magnetic field. Thus we have a paradox, the center magnetic field cannot couple to both the left and right magnetic fields equally due to Earshaws theorem but it must couple to one of them and when it does it must be opposed due to Lenz Law......... so which law wins?.

You see both laws cannot win, both cannot be correct in the same instance due to laws we have already established and proven and we have a classic paradox whereby if the conditions and properties are exactly in balance but there can be no true balance then the center field must alternate between the two outer fields... the universal movement.... oscillation. No two laws may directly contradict one another however if both laws apply in the same instance then they may alternate there influence so they do not to contradict one another.

Three, Six, Nine applies in a universal context everywhere to everything because every single thing has a field associated with or within it and the Trinity of Unity dates back ten's of thousands of years you just have to look for it. This is not complex it is very easy however we have to understand what is happening and more so why things happen on the most fundamental level.


Your attempt to understand numerological harmonics in energy is not going very well hahaha Tesla failed to ! The number 2.2 is in fact a very important number and tesla new this because hes good friend old albert new that space time curvature is 2.2 degrees imperial. And an electron is 2.2 trillion times smaller than its nuclei ! So gravity and the electron share the same inverse law there for gravity was thought to be connected to the electron but its not ... They are separate components of the relationship they share with the numerological constant and the geometry of gravity ! The fabric of gravity is made with gravitons and these gravitons also resonate in a harmonic construct around each electron and is why we get gravity by mass of neutrons and protons ect

Its all just string nothing to it ! very simple ! please study the secrets of the number 9 ect than ask me any question about the cosmic octave the numerological constant quantised electron states and I will help you out a little but aim busy building a teleportation system a time machine and a neutrino communication system hahaha for real amoung other things ect ect


This image says it all,

The gold bit in the middle below the middle line is the free energy manifest,

If anyone who reads this, and want fully worked out physics in the images of 3 6 9 it will help you alot if you can understand it with your understanding,

The gold bit is the bit where it creates energy as in actually creating energy from nothing, nothing? well nothing goes along with cannot create nor destory ok, if that was the case there would be no universe or no big bang or no electric as in the very thing behind it which created it self as well as everything else electric whatever, that gold in the middle is the absolute ultimate holy grail of it all that is where it all came from.

Try your best to understand physics as in how physics views everything as complete opposites and thus the dream for free energy cannot be done this is where most are stuck but with images of 3 6 9 and work it out from there it should be understood that gold thing in the middle appears fully not to be equal whatsoever.

It needs the complete symmetry or unbroken symmetry of 3,6,9 for it to be better understood.

3,6,9 is the magic key it breaks or bypasses all know objects which hinder any possibility of how this can be done as in breaking the laws of energy, this is alot better than just energy extraction ok? much better.

This image will help > https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fblog.world-mysteries.com%2Fscience%2Fwhy-did-tesla-say-that-369-was-the-key-to-the-universe%2F&psig=AOvVaw1hkQ1oIxfs4UFkBDMsq0s-&ust=1599504347503000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCPihz5aY1esCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAY

That gold bit in the moving picture is power creation, if you study all images of 3 6 9 it will help massively to understand how it works, https://www.google.com/search?q=3+6+9+free+energy+nikola+tesla&safe=off&rlz=1C1CHBF_en-GBGB883GB883&sxsrf=ALeKk01mOUswW8LOga7BzC8v5jmGdN1Mfw:1599417945143&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiYpN6TmNXrAhXpsaQKHd5UDQwQ_AUoAXoECAwQAw&biw=1920&bih=969

It will be complicated but this image is like a headphone sound signature frequency graph, it will be very simple yet incredibly difficult to understand, i know people needs specifics but i know full well that this image of 3 6 9 in this thread is bang on, with simple reasoning do your best to understand, because it will not be easy.

Not easy but the fixed place of the gold in the middle is not at all in a balanced phase, it goes shooting upwards beyond 9 and this is where it all happens, the ultimate key, as it shoots up to find a balance resting place where it cannot and thus creates power.

Try to reason the best you can like angles and the like and try to work it out.

Looking at it, the blue triangle of 3 6 9 and also looking at 5 4 and 8 1 , there is nothing equal there to stop the golden thing in middle and has no resting place or stop at equal forces, hope this helps and also it corresponds with the blue triangle of momentum which is 3 6 9 on its own regarding the blue triangle and the gold bit, it is not balanced or equal forces.

So looking it at that if you look at the balance of the golden thing in middle and also looking at the blue triangle of 3 6 9 it never ends going up finding no balance none to no end because the bit between 6 and 3 as in not a complete triangle is what i am trying to say and enables it.

Also i might add, 3 6 9 is like a hyper dimensional force the rest is more like the impossible as in impossible as in laws of energy or how dead equal forces give you no over unity power because they are dead equal forces where 3 6 9 is not, it is unequal like the gold thing in middle.


What tesla was working with was the best, it is light years ahead of physics understanding then what we know today,

It cannot be better, forget light speed the mechanics of all of it is in those pictures and so incredibly vast to explain technically and complex or simple simplicity

Tesla knew it all at his time, science seems to really have lost it's way, but science today really don't have such principles tesla was working with

If you was an alien you would agree it was the best, in those images if it were possible to understand.


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