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Author Topic: HHO Hydrogen generator . 54% FUEL SAVINGS  (Read 10850 times)


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HHO Hydrogen generator . 54% FUEL SAVINGS
« on: July 01, 2016, 11:34:22 PM »
HHO Hydrogen generator . 54% FUEL SAVINGS

Hydrogen HHO generators use electricity from the battery of a vehicle to split water (H2O) into Hydrogen and Oxygen. The resultant gas is referred to as HHO.
Hydrogen is generated only when the engine of the vehicle is activated and it is never stored in the system. The instant that HHO is produced, it gets immediately injected into the engine where it blends with the existing fuel.
The resulting mixture burns more efficiently, reducing fuel consumption and the amount of pollutants released in the air.
This innovative Automotive Hydrogen on Demand technology is proven to reduce fuel consumption and significantly cut down harmful emissions of NOx, CO, CO2 and HC
Benefits of HHO technology for vehicles
•   20% to 60% improvement of fuel economy
•   Significant reduction in emissions (CO, NOx)
•   Increased engine life
•   Greater torque gives a smoother and stronger acceleration
•   Increased engine power
•   Cleaner oil due to reduced amount of carbon deposits in the engine
The Green Source advantage
Green Source is an engineering company dedicated to the research and development of Automotive Fuel Saving Technology.
We design and manufacture the industry’s most efficient and affordable Hydrogen HHO generators and electronic controllers.
Our ProTuner sensor controller is the most powerful and complete fuel optimization system that guarantees the best possible fuel saving results from any HHO system
•   Individually tested equipment is built with the highest quality components that will last a lifetime
•   Our products are 100% compatible with all engines, any fuel type and are transferable from one vehicle to another
•   Universal, all-inclusive ProTuner controller adjusts all the sensors of the fueling system and features a built-in CCPWM, multiple EFIEs, MAP, MAF and much more
•   HHO generators and electronic controllers are available in 12 and 24 volt versions
•   Generators are designed with high quality 316L stainless steel electrode plates
•   Built-in mounting bracket provides an easy, fast and secure installation
•   These are the slimmest, most efficient, coolest operating generators of the industry
•   Laser cut electrode plates guarantee perfect accuracy with no sharp edges
•   Generators are 100% pressure tested to ensure there are no leaks
•   Professionally written manuals deliver information in a clear and easy to understand format
The Green Source ProTuner Advantages:
Built-in CCPWM
Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) is a device that controls the current, the amount of HHO produced and the temperature of the operation
Constant Current PWM (CCPWM) means the current and HHO flow rate remain constant even when the water gets low or the generator heats up, providing the best performance and gains.
Built-in AMP meter with low water alarm
•   No need for an external AMP meter
•   Flashing LCD alarm alerts you when the HHO generator requires servicing
Advanced safety features
ProTuner automatically turns itself on/off ONLY when the engine is running.
LCD display
Allows the user to monitor the status of the HHO system and measured amperage.
Ease of use
•   5 factory preset settings from conservative to aggressive sensor adjustments. You can get started now without having to learn the technical aspects of tuning.
•   The digital LCD display shows the sensor adjustment settings.
•   The ProTuner has a three button navigation interface to select and adjust sensors or regulate the HHO settings.
Excellent installation instructions
Professionally  written, easy to understand instructions.

Fuel saving results
HHO only, no sensor adjustments: 10-25%
HHO + adjustment and balance of the main sensors using ProTuner: 30-60%