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Roger Shawyer and his EmDrive.

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NASA apparently got positive test results with this weird engine. Shawyer bounces microwaves around inside a funnel and produces thrust, even though no energy or material leaves the power plant!

The Chinese tested an EM thruster:

"Note that the Chinese thruster, if deployed on the ISS, would easily provide the necessary delta V to compensate for orbital decay, thus eliminating the need for the reboost/refueling missions".

JLN ran his lifter in a vacuum.

"The Biefeld-Brown Effect involves charging a capacitor to a very high voltage in which there is a reported loss of weight involving a force that is felt by the capacitor in the direction of the positive plate. This is thought to be an antigravity effect".

Perhaps EM-drive works from this effect?

The Emdrive achieves "Plasma Transition" with micro-waves:

Due to the non symetric shape of the reactor funnel, charges can flow in it and build up on one side. This results in a "Capacitive Coupling". The positive side should be "Thrust Biased" by the Brown-Biefield effect.

"Recently, there is a great deal of interest in the Biefeld-Brown effect, i.e., when a high voltage
(~30 kV) is applied to the electrodes of an asymmetric capacitor, a net force is observed on the
capacitor. By asymmetric, we mean that the physical dimensions of the two electrodes are
different, i.e., one electrode is large and the other small. According to the classical Biefeld-
Brown effect (see Brown’s original 1960, 1962, and 1965 patents cited in Appendix A, and a
partial reproduction in section 2), the largest force on the capacitor is in a direction from the
negative (larger) electrode toward the positive (smaller) electrode".

This explains why the direction of thrust is toward the reactor neck in the Emdrive!


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