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Roger Shawyer and his EmDrive.

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Larry Davenport's Biefield demonstration:

Emdrive thrust: Polarized plasma capacitance B&B effect.

Here we can see practically all the input power transmitted for recovery to LED'S without effecting the plasma ball. This reaction, along with the "Free Lunch" B&B thrust shows how Emdrive can generate and replace all it's own power! Just a reisidual loss amount easily replenished by a small solar panel. The infinite "Star Drive".; Also, "Eliminating the need for the reboost/refueling missions".

The Plasma Globe would generate a measurable amount of B&B thrust if it were wired with asymmetric electrodes. This is a "Quantum Effect" and independent and ancillary of input! The capacitor plates would have to be enormous to generate the charge differential the asymmetrically polarized plasma does in the Emdrive reactor.

If we took the Larry Davenport demo as our basis

and spiraled very many of the thrusters around a vertical shaft, we might can get one that spins pretty fast.
powered only by electrostatic potential.

The funnel's milled inside the aluminum block.


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