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Title: Holes in the fabric of space and time
Post by: ATOM1 on June 13, 2015, 03:03:05 AM
                            Hello I here to present the concept that the fabric of space and time has holes in it haha !

Now that to many may sound strange and new but there is proof of it and I am most happy to share that reality with anyone here. The mathematics is all in harmonics and anyone could grasp it with a little help, It is a subject that is new to physics and offers ground braking work in the harmonics of quantum mechanics .

There is no point in me up loading all the data if no one is interested ? This work is the foundation to the study of many strange phenomena's from the ghost field to UFOs super strings gravity light and the complete family of sub atomic particles atoms and the possibility to worm holes that are every where all around us and within. These holes in the fabric of space are also port holes and can be opened and closed offering a new perspective on things like time travel, inter galactic bridging, the beginning of all that is, telepathy teleportation, Advanced cellular and genetic programing, new mechanical and bio mechanical engineering. Free energy telecommunications, Electro gravity, zero gravity, reverse gravity, The secrets of a singularity and that's just the beginning.

Hope to hear from you lol




Title: Re: Holes in the fabric of space and time
Post by: overunitt on June 13, 2015, 03:12:47 AM
What do you got for the masses ?
Title: Re: Holes in the fabric of space and time
Post by: joel321 on June 13, 2015, 08:17:59 AM
Whats up 93RDELEMENT?

You should share since by now you should know that you will not get rich by the KNOWLEDGE you hold within.

Let us view your GOD like inner thinking?
Title: Re: Holes in the fabric of space and time
Post by: ATOM1 on June 15, 2015, 01:56:02 AM
OK ! But be warned when you open a mind to such laws of harmonics you open to a new world that can only change the one you are in !

I have been writing a book called the quantum mechanics tool kit ! Its far from finished but I am willing to give to you the measuring rod that all and everything is made by. This is not a tool to be disrespected it gives you more temptation than you may have the ability to control.

Question ! How do you reverse time and put back everything into a tiny little hole hahahah ! The simplicity of it is some what extraordinary and the consequence would be uncertain ???? The ability to make mass move through mass and to isolate dimensional portholes or even make them with mirrors and harmonics would be supernatural . Yet millions of dimensional beings work with such port holes and often are seen to become as like and other solid state being.

So this is not an if or a but it is a fact ! You can walk into one mirror and come out of another no matter how far apart they are ! I have seen this to be true It would be interesting for others to experiment with such portholes but the basic formulas must be absorbed first .

 I now wait for your response and will prepare the presentation's for you with a growing excitement as to the experimental development that I hope will evolve hahahaha


ATOM 1 , 93rd element, atommix, king monkey  These beings are all me hahahahahahahah see you soon lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 


Title: Re: Holes in the fabric of space and time
Post by: joel321 on June 15, 2015, 09:35:38 AM
 If you can understand that I am the student, I will ask many many here. What goes on in the surface of the sun? Solar spot from a Swedish observatory.

What is going on right there since the sun is very hot, obviously, I would never expect to see a “black hole” on the surface with a dark rim around it. I'm thinking that black hole is super hot but yet it does not shine bright like fire?

So lets start with that explanation first please explain?

Does that relate to the holes in the fabric of space too and why?

Title: Re: Holes in the fabric of space and time
Post by: ATOM1 on June 16, 2015, 10:13:48 PM
Wow what a beautiful picture thank you !
But no that's is a black spot hahah not a hole but it will be a deep rooted system ! If you look at that hole in a UV spectrum camera it will shine bright ... Some frequencies are out of view for us but its still burning bright.

I have up loaded an attachment pic of two harmonic charts qm04.png Its important you view these charts you wont find them anywhere in the world its the first time I have tried to show them to anyone .

The laws of harmonics are set for all strings and things that spin speed and vibrational frequencies cause harmonics to exists ! A the atomic level say a H1 atom that has one electron and one proton the electron is dancing around the proton but because it not orbiting around it is quantum jumping at a close to light speed .

It is jumping in and out of the holes in the fabric of space and the uncertainty principle of this is confirmed and most will just give up on trying to predict where the electron will jump to next..... It can also seem to be in many different positions at the same time a very unpredictable naughty electron hahah !

There is a magnetic component to the relationship between the electron and the proton this attraction is known as the electron field with a filed there are lines of force and these lines of force are just like a MF on a magnet also know as the dielectric constant and would be good for you to study here the magnetic vortex by TA ... But TA has no knowledge of harmonics and he's view on gravity as a magnetic component of the dielectric constant is interesting but its far from correct.

These lines of force that the electron has around and connecting to the head of the proton are what keeps the electron in its elementary position, the relationship between the electron and the proton forming the H1 ATOM is a harmonic one. The holes in this space around the proton that the electron is jumping in and out of are set and never move for its only the electron that is energised nit the holes its jumping in  and out of.

When you have a string and pull on the two ends the string will tighten up like a piano string and this is the same for the lines of force between to positions that the electron is jumping between creating a line of force between these two point in space and time. And we can call this a string. The zero point field is known to be a very bossy sub particle soup with energies and flux many times smaller than the electron and is called the plank level. When the electron is between any two positions when it is jumping around it is somewhere else.   

The holes are set up at both ends of each string but offer an opportunity for the electron to open other holes along the string ! The electron is in such a flux a state of energy it becomes unpredictable as to where it will jump to next. But because all string have harmonics and if you play the guitar you will find them on the 5th 7th 12th frets.

Each harmonic is also a note and each note has scales with 7 notes for a minor and 7 for the major but there are 12 notes for each octave that the scales are formed from ...

You can hear and see this jumping of the electron with a piano made with real strings and has to have real strings but this experiment
but this experiment only shows the very basic mechanics that the electron can achieve. And with the string of the piano a sound wave is representing the electron. But it can also be achieved in scalar waves with real electrons ect ....

Pick a scale say a minor one in the chart provided and that find the 5th note in its scale hold that note down on the piano keyboard but don't play it just hold it down than play the 1st note of the scale and you will hear that the two notes and in fact playing a sound wave. The relationship between two positions that the electron is setting up is the same process but much faster opening and closing harmonic boundaries that become holes for the electron to jump into and out of.

It is very important that you do this experiment ! Study the harmonic law and the cosmic octave ! The advanced formulas permit the proton and the electron to do the same thing and is what I call the ghost field hahahahah lol








Title: Re: Holes in the fabric of space and time
Post by: joel321 on June 17, 2015, 10:29:15 AM
Those harmonic charts I can't understand at all...I do see the opposite in them but I don't really know what they are trying to say. But if I really think about it, regarding sound, the black and white or the colors of the rainbow (or sound) have to be 90% the same but 10% different, and it is this diffrence that makes them not cancel out but yet keep evolving.

One of the things that come to mind is that, how can you knows when a sound cancels out?

Another thing that comes to mind is that all sounds have “dark holes”. This, to me, means that those dark holes have sound it is just that out human ears are not able to hear those. But then things GO DEEP. There is light in the “hat dark” spaces and there is sound in the “dark quiet” spaces. If this is the case, then, according to the thinking, yes, there are black holes in the fabric of space.

If the fabric of space is a harmonic sound, it must have sounds that a human ear perception cannot hear? = “dark sound”

If the fabric of space is a rainbow, it must have light waves that the human eye perception cannot see?= “dark matter”...this reminded me of this video (you can google similar, they are all around)

What is the sky saying do you think?
Title: Re: Holes in the fabric of space and time
Post by: ATOM1 on June 17, 2015, 08:14:33 PM
interesting ! I like your view of it ... To understand waves of sound and there harmonics and scalar wave harmonics you need to sit behind a real piano and place the colour chart on one octave of 12 notes over the keys of the piano than you will see that each row of colours is a scale of notes ..........

Look at the strings in the piano as the fabric of space ! The fabric of space is the cloth and the strings are like a needle and its thread being woven in and out of this cloth ..... You are very close with what you say and I like the way you say it nice and simple to understand ... Try and find a piano to play for a few hours .. 

Title: Re: Holes in the fabric of space and time
Post by: joel321 on June 18, 2015, 08:10:14 AM
Ok lets say 100% with out a doubt that there are holes in the fabric of space. There could be clockwise holes and counter-clockwise holes. I don't really see the big deal understanding that! I only see understanding “black holes” VERY primitive as understanding which way the water flushes in one part of the equator from the other...BIG WOOPTY DOO!

I really don't see not big break through if one believes in black holes and even if one sees one in person. It is like me, you, dad, mom, watching the sky and looking at those bright stars in the night sky = lights. IF we replace “stars” with the word “black holes” what is the importance to believe there are black holes in space? If by that you mean that there is life in other planets and that we can travel to another, then we have to look around and see what can take us there. This is actually kind of “beautiful” because it shows how we are aiming to go in to the future while it is yet light years away. No matter how hard you try you cannot reach the stars you see. But can only move a few steps ahead. Lol

What those few steps ahead mean mostly is to stop corruption GREED! More than anything and allow great minds to take civilization a few hundred years ahead of the present time! If greeD was a virus, the world needs a

But back to your belief of space and time having holes….what is the big deal about understanding that there are “holes” in the fabric of space and time?

Now tell me which way will a tornado spins in the upper hemisphere and which way in the lower? lol
Title: Re: Holes in the fabric of space and time
Post by: overunitt on June 18, 2015, 01:25:56 PM
ATOM1 has already some solution to go to the stars.  8) Still I'm not so sure about it. Lets see what is going to say.  :-\
At least he needs investors to put his work out. :)
Title: Re: Holes in the fabric of space and time
Post by: ATOM1 on June 19, 2015, 01:31:28 AM

Title: Re: Holes in the fabric of space and time
Post by: ATOM1 on June 19, 2015, 01:37:54 AM
EMAIL ME ON                  

Something wrong here they are not letting me up load all the data ect ect can you help me with that ???

Title: Re: Holes in the fabric of space and time
Post by: joel321 on June 19, 2015, 06:56:27 AM
Something wrong here they are not letting me up load all the data ect ect can you help me with that

You have to follow the rules of how many bites the picture is, if it violates the rules, upload it to another server and link to it here.

Regarding writing thoughts here, very very little bytes of information on the hard drive to write a very long answer.

Hey bro you still use AOL, lol.

I do want to learn from you so I will help you since I know more about computer than

Are you trying to upload pictures? What type of information is not going through “master”?
Title: Re: Holes in the fabric of space and time
Post by: ATOM1 on June 19, 2015, 04:11:08 PM
Thanks !

I am good with physics not computers ! I have data from my book the quantum mechanics tool kit , but I just want to up load some of the data that is related tot he holes in the fabric of space ... Email me and I will send you the qmt as it is but its not finished . There are some very important technologies in the work ect ...

The connection with the holes in the fabric of space and what I call the ghost field are closely connected and off good foundation for experimental work to understand this connection .. Ghost are very much a live and have ability to move mass around even taking it into there dimensions. Some have been known to leave behind coins and even bread from there old world ect ....

What ever a ghost can do we can also do ! But the knowledge we need to learn is how to work with time space and its fabric to isolate the method by which we can achieve the same. Harmonics is the only way by which would permit us to open such port holes and a study of 5ths in these harmonics is the view point that I want to demonstrate ....

ALL life will have a dynamic that lives after the first physical experience some call it the soul or a energy but this needs more real detail and solid mathematics to truly understand it .... There will many experiment's we can do here some to measure time and its connection to dimensional inter-phasing sometimes experienced when we dream. Many time travel in this way and for that to happen there is connections that relay this information.

Energy even the super natural is constructed by laws of energy time space that is to say via entanglement we sometime have such time traveling experiences. The true fabric of all that is has no time limit or space that is normally a form of resistance to us. We hardly experiment with mind over time and matter but we often unconsciously are working with this medium. It is a construct of our evolution that offers us this experience a kind of third eye ect 

If there was string between me and you we both could share a time line including the future time line that we are about to experience this extra component must be included in the existing fabric for it to co exist.. We could channel the lotto results or even disasters ect there is no time limit to this! Its a reality yet to become a technology or it may be that the technology is hard wired in all our brains and its possible that all our brains are connected .....

What is the fabric of this connection ? What is it made of ? where else in nature can we view it ? What can we do with it that we are not already doing ? It to me seems like as if we ignore all things non physical but is it a non physical when it is experienced as a physical reality...

Strings is the way to study it and these strings hold everything together even a magnetic filed line of force is a string ! It would also be true that time is a string ! If you weave a thread into a cloth and pull on the thread you affect the cloth it can fold and reduce the time line between the two ends of the string .... For this to happen with time than there must be holes in time and space ...




Title: Re: Holes in the fabric of space and time
Post by: joel321 on June 20, 2015, 08:38:33 AM
^Hey “master” you bring A LOT of pondering ideas here. Please remember I’m the student and not the teacher. I'm open minded to all that it is just (justice) and profitable to society, money has not blinded me nor will it in the future.
“Ghost field” interesting “master”. Please explain further here in public this “ghost field” so I can learn and others too. What is this “ghost field” you speak off and why is it only tied to “string” sounds since I'm assuming light would also be molecular strings strings. In effect, going to the “big bang” of the situation, what is causing these “sound harmonic strings” that separate them from “light strings"?, “master” teach me.

Also, you speak about "time" a clock for those stupid dumbos lol  Is the 'ticking" of the clock UNIVERSAL in the universe? I kind of have a feeling that the clock (measure) of time is ONLY relevant inside the earth "laws" = outside if the human laws, the clock could be spinning the opposite direction slower or way faster. If time is measuring something, then the something being measure is going wayyy faster than time. IOW, "time" is only measuring something else because, time, it cannot measure itself, then time is not 100% the rule of measure...time is just a way to measure elapse is NOT the STATIC clock of everything. I'm now wondering if an electron has a life spand with a wrist watch on it's little hand keeping track of time worrying about when the electron will die and leave his wive and kids behind. Now that also makes me wonder with an electron leaves "kids" behind when it gets "abducted" by other energy...:P
IOW, if an electron has a wrist watch and you too, would the "time" be the same on both wrists? Wrap your head around that "time" of the day lol

The same can be said about sound..."master".

I will e-mail you to get a drink from your blessed intelligence “master”.  ;)
Title: Re: Holes in the fabric of space and time
Post by: ATOM1 on June 20, 2015, 02:22:06 PM
We are  made in the image of the master ! So master please tel me the time ??? HAHAHAHAH ! You are right time does not exist when you are not observing it ! And space is just the measure of time between two  or more objects and a lot of people cant get there head round that... Well done !

Study the conversion from proton to electron ! A proton can be diminished into an electron and the path is  proton neutron electron ! The opposite is true for the creation of atoms ! ELECTRON NEUTRON PROTON ! So the first measure of the universe is the electron but what created it ???

We only have time and space with no energy and not even dark energy or dark matter to start with as there must be a point of total nothing to start with ! It is only logical that nothing is the first component to everything !

With nothing there are no tex books or formula ect ect there is only nothing ! But what is the boundaries of nothing and by applying that nothing is isolated and that its something more than nothing ... The so called big bang created an electron first and time and space created all the rest ! That is not difficult to except !

The fabric of the space now created if full of time ! Time divided by infinity = 1 electron not what most think as trillions and trillions ect ect no the electron is just jumping into positions at a very fast rate it is here but also there with a tiny amount of time in-between. From nothing the electron was made and that is a miracle beyond nothing...

Than we begin to measure the super natural laws and they to have no boundaries that isolate them, the true power of nothing means that nothing is ever lost for where can nothing go ??? The created fabric is so full of holes the only thing inside them is nothing and all that is passing through them... So nothing is full of something and that must include the time between the something ....................................

Let us look at an experiment of nothing ! The TV new broadcast say the 9 o'clock news is on every night its like a time machine so lets cancel out time and space and than the weeks news can be seen at any time hahahah

Now there is you and me and the TV news but I am interested in the lottery results hahahah Let us throw some string around the TV a quantum string of time and space with you and me pulling on this string ! The news is in the future and we are in the past and present,
all we want to see is the lottery results for next weeks lottery hahaha why not ????

The technology to see these results is hard wired into our brains and of course the TV is already made the other components of time and space and its mass are here just waiting for us to do something with it ...........................................................................................

We could even travel back in time and solve unsolved crimes and for me that may be a very important thing to do !

But for now lets look at the string we need to pull on ! This string already exists between me and you and all that are reading this and they are in the future present and soon to be the past.....

It now only needs me and you to pull the future into the present and see the results write them down and play the game ! But now the difficult part the fine tuning of the string as even time and space must also respond to the harmonic laws of all that is ......................

Our thoughts will be what pull this string tight enough and with time the future will be observed in the present but for only a fraction of time .... It may not be possible to repeat the same event in time again and again that may mean that the universe can only be created the once ! Let us consider only why we are here and our purpose with this ! It is not energy that the string is made of for the string that we may pull is made of nothing.

When we take away time and space we are left with nothing and that concludes that everything is made with nothing hahahah So master please start to pull the string chose the news channel that we will work with and the lottery that we will play and I will tie down the string tight as you do this than we begin to pull .....








Title: Re: Holes in the fabric of space and time
Post by: allcanadian on June 20, 2015, 03:03:19 PM
The other option may be that everything that is always was in one form or another. This is where the human mind and reality cannot coexist nor can it be rationalized because we cannot conceive something infinitely large or small beyond the scope of our imagination. Where does the universe end?, to our knowledge it has no end because the further we look the more we see. We can assume it must end however we have no real proof it does which is irrefutable. We can assume things can only get so small and there must be a limit and yet the closer we look the more we see and we keep finding smaller and smaller particles making up larger one's.

The thing to remember is that reality is not dictated by our thoughts or beliefs and it is what it is. Personally I have seen no real proof time is variable because in every instance we can simply replace a time differential with a change in the properties of matter giving the illusion time has somehow changed. Logic suggests a change in the properties of matter (the clock) is a much more reasonable solution than variable time which must in effect create a paradox which cannot be reconciled in modern physics.

If time and space are variable then the conservation of energy cannot hold because something could disappear in one time frame then reappear in another carrying it's energy with it appearing as something from nothing. It is a strange predicament that so many would say they firmly believe in the conservation of energy and yet also say they believe in variable time and space which would violate the conservation of energy. I think those that actually understand this quagmire understand we cannot have it both ways because the two cannot co-exist. Either time and space and variable which would violate the conservation of energy OR time and space are not variable but the properties of matter are and the conservation of energy holds.
So which is it?.

Title: Re: Holes in the fabric of space and time
Post by: ATOM1 on June 20, 2015, 06:15:01 PM
Both ! Nothing is important but only when we look for nothing do we find it enclosed by something ! These two are not one ! An electron has its energy at the event horizon holding within nothing, the time variable must co exist between something and nothing. Energy conservation is its result. As nothing needs something to hold it in or a total amount of nothing would still be the universe or even the multi verse.

All of nothing can not have time or space it would never equate as zero ! This is interesting because by observation many kinds of phenomena produce events where time and space have no boundary, time travel in dreams or as it is now called quantum leaping but that to me is the wrong name for it but a  name or symbol must be used for it . Even the point when we place this name over and around a point of nothing it becomes something in time and space.

The way forward is to experiment with the nothing take away the time and space variable than all the mass and its energy would just be a single mass no galaxies or planets and nothing that surrounds the mass . The universe or its true beginning looks to me as if it had to conserve the nothing by creating something to surround it like an event horizon and that needs mass and energy.

Also a study of man made miracles is very important here but to be a neutral observation we take away the religion and see only the event that has taken place. Waking on water producing 5000 fish and 5000 breed roles haha is interesting ! Also bring the dead back to life and turning water to wine. All this without technology just the brain and a thought process. It seems we are all avoiding something or just not interested yet its obvious to me we are having to learn something important.

Let us say that inside the event horizon where nothing is and only that there is no energy there yet memory can exist but a memory that has no time or space would mean all past and future events are all known making it possible to witness a future event and I for one have had many encounters like this but in my dream state. Intuition is another way to experience the time variable but that requires carful observation of thought and filling.

We can no longer ignore these realities or try and place all that is into one small box for when we do that another box is created around it ,we than can never find our true location in time and space because we don't know what box we are in haahh So presuming that Christ run out of food in the box and he new that yet kept producing the food tells me that thought produces energy as a mirror image of its self. The people eat the food obtaining the energy that has been generated from nothing more than thought alone to question that would present a problem in replicating such an event.

Energy follows thought and if this thought is what is required to create energy than who came up with the idea of an ever lasting universe ? Even if all the mass and its energy just faded back into nothing would only mean that it can all be generated again and again but by who ??????????

I have experimented with a communication with this intelligence and have had many replies sometimes spirit guides or even by some form of miracle ! We may be just evolving into the mirror image of the one that created everything and this may be a plan just to stop nothing ever becoming the ever lasting something.

Let us except that something and nothing co exist as one ! This way we can concentrate and focus planning the experiment to contact with the mind of a creator that we are being formed into. If we wanted to appear on another earth planet a 100 light years from our earth planet it is possible we would find nothing but rock but if we tune our thoughts we will find something like the planet we live on/ I don't see the need to build space crafts for this observation I am sure we can just do it in our sleep.

The need for advanced technology is important but the need to develop all the skills to make better use of our biological technology is even more important. Speaking to ghosts dimensional beings spirit guides is vital and developing the mind set to manifest energy as mass is also vital but that take a lot more than faith alone it also may need the help of the one mind that made everything. If a voice was to suddenly speak to you how would you react ?

When this happened to me I was ready for it and it new that my time for this encounter was right and it has given me strength beyond energy and now I live knowing that the road ahead is indeed infinite. Our role here is to learn why we are here and develop all that comes with this knowledge or there is no point to be here. Let us no longer question anything but look deeper into what can we achieve in the
here and now. I am surrounded by chaos and I truly hope the balance to that is near but to achieve that I must let go of the chaos and manifest tranquillity and wealth or I will be consumed by nothing hahah lol