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Title: Just started
Post by: CLaNZeR on October 08, 2006, 12:24:17 AM
Just started some new experiments around the Hamel Spinner and I know most people look at it as a Toy but I think there is more.

I built my first 2 wheels today for my experiments and decided to document my findings as they emerge at

I am not into theory or drawing pictures as to me it makes more sense to do the practical and build something to try it!
If you have any pointers or suggestions then I welcome with open arms!

If you have an idea for a small wheel and want it knocked up, then again I am open to suggestions.

One last thing, why are so many site links in these forums no longer live??, I could understand it if the links were posted years ago, but many links in threads that were posted last year, no longer are there and you get Page Not Found?


Title: Re: Just started
Post by: FreeEnergy on October 08, 2006, 01:58:39 AM,973.0.html
Title: Re: Just started
Post by: Cisco on October 14, 2006, 12:45:34 AM

   I went to your website, and your test bed arrangements of the Hamel spinner have piqued my interest. I have a few questions and observations.

   I have performed experiments similar to your first test of Hamel spinner. But instead of using the 100mm flu with the ring of magnets around it in the upper position, I found I was able to achieve the same continuous motion of the lower magnet/steel ball combination by simply holding and manipulating (in attractive mode) a similar speaker ring magnet above it.
   I can?t help but notice a difference in the orientation of magnetic polarities?i.e. placement of pole faces--between your two tests. I wonder if for this purpose it makes any difference? In your first test, the lower magnet is the disc with polarity orienting vertically and cylindrically. Whereas, your upper ring of magnets has polarity oriented horizontally and radially.
   In your second test rig, you interact two sets of magnets laid out in radial fashion on two plexiglass discs. All of these magnets have vertical pole orientation, as does the ring magnet suspended in the middle. The special skewering or flat spiraling of one of the magnet sets probably provides interesting effects.
The ?control? for this experiment would be to first try two sets of magnets laid out in identical (nonspiraling) arrangements on the two discs. Also, try flipping one of the discs.
   Your descriptions of the two discs claim that each has ?12 magnets . . . around a 200MM wheel.?  I dunno, the images are pretty clear, and I count only 8 on each disc. Are these the right photos for your notes?
   Well, it?s been nearly a week now since you posted, and the suspense is killing me: how long will it take to ?fix the depth (of the center magnet) via a grub screw??
Thanks for your work thus far
Title: Re: Just started
Post by: CLaNZeR on October 16, 2006, 06:48:23 PM
Hi Cisco

Well spotted on the 12 mistake, there are indeed 8 magnets, my first small wheel I had built had 12 magnets, so brain must of been thinking of that when typing.

Sorry to say I have not had time to test the central magnet in fixed position, as at first I just attached the bearing to the ring magnet with double sided tape, but as soon as it lowered the force was too much and slipped it sideways. So now the plan is to mill out a holder for the ring magnet.
Just finding time as usual between everything else going on.

I have experiemented with many configurations of playing the two wheels on top of each other and with a gentle push the wheels will repel against each other and click around for a fair while, but eventually come to a halt. Some interesting results from the spiral effect as it does seem to make a difference.
I will post an update soon with my findings.

I also have a couple of new wheels that I need to add to the site, my third wheel now allows the magnets to be positioned better as below.


I also want to experiment with magnets in PHI spirals and base them on some old ancient wheel drawings I came across.

So much to do and not enough playing time as usual!!


Title: Re: Just started
Post by: Pontifex on October 17, 2006, 12:10:33 PM
Hi CLaNZeR, nice work !

How long will it take to ?fix the depth (of the center magnet) via a grub screw??

A very good question !

Waiting for results, Pontifex