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Gaia Rosch AuKW Auftriebskraftwerk KPP why it does not work

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Gaia Rosch AuKW Auftriebskraftwerk KPP why it does not work.
Why the  Gaia Rosch AuKW Auftriebskraftwerk KPP does not work.

Here again a closed Thread, that only states the facts from all the recent research, why it does not work
and how the 5 KWatt AuKW was faked at the public demonstrations in Spich at the Rosch facility.

This thread is locked, so that no discussion will try to circumvent these facts.

Discussions can be made in the other threads about the AuKW KPP.

Here are the facts, from:

Since I read this summary by User Allfather:

And also the comparison between the placement of the components ontop of the roof-plate
between before the measurement day and at the dismantling day:
 Compare this:

Now it is clear to me that it is just a Fake and the power came through the
upper support beam during the 10 day Demonstration.

Also the hole, that was closed again via a freshly welded metal plate in the upper metal beam proves,
that there was a cable leading to the Generator from inside the tube...!

The hidden cable was then removed during the last few days before
the dismantling day and at that day the power came from a hidden
distributor cable from the next room. (hidden behind the red lift platform crane)

You can see here the guy with the Karo-Shirt, how he removes the cable.
Also the KWh-power meter was no longer connected ! Also a proof
that the power came from somewhere else !

So now the Gaia-Rosch KPP is proven for me as a Fake and busted
and I will no longer care about it.
It already has costs me too much wasted time...

Also here is a comparison of the Generator from different dates.
You see, that the hook, where the generator can be lifted with , in the second picture
is only half screwed in, so there would be space to hide a hidden cable in this hole
and bring it up via a special hole there.
And additionally there is  a black plastic nipple at the connector box, where the cable
could have been brought into the connector box of the generator.


Here are again all the pictures that proof this.

Here is another proof, that there was a cable going behind the red crane lift.
Mr. Dohmen just said, that it was only for charging the batteries of the crane,
but it surely could also be used to power the whole AuKW at the dismantling day for
3 hours !

Here are a few more pictures:

Here are 2 pictures from the hall, when they were still renovated.
In the first one you can see already a big hole there...

Here are 2 new movies from me. where I show, that connecting the heatpanels did
not change the ampmeters at the dismantling day and that is why the power came then from
the other hall in via normally the output connector and that this way the power was not rounted
through the ampmeters...

The 2nd video shows again, where the hidden power cables when below the belts and behind the
wooden palette and behind the red crane to the big  tube, where they had a 3 phase distributor box
connected there to power the lamps and other loads and the right cabinet box via its red plug.

Regards, Stefan.


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