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Gaia Rosch AuKW Auftriebskraftwerk KPP why it does not work

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Here is a new video from me showing that there is no automatic control of the airpressure
for the floats what Mr. Beiser always claimed, so he is now caught not telling the truth.
Also I show the proofs, that the Tube was already dismantled once
before the dismantling day.

Regards, Stefan.

P.S. Here are the German threads to it:

Rosch is trying to get big company investors to put into it Millions of Euros as advancement
payments... The Gaia AuKW customers are only peanuts for them...

Mr. Dohmen ist looking for a Billion Euros as he said in a recent interview.
He would only allow testing, if a Billion Euros are first transfered to his bank account...

Here is an interview with a German TV station from last Wednesday with the physics guy of a German
university as the counterpart:

Here Dohmen blames Gaia for not getting the money already transfered and for all the delays:

He says:
"Ein sehr unangenehmer Partner" sagt er wörtlich zu Gaia !

"A very displeasing partner" he talks about the relationship with Gaia.

I would like to know, what the people at Gaia think about these words...??

The best thing is, when he was asked what would be the conditions to let it test
from a third party:

"Wenn Sie uns vorher ne Milliarde aufs Konto packen, natürlich !"

"Surely, if you transfer first a Billion Euros to our bank acoount, then for sure !"
Then he was asked by the reporter, why 1 Billion Euros ?
Then Dohmen answer:
"Because this is the money we want to earn with it..."

So you have we know, how much money they want to make with it all in all..

Here is the edited TÜV report with uncensored pics...

Rosch did the mistake just to add  a censoring  PDF layer, which could be again deleted..
They just added these white censoring layer, which could be easily removed via the right PDF editor...

Seems the did the same mistake as the graphics editors in the Obama birth certificate  case...

So we now have the full report also with 3 full pictures added here:

I got sent an email to me :

Stefan, Stuart Campbell claims that Rosch have used legal means to shut down parts of your website and intend to kill your websites in their entirety:

" Stuart Campbell Moderating Team ngepro • 3 hours ago

There are over 100 legal notices already issued. I have seen them.
Stefan Hartmann has already had parts of his site closed down. They intend to close the whole site down. They know they will get no money, but they will get principle.
First the Germans and then the Dutchmen and Americans.
Your name is on their list.
This is not a threat, this is happening. Do not take it lightly."


No I did not receive any notices or emails or letters from Rosch regarding this yet.
So this is not true.
Also both forums are still working.

Regards, Stefan.

Here you can see a picture from  Stuart Campbell,
that he recorded with his heat-sensitive camera when  Rosch 
was running the new 15 KW KPP demonstrations for him and Sterling Allan.

Unfortunately, his pics from the FLIR camera were there somewhat contradictory, because in some pictures
all 4 generator-table legs were cold ... it surely depends when the other pictures were taken...maybe before starting the unit or when it was off again ? ...

But here in this picture  you can easily see that the rear right generator-table leg is warmer and also
in the ground in front of it there seems to be a little heat radiation also...

Since the generator table could not be examined by Stuart and Sterling whether a  hidden cable was used,
it could be that a hidden cable through a hollow beam of the leg was used to bring in the electrical power that drives the whole system.

Why else would this leg be warmer than the rest?

Probably the generator works then as a motor and not as a  generator ...

Sterling and Stuart have apparently made no electrical measurements and were only allowed to watch and make some movies .

Also they were promised by Rosch to get some affiliate commissions, if they bring Rosch new customers..
so they now seem to ask no more  questions ...

Really a not very scientific approach to get bought out by Rosch this way...

Here's what to Sterling writes:
"Full Disclosure
We at PES Network will benefit from sales / licenses did result from our networking (including our news coverage).
Be sure to mention to Rosh what role PES Played in bringing you to the table, if you end up there. "

So he gets a commission if he brings new customers to Rosch ....

Especially, there is an additional info there:

"From:" Patrick NIES "
Sent: June 24, 2015 3:00 am
Hi Sterling,
About the Side of the tension of the chain on Rosh system, there is no need to do more tests.
We can CLEARLY see on the videos you've made That it's the KPP Which drive the generator and
Not the inverse => The Upper side is straight, the lower is loose. "


Well I watched again all videos of Sterling and he was not even able to film the chains in a contineous way,
nor the start of the device in a good spot to see the ramp up of the chains and handwheel...
So he missed the most important evidence once again...

But at least J.D. captured in his video the chains a bit better...
Have a look at around Minute 3:40.

I would now say the Generator is really a  Motor..
There is a lot of oscillation of the chains..

But I would say, the lower part of the chain is stronger tight. So this makes the Generator a real Motor .

But exactly you see it at the first chain that goes up after the handwheel !
At 3:40 you see, that the righ side of the chain is oscillating, but the left side
of the chain sits tight straight, but the right side is loose and oscillates.

This action shows us that the KPP is driven by a motor and not the other way around !

So that proves, that the Generator works as a motor and thus must have a hidden power cable !
This hidden power cable then also powers the compressor.
The hidden power cable goes probably via the table leg into the footer of the generator and is there
forwarded to the output connectors of the generator. So they probably have a Y-connector somewhere hidden inside this motor,
so the motor is powered by the hidden cable and the power is also fed to the output terminals inside the blue upper connection box
of this motor...


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