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Another tell involving the motor is that when they put a tachometer on it, the speed was very steady. 

The paternoster has a several second mechanical cycle where one float comes out of the water goes over the top and then sinks back into the water. 

During this cycle the torque on the drive sprocket changes, which would reflect in any generator working into a constant load as a speed variation and in turn a power variation to the loads. 

The motor speed and the power to the lights is instead does not show any hint of variation. 

A motor driven by the mains with a big torque advantage via the reduction set would not vary much with the changing paternoster load. 

Lights driven by the mains would not vary either.

And this is exactly what we see there in the Rosch demo. So the generator is in reality a motor that is powered by a hidden cable.

Many thanks to MarkE for pointing this out to me.

As Sterling asked Andre in this video:

at Minute 7:08 , why the third phase had  14 Amps instead of 12 amps as the other 2 phases had,  Andre switched off one of the heaters or reduced its power by one step.

But  at this moment you did not hear any change in the pitch of the generator !

That is already a proof, that the loads are powered by the grid, because otherwise you would have heard a small change of rpm in the generator and thus a change in the sound it least for half a second or you took away load from the generator it should have turned a bit faster for a moment and that should be heard !

Well, I rewatched again in slowmotion several times the starting procedure in this video:
starting at Minute 4:09.

Now it is getting clear that it is all really a fake powered by a hidden power cable and the generator is really only
a motor.

First Andre plugs in the pressurized air from the hall to the compressor tank and then switches
on the control computer.
At this time already some air is going via the yellow "U" turn hose into the tube floats.

Watch then exactly  how Andre is starting the tube-paternoster  via the handwheel !
He turns it several seconds before releasing it, but then the wheel slows down and almost comes to a stop,
while the hose from their hall pressurized air is still connected...
So at this time it seems not much air is going into the floats, so not much buoyancy at the floats
and so the chains and the handwheel are slowing down.

Now Andre goes to the cabinet control boxes and switches on a switch at Minute 4:57 ! Now the
handwheel accelerates very fast and the chains also begin to turn very fast. !

This can only be explained, that he just turned on a motor that drives the chains !

So the generator is really a motor !

How else could it be explained ?

If he would just have released the pressurized air into the yellow hose,
the hose would have moved a bit due to the sudden pressure difference it would have received...
Also it would have taken much more longer to build up the speed as the air needs time to fill up the floats.

So as he switched on the motor it revealed the fake ! This can only be a motor that brings the chains
and handwheel to this fast rotation and it needs a hidden power cable !

And then Andre finally switched on the compressor.

As this switch seems also to switch on the other loads,
it has a huge surge on the amp draw it takes from the hidden power cable that goes probably through the table
leg and through the motor, you can also hear this.

Unfortunately Sterling moved there a lot and had a bad filming position, so you could not see, if the yellow
hose moved there, when the compressor started.

Then Andre just unpluggs the main building´s  air hose and the whole thing is powered by the hidden cable going through the
Also the load changes that I described in the posting above supports this faked operation....

In this video from one day earlier from the 19th of June,
the starting process is totally different !

There the handwheel and the chains already accelerate when Andre turns them
by hand. Probably there the tachogenerator still worked and told the control computer
to turn on the power via the Wireless antenna in the next room for the hidden cable that comes
through the floor and the table leg...

You can see, that here the 2 starts they show look very different as the motor already accelerates the chains
when Andre starts to turn the handwheel.

Also you can see, that the light and heater loads are only turned on at exactly the same moment also the
compressor is turned on.
This you can see in this video at Minute 32:36 as he toggles the upper black switch at the cabinet.
The floor lamp in the background is turned away from the camera, but you can see its yellow light on the floor
reflecting. So all the loads are switched on at this time together with the compressor..

Regards, Stefan.

Well, just saw that Andre has made a mistake on 20th of June at the start!

He had the black switch in the upper right Cabinetbox when he started not at the 12 o´clock position
but in the 2 o´clock position ....!

He only realized this , when after a few  seconds of turning the handwheel the chains did not pickup any speed!

Then he goes quickly to the control cabinet´s back and pulls the black switch  quickly into the 12 clock position .. back!

Only then the motor starts and accelerates the chains and the handwheel!

I have compared this with the 2 starts that Sterling has filmed on 19th of June and with
the video J.D. made also on the 18th.

There the black switch at the startup is set correctly at the 12 o´clock position !

Well, so as Andre did this error, we now know that it is a fake and that the generator  is really a motor !

He probably asked himself when he was standing there with his lolly stick in his mouth after the start and looked so thoughtfully to the device
whether someone has noticed that.

He probably thought: "Man, why didn´t I think of that stupid black switch and now  Sterling has recorded everything" ....

So Sterling has helped in principle by filming the error from Andre to uncover the fake !


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