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Author Topic: Steorn develops free energy technology and issues challenge to the global scient  (Read 4711 times)

Offline jriveros

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Hi guys;
Here is a nw comany that claims they developed a mechanism to obtain free energy from magnetism.
Any bodo can confirm or reject this, maybe somebody from this site can accept the challenge they are proposing.
Here some links about this news.


Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Offline PaulLowrance

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    • Global Free Energy
I'm curious to see what 12 scientists they chose. I wish they would go on Coast To Coast AM. George would have them on in a heart beat and with 10 million live listeners they would gather plenty of attention from the science community.

Could someone send Steorn an email about Coast To Coast AM? I would do it, but I can't download much of anything on their site. It just times out.


Offline stiffy

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Has anyone actually seen what it is these guys do? There is nothing on their website about the device itself.

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Offline PaulLowrance

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    • Global Free Energy
What ever happens, we need to get to the bottom of this one. I've seen far too many companies claim the smoking gun and in a year everyone forgets about it, like it's ok to do that.

I think anyone should state at least why or what happened if it failed because it's getting to be too much and IMHO very obvious. I have no idea if Steorn is legit. How can we know until something is revealed.  One thing is for certain, every time this happens it makes or industry look more and more like fools!  Has anyone read the science communities comments in the newsgroup forums? It's pretty much unanimous. The science community dislike this topic so much they immediately title Steorn as a scam artist.

Point being, the constant huge claims followed by silence has destroy this energy industry. We have to stop it!!! Because if and when the real smoking gun appears, it's going to take an act of congress to spread the news without looking like a scam artist or fool.

I'll wait and see what happens to this one, Steorn, but if this goes bad then I will become a real believer that some group is hiring or recruiting people to destroy and suppress this industry. If true, such attempts will not last and in such a case somebody will need to investigate this to discover what group is responsible for such a crime on humanity.

Yes, it is true that so-called "free energy" machines will cause initial havoc on world economies. There's an ancient saying that to date holds true, "In order for the new to come forth, the old must be destroyed."  This is growing pains, also known as birth pains.  Democracy will be forced to evolve into something more appealing. As technology advances, the world becomes more efficient, robotics eventually take the place of millions of employees, Democracy will need to evolve. It is those people who would want to delay so-called "free energy" that are operating out of ignorance. They are the ones who are afraid of change. If you have a thorn in your foot, would you want to delay pulling it out? Lets get beyond the inevitable and free the world.

Paul Lowrance

Offline Eureka

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It is sensible for us to be skeptical to claims such as the one of Steorn's
as we have seen so many of false promises.

However, we must not shut our mind completely to new ideads and claims
as new breakthroughs can only come in a way that challenges our
traditional way of thinking.

My understanding of Steorn's device so far is that they accidently stumbled on
an asymmetrical arrange of magnets that achieves a holy grail of overunity.

I have read most of the stuff on Steorn's web site and my attention is particularly
drawn to phrases similar to "in the past many scientist refused even to look at
our devices. However six people did, but none of them wanted to go public on record"
which implies those scientists who examined the device physically did not reject
it as a hoax, but somehow they found the gap between their conventional
understanding of Science namely [conservation of energy]  and what the device
shows through their eyes too daunting to handle,
and another phrase like " we are in an advanced stage of development " which
possibly means  they may seek fundings for their ongoing research in the future.

Whichever the case it may be,  I am cautiously open to their claims and urge
Scientists to examine the device independently and show their guts to call for
an revamp of our theories if their device shows a phenomenon that can't
be explained by our existing theories.

Remember that our Scientific theories do not explain everything we experience
in our universe. Gravity is one of them.  Our Physics still can't explain what
light really is.   Don't be a fool by rejecting a phenomenon simply because it can't
be explained by our fragile theories.

All theories are essentially hypotheses until proven physically.
If there is a conflict between a theory and a phenomenon, then the theory is the one
that needs to be changed because you can't change or reject the phenomenon.

A phenomenon exists independent of our minds.

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Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Offline Clarky

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Interview and Video of the device at work!