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Area 51 S4 scientist gravity is a wave A and B and how it works

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here you go...
read the whole site.
look up phill schider.
dr boylan
the disclosure project
its alllllll coming together...
oh the government is using a new water technology that greats water from thin air for military use only...
makes up to 600 galons of water a day with no polution... it was on slashdot...

Thanks for the info. Actually both of those are old news. I've heard Bob Lazar on live national radio countless times for many many years. I think he's legit. Long ago a person found Bob Lazars name listed on one of the Area 51 phone lists. So he at least worked at Area 51. I believe him. Once I saw Bob in the audience at one of Tom Bearden's lectures. So he is or was interested in "free energy."

Yes, water from thin air is old technology, but it is costly in electricity. Last I heard it was like 25 cents per gallon, but that was way before energy costs skyrocketed. I bet it's a lot more expensive now. I've mentioned this technology many times in other posts and PM's that a "free energy" machine would do wonders for those countries where people are starving of hunger and thirst. "Free energy" machines could power air wells to water farms to grow food. These air wells have been available for purchase for many many years, but a little expensive to buy and requires a lot of electricity.

Paul Lowrance

seems like "free energy" could do wonders, it pisses me off that its being held back so the elite can just become more powerfull.
but if Dr boylan is telling the truth and is legit, they their time has come and a new age of peace will be here very shortly.


--- Quote from: TheDangler ---they their time has come and a new age of peace will be here very shortly.
--- End quote ---

And that is the truth. The storm is coming in a big way, but expect the 1000 year peace period to slowly begin ~2023.

Kind regards,
Paul Lowrance

FreeEnergy: :)


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