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Title: The Science of Wands, the Age of the Wizard has returned!
Post by: GregorArturo on May 08, 2015, 08:22:16 PM
New article on my website detailing the science of wands in detail, where the energy is being harnessed and amplified, the self-organizational processes and what it can be utilized for. There is also a 10 minute YouTube video as well!

The Age of the Wizard, the Path of the Jedi, is upon us once again! (

About the author: Gregor Arturo Clary is an inventor with an extensive background in the arts, sciences, and philosophies involved in developing sustainable technologies in energy, transportation, advanced materials, architecture, and alchemical tools. He is currently based out of Los Angeles reestablishing a new workshop, and offering pre-order sales of tuned quartz copper wands to aid in fundraising for the new space and the production of these new generation of wands. Gregor has made over thirty wands in the past, as well as redesigning Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyff Tower for the past six years. He has since developed a tuning process to convert the internal acoustic pressure of the copper into an electrostatic pulse. Read on to learn more about the science and the grandeur of such an idea..