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Resize your image before posting - instructions

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I have made a simple instruction how to resize pictures before you post it.
It is very frustrating when people post pictures that is so big it is impossible to read the replies on that whole page normally.

I used the ultimate image editing software - Microsoft Paint. It is available on all computers running Windows.

Here it goes in pictures step by step.

When you have resized the image, choose "Save as" if you don't want to destroy the original image.
Then post your image.


Original size vs resized

I try to stay away from Mozilla (And Godzilla). I stick to Google Chrome, but thanks for the tip :-)

If you upload a picture that's too large that stretches the page all you need to do is clear the attachment to shrink it again.

Tito L. Oracion:
You could use irfanview its just a simple task to do.  :'(



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