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Author Topic: 9/11 mysteries solved ? Book about what happened to the passengers of the planes  (Read 20940 times)


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There is a new book out called Methodical Illusions by Rebekah Roth,
who was a flight attendance for 30 years and who has found out by her research and
experience and wisdom from being in the flight industry this long,
what happened to the 4 planes and its passengers.

To protect  herself she wrote this book as a novel.

Here is a summary I found in another forum:

After she retired after 30 years as a flight attendant, she started writing a novel to tell about life in the skies. In the process, she did a web search to come up with a Middle Eastern name for one of the characters, and ran across references to a large proportion of the alleged 9/11 hijackers still being alive. It apparently changed her life, leading her ever deeper into the proverbial 9/11 rabbit hole.

Her perspective is unique in the world of 9/11 research. She comes at it from the point of view of a person intimately familiar with the way the airline industry runs at the level of what goes on in flights.

On 9/11, she'd been grounded along with the other thousands of airline personnel, and spent a lot of time watching the whole thing on TV. She had hit her first level of cognitive dissonance (she seems to call it "cognitive dissidence") when she saw the second plane hit. She thought maybe it was trick photography -- a plane made of thin aluminum shouldn't have pierced the heavy steel perimeter columns. But she suppressed this -- being in the air all the time made thinking about the implications too difficult. And she stayed that way until that fateful web search for a name.

Since then, she has run into all the "usual" information those of us involved in 9/11-related work have become familiar with, and has incorporated it into her novel. But her perspective is radically different from the rest of us.

She knew that cellphone calls couldn't possibly have been made from the planes as described, and knew intimately the practical limitations of on-board seat-back phones, so all the claims about these calls made no sense to her.

Most of us have concluded that the calls were done with some kind of voice-morphing and caller-id-spoofing technology. The calmness of most of the callers and the absence of any cabin noise were always problematic. But while the rest of us couldn't come up with an alternative, she has.

In the interviews, she lays out an excellent detailed analysis of every call -- particularly NY flights 11 & 175 in interview 3 and flights 77 & 93 in interview 4. She looks at the FAA records of the alleged movements of the planes, zeroing in on the times the calls were made, most of which were made when planes were supposedly descending so rapidly all kinds of things would have been going on that weren't happening in the calls. Her knowledge of the layout, procedures and practicality of 767s and 757s -- their length and width, who was sitting where, who could or couldn't have seen what they were describing, how quickly mace or perfumes would fill the entire plane, etc. -- opens up a whole new window into those calls.

She also goes into detail on the "Flight Termination" technology available at the time -- ironically intended to prevent hijackings -- by which a ground controller could take complete control and communication ability away from the crew. She believes that there were no hijackings and that the flight termination mechanism was used.

Her remarkable conclusion is that the calls were made on the ground, that all four planes were on the ground shortly after they took off, and at least one was in a hangar (a caller referred to a man "coming down the stairs"). The final blockbuster for her turned up in a recording of Flight 93 attendant C.C. Lyles. At the very end, a woman's voice says very quietly something like "that was very good." The frequency of certain specific phrases among all the calls imply to her that people were reading from scripts, and she infers from this that they were probably told they were participating in a drill (we all know there were many exercises going on that morning).

From the timing of the calls, she determined how far the planes could have reached from their point of origin, and then figured out where they had to have landed. I haven't yet received my shipment of the book, so I don't know her location proposal yet, but expect it will be interesting.

The inescapable conclusion is that the passengers and flight crew are indeed dead, but were killed in some other way than a plane crash. The thought is extremely disquieting, but pales by comparison with the deliberate murders of all the other people who died on and after 9/11 as a result of the event.*

Also interesting will be getting more detail on something else she claims to have run into -- references to the next big event, which will be taking place in many cities sometime next May.

She also is very well-informed on the financial aspects of 9/11 -- the movement of massive amounts of gold out of the World Trade Center, the destruction of the $240 billion in "Brady Bonds," the insurance fraud. And she provides the evidence that has convinced her that Israel was one of the main players on that day.

If you have the time or interest, the interviews are one of the more interesting ways you might spend time.


Here you can get the book:

You must disable your ad blocker to see the following link to the book:

or just click here:

I will be getting this book also soon and read it and post my summary then.

Maybe it is also a good gift for parents or friends, who still believe in the Mainstream Media lies..

Regards, Stefan.


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On the book cover is the following summary:

The glamorous life of an international flight attendant can be anything but, as Vera Hanson discovered the morning one of her crew members was found murdered in a Paris hotel room. 

That morning began to put into focus some of the experiences of Vera's thirty year airline career, which she had purposely been avoiding.

It caused her to look more deeply into the questions surrounding 9/11 that never made sense to a flight attendant, but that no one had seriously investigated.

With the help of her pilot friend Jim Bowman, they embark on a cross country journey employing their wisdom, experience and intense research to uncover the mysteries of what really happened to the four airplanes and the people on them that fateful day. 

Written as a novel, Methodical Illusion has been excruciatingly researched from an insider's perspective, utilizing proprietary knowledge of airplanes, universal FAA protocols, standardized fight crew procedures and all hijacking policies. 

The results are the never before revealed answers to the daunting questions everyone has had, but few had dared ask aloud for fear of the repercussions that undoubtedly follow.

Rebekah Roth is right on target with her mind blowing research which is guaranteed to open your eyes.


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Here are a few comments from readers who have already bought the book:

This book is a very good read. I think that the fiction approach may help those who are experiencing cognitive dissonance. Many of the documented facts regarding 9/11 are presented to refute the Government's fairy tale "official story". The facts presented in the book can be verified by the interested reader. As a flight attendant, Mrs. Roth provides very good insight regarding the strange fact that none of the flight attendants on any of the 4 flights followed the FAA hijacking protocol (I was not aware of this). The author also provides her expertise on the fact that cell phones simply did not work at altitude on aircraft in 2001. Finally, the author suggests a possible scenario for what might have happened to the original aircraft, crew, and passengers. I listened to an interview with Mrs. Roth before I purchased this book, and she does not hold to this dogmatically – it is simply a hypothesis of hers, if I remember the interview correctly.

Once in a great while you come across a "fiction" that is a thinly veiled "non-fiction". The thing that sets a great book in this class apart from the rest is its ability to tell the truth, nothing but the truth, so help it God, while at the same time creating a cast of characters complete with a story line that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time you are reading it. Whether you are an avid 9-11 researcher or a citizen who is for the first time starting to realize the whole convoluted tale
just doesn't seem to be quite right, this book is for you. Both categories will glean new information from the read. Whatever the case may be, this book is for you America ...

I find it refreshing to know that there are other people in America that are aware that the September 11th attack on America was not accomplished by a rag tag team of terrorist unable to fly a very basic Cessna 172 but somehow they were capable of flying sophisticated Boeing 767s with enough precision to hit a target that pilots with 30,000 hours of flight time could not do in a simulator.
This book is non-fiction wrapped in a novel. There is so much more written between the lines if you are willing to find it and understand what she is trying to say. For example, go to pilots for 911 truth on the internet to find out so much more about where she finds corroboration for her story.

This book is truly an excellent read! It is well written and keeps you holding on until the end. Yes, the beginning introduces the characters. But then Rebekah takes you into the meat and the bones of a story that very possibly answers the questions so many of us have asked since 09/11. I've heard her interviews, and with all of her words she makes perfectly good sense! I look forward to her next publication! Rock on, Rebekah! Way to go! I'll be gifting this book forward!

Oh my goodness!!! What can I say really? To make justice to what I have just read? To be honest this is scary stuff and real, the missing piece of the puzzle has been painstakingly put together in this book the picture of what really happened on 911 is now on 3D.

Excellent - Very Important read
Great book with unbelievable details. Always like to read books written by authors who are awake. Kudos.