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Author Topic: OVERUNITY CIRCUIT ??  (Read 39248 times)


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« Reply #45 on: April 30, 2015, 02:01:45 AM »
Well, I have managed not to double the output power of this system, but to increase the whole system seven times its original circuit.

What I have found was that with a input 0f 24VDC, the output was only between 26 - 28 VDC/VAC.

Not by chance, but by amazing breakthrough and discovery, a outer LED driver used for LED lights connecting to this Magnet wheel system, not only did I manage to burn twenty lights, 220VAC X 12W each in bright and brilliant light, but the magnet wheel break down until it stopped turning.

The amazing thing about is was that all lights loose about 10% of its brightness, but the whole system through the coil was activated by the outer LED driver through the coil keeping all lghts activated and still burn brilliant enough to brightren up at least 10 big rooms of any householding.

The frequencies in the coil did increase very loudly, but not measured yet.

I have managed to connect a 220VAC to 12VDC transformer and connect it to one of the 12VDC supply battery and a 20W solar panel drive in room light to the other 12VDC battery connected in series to give 24VDC to the system.
It ran for 10hours keeping both batteries fully charged and all LED lights by 220VAC X 12W keep on burning bright all the time, without the magnet wheel on the coil.

No heat was measured or feeled/noticed on the system and it ran very cool.

Further research and development needed, but I really think that the Nicola Tesla concept was discovered by chance in this amazing breakthrough that may very soon also change our world into freedom.

This attached & original circuit from Tom Ferko was used, but just increase it seven times from the original with few changes not to mentioned at this stage.

If anybody can help with the development of a real and very good circuit to charge the batteries and control the current and volts at all times between say 25VDC and 23VD, then my breakthrough can change the world in weeks to follow with a system running without a magnet wheel at all.

1. The circuit must handle a input of 100 - 380 VAC and VDC with a output charge to the batteries of at least 24VDC.
2. The very high circuit input volts and current must be smoothed down to at least a 24VDC charger attached directly on the output of the system.

In another discovery it was found that the frequencies created by the system, did not have any affect on any appliances at all with NO NOICE interference at all.

Please take note that I only need the help to build this incredible battery charger.
Any circuit diagrams welcome.

If I can proof the fully working abillities of such system, it will be open sourced to the whole world.

I have a huge  10,000 mfd 400-450 surge volt cap I can send you if you think it would help.  Contact me if you are in South Africa since I don't know your real name yet.