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Title: Drinking less makes your pockets burst.
Post by: dxer_87 on March 03, 2015, 07:11:30 PM
Many of us tries to control what we call ether, no matter of its content. That's why we use all the devices with many other options inside.

If you look at the central heating on villages then you will find that if you connect heating installation with electric one in a smart way, then probably kilowatts from wood can be supported by several watts from powerplant. Easy, cause normal man don't put wood pieces in to oven after 23 hour.

For example I use aquarium heater that is smart way put in the radiator. Impotent that the wires must be away from warm elements, also the timer programmer is fine that works from 2 to 6 at morning. You will find there in your country America, that you can save more on medicaments after this 19 bucks, 35 bucks installation.

Also I cannot see central heating without flow control and temperature switching this flow (pump with regler plus thermo switch).

You love analog like we do in central Europe, set the voltages lower on the potentiometers. The signals will do the work, the stuff will last longer, and your powerplant will smile to You.

If you have ATX computer and work often, buying an UPS will move your design power further. For us technical people this save a head thinking.

The same is about printer connected on demand to print something interesting there in space that involves you. There may be video clips, no quarrel about it.

Many of us are radio fans, who wants to save energy because of strong radio signal (low amplifying needs), also in some tests, You really should have achieve to the switches on the grid line. Not some old fuses. We aren't in museum.

Grounding and shielding should be in our memory like in hospital walls. Everybody wants to get healthier in their work.

Desgin ideal Greatz bridge. Fine to use.

Greetings From Planet!