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Is the magnetic field the Fruit of the Tree of knowledge

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When everything else fails, then read the instructions.

NKJV, Genesis, p.1

--- Quote ---......the tree of the knowledge of good and evil......
--- End quote ---

It is believed by many theologians that the command to abstain from eating was based on determining that the creatures were capable of, or, not capable of, obeying a plainly stated order, in circumstances producing no urgent necessity to disobey.



--- Quote from: truesearch on January 21, 2015, 04:11:10 PM ---@Dave45

Wouldn't you perceive that the "knowledge of EVIL" was what was really warned against in the Garden of Eden? God instructs us in the "knowledge of GOOD" so that is expedient and proper. Now, the question would seem to narrow down to this: Is understanding of how to extracting energy from a magnetic-field going to be for the "knowledge of EVIL" or will it be for the "knowledge of GOOD"  :-\

Would this be comparable to the Gutenberg printing-press development? Many, many "good books" (i.e. the Bible) have been printed. However, there are some (ok, many) "bad" books printed too. . . .


--- End quote ---

I like most here have devoted the last eight years of my life searching for free energy, I always thought we would find it but at different times in that eight years I have asked myself if we should be using electricity I searched everywhere I even looked at the secret society's thinking they were covering it up.
I think we have been led down the garden path or maze if you will, if what I suspect is true it will come out and in a big way, I wont have to do it.
The fruit is shaped like an apple but is layered like an onion, why was the apple chosen to represent the fruit.
Iv heard it said that symbols rule the world, maybe we should look around.


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