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Author Topic: Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy  (Read 2107142 times)

Offline Mr.Miyagi

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Re: Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy
« Reply #8115 on: December 29, 2018, 05:43:40 AM »

Your lie--!!His math is solid!!

Can you please translate his math for us?
What was the end result of P/in, P/out, and P/consumed over the 2 minute 22 second run time of the overunity device ?

Very simple calculations, however:

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Re: Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy
« Reply #8115 on: December 29, 2018, 05:43:40 AM »

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy
« Reply #8116 on: December 29, 2018, 10:44:15 AM »
Learning from others and their trials with errors, fails and/ or success !
And analyzing,studying,  positive and negative critical points !
Without flame wars !
Sincerely OCWL

Offline Utopia Now

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Donald Smith 1994 video
« Reply #8117 on: December 30, 2018, 01:39:17 AM »
I found it interesting how Don talked about the Schematic in the video ..  about the one he drew on the white board.

About the offset from the 2 back to back Tesla coils : one 50 windings CW and one 52 windings CCW
And the blocking devices to earth grounding  for setting the right resonant tuning maybe.

Here are the things i found interesting : from the 1994 Don Video

10.30 How to recognize overunity .. you can see where the thing passed outside the envelope  and it gets even bigger and than it collapses and it starts the whole thing over again.
This particular effect depends on how you work your shunt on your resonant circuit.
12.20 the third one is a particular arrangement of a grounding shunt which means that its ability to communicate with the electron source which would be your grounding and the resistance there is like a dam on a large body of water and it lets  the electrons through and than they get caught behind this dam … this whole device is like  a pump , all it`s doing is like the dominos we were talking about  … its tripping the electrons here and … each time one is tripped it gives of a magnetic impulse First and then wen it comes back on that infinity loop it gives of an electrical impulse .. and this goes on perpetually
18.00 m.  A wire has its own inductance and capacitance   .. and resonance freq.
42.35 Ticker coil ( l1 )  53.00  resistor or capacitor 100 à 500 ohm 
49.00 say L1 is 4 point something feet .. which corresponds to  220 Mhz
49.45 The second coil will run on a different frequency, because the wire lenght is different. Coils are actually  antenna`s  that have been coiled for conveniance.
If you get into wave kind of arangements, you have ¼  ½  1/8  etc.   L1 L2 their should be a relationship, either a multiple or devision  of the same frequency.
52.20 everytime you put on a capacitor or resistor in this  system, it`s gonna lower the frequency .. so the highest it can be is  based on the length of the wire.
52.40 We have 2 coils and they maybe very slightly out of tune .. so you need a variable device here ( on L2 to ground )  that can be a blocking device … variable capacitor or resistor or other thing .. you can experiment with that     .. if resistor .. not to big .. say 500 à 100 ohm  … this is gonna be that shunt  thats gonna be in that resonant circuit we were talkig about earlier….  Its going to be the dam thats going to hold the water behind it.
53. 30 At that point we have 1000 V at radio frequency that is absolutely useless to us , unless we do something els to  it
54.00  L1  4 windingen L2 1 winding  .. opmerkelijk   .. nu verder : 
54.05 we got one turn here and we got it grounded with a variable device on it so that we can fine tune it  ( maybe a piece of wire with variable length … maybe ? )
54.20 now we have here from L2 on an alternating current at radio freq.
Some question from audience   ..  about shunt ... >  yess that is the shunt in the res. radio freq. configuration, that produces the dam that keeps the energy … once it gets to oscillating inside the system it can come in but it can`t get out , unless its hooked into an other system  ..  yeahh well its simply a blocking device which keeps your resonant coil system    which normally  you have  a capacitor and a coil and you got them like this ( parallel ? ) well in our case we have put both the capacitor and the coil in 1 wire  … and we have eliminated some components that are subject to fail when we do that .. capacitors are subject to fail so you have actually made a device which is less likely to fail

56  L1 grounded in to de device itself    L2 grounded  in Earth  like Tesla coil
57 step down Fullwave bridge AC to DC  into 2 Tesla Coils back to Back ( probably CW CCW )
57.50 we`ve got DC here, we`ve got to puls that in order for this coil to work .. so what we do is we put a capacitor in parallel there which gives a pulsing effect or an of and on effect which will cause the magnetic field of the induction to pick up in these two other coils

50 turns per Tesla Coil  diameter 1 ¼   inch    but 1 coil 2 turns extra  beacuase you want one end to be delayed so you get an offset on those spikes … you see `m on the osciloscoop.
1.02.50 On that coil we have 2 spikes, 1 above and 1 below now and we are getting very close now to the waveform that we`re wanting so ..
1.04  here we have an other wave shaping manouvre that is going to occur  and at this point what we want to do is round those spikes of   … we have a normal sine wave … we need to delay te time a little bit there  so that when it`s up at the top there that it`s gonna spread out in this top area and when we do that we end up with this type of thing. ..  now  we are at the wave form wher we can do something .. we`ve got 100 V and we`ve got the proper wave form .. now  we gonna set the freq.  And there is gonna be an other manouvre at this point  .. and basically this is wher we go back into the overunity thing …
we are going into a resonant iron core transformer system…  with amps etc  the primary winding part of the transformer is self resonant  ( maybe with cap in parallel ? ) 
1.09 parallel cap with primary winding for 60 Hz res freq.
1. 10    2 Tesla coils back to back 50 and 52 windings  the 2 windings extra give a delaying effect on the second spike … you get an offset on it  , it doesn`t matter which end  ..   they  are wound 1 cw  and second ccw .. that is part of the slowing down of the electrons  so that you end up with the wave form that you want

1.11.09 we are working with a  DC spike getting in and we want to get rid off the spike.        50 and 52 w  and the other coil is 20 w   for lowering the voltage   
1 uur 42  Coils  L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7

Happy New Year

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Donald Smith 1994 video
« Reply #8117 on: December 30, 2018, 01:39:17 AM »
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