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The Free Energy Party [US, UK, Canada, Croatia, The Netherlands, The Phillipines and India]

Who we are , what we do, what we stand for :

In the annals of recorded history there has never been a political platform that uplifted free energy and cures for diseases.

If you read the posts in this forum, you will understand why they go hand in hand.

Now enters The Free Energy Party, ushering in a new era, a golden renaissance, and a paradigm shift toward life more abundant.
This answer, with your help, is manifesting now through The Free Energy Party.

We are often asked can we get rid of money?
Each transition in society needs to not represent such a jerk and a shock that the public will not allow it, or that it has to be imposed by force.
If you tell everyone you are taking their money, you can not be elected.
Is the pulling back of the money supply what caused the Great Depression? Yes!

That 1% keep robbing all of our money and there is actually not enough money amongst the 99% to allow abundance and free exchange.
There were two presidents in history that simply broke all the rules and issued money amongst the people to stimulate the economy because there was an actual shortage of money to allow people to trade.
To get The Free Energy Party into the Whitehouse, the dramatic changes to our society will come, not by administrative, or authoritarian changes, but by redefining the money.
The Greed and hoarding of the 1% is akin to the last stages of a game of Monopoly.
However, if we change the rules, we are suddenly playing a different game.

Free Energy resists, if not precludes monopoly.

There are many types of free energy and there will, no doubt, be many devices competing with each other.
This will be great because each of them will free us from being controlled by Greed, giving us autonomy.

Moreover, they will redefine the money and force it to be reinvested into people markets, flowing the money back from the 1% to the 99%.

After this stage of history, we will be open to new and more adventurous answers like all barter communities based upon abundance rather than scarcity, and community rather than authoritarianism.

For now let us bring in life and life more abundant with Free Energy, Cures for diseases and Organic agriculture.
Let us throw monopoly control out of government.
Let us usher in a new golden era with no hunger, no war over oil and no scarcity!

Get in contact with us at :

Some of our inventors projects
1.Unity Generator [USA] ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W8ymwwdU0s [showing 3500% overunity when looking at PMDC [DC IN] and of PMAC generator [AC OUT]
2.Ozzog [INDIA] ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uw5qBslCftg [650W in and 900W out]

If you really want support then you should not be making false claims.  I challenge your claim of "3500 percent OU". Any such device should be easily capable of self-looped operation, but obviously the "Unity Generator" is not capable of running itself without depleting its big battery and coming to a stop.

If you want to submit that device for _REAL_ independent testing by competent laboratories and scientists, I can refer you to three different labs and groups that would be happy to oblige, with full IP protection, NDAs, and at no cost to your claimants at all. Of course... the results of such testing, pass or fail, will be made publicly available.

And of course, I predict that your claimants will never allow such real independent testing to occur. Feel free to prove me wrong, by submitting the devices for such proper testing.


I actually don't care much about your challenge as you are clearly incapable of understanding the video explanation, reading a transcript and making out it isn't connected to ANY battery but to mains at this point.

We are already in agreements with a independant lab AS i've notified about earlier.

I do not understand what your business is at all on a forum like this, as you are probably also stalking countless other threads where people are working their asses of on low mostly self-paid budgets in service for mankind.

I would suggest you remove your paid-off trolling self OFF this forum and let people with a REAL heart for others get some work done.
Take your -fight somewhere else please.

 We would be more than happy to help you get this out to the world ,
We Can offer you an independent 3rd party validation of your Device to" laboratory standards" at no cost to you whatsoever
with absolutely no strings attached ,as long as you are going to "release" it to the world [hope that's not a string  :) ]


I think part of the problem here is that anything associated with crowd funding is seen as a scam in many peoples eyes, so 'The free energy Party' is off to a very bumpy start in their efforts to convince  _REAL_ scientists that their claims are valid. Best approach is not to plaster it all over the FE forum threads until  _REAL_ independent testing by competent laboratories and scientists have validated the OU claim in writing.


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