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Canadian Free Energy Hoax Daniel Pomerleau

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went to see a Pomerleau Free Energy demonstration. Was disappointed.

Some crazy coils supposedly powering saws and lamps and stuff.

Pretty easy to do with basic electronics knowledge. Batteries can be hidden everywhere, even within the coils. Thing is, most people don't have the knowledge and it seems they WANT to believe.

Disappointing, to say the least and to say that the NASA, power utility, thousands of engineers etc all went to see his devices and nobody found out how they work, or how they COULD  work is an offense to any experienced electronics technician or engineer.

Don't waste your time on this one. It's just entertainment.

All his devices work on DC, his "free energy" voltage sources follow basic rules, like for example they have an internal resistance etc.

He hides batteries inside coils and anywhere where place is available. There are always two questions to ask: How long and How much? How much current for how long, if the calculated Wh fit anywhere inside his devices you have your answer. Nothing from outer space.

If you do the smart technician they get angry, Daniel and his protector Mario as well....

What a waste of time. They think we are all stupid.
For all his devices there is an explanation.

Why don't they build something that cannot be rebuilt by anyone else?

Found this:

and this:

How can you explain this one, there is no place to hide a battery and his device can run a small motor using only one wire connected.


and this one .....



--- Quote from: ElectricPirate on January 02, 2015, 07:42:16 AM ---How can you explain this one, there is no place to hide a battery and his device can run a small motor using only one wire connected.

--- End quote ---

Did you watch the second video I posted?

One wire doesn't mean there really is only one wire. You can use small gauge litze wire, like two insulated AWG 40 in one insulation sleeve. They would appear 1 wire to the naked eye. You would need a microscope to see them.

As for the battery, there is enough space to let a small hobby motor like the ones he uses run for hours with even the smallest button cells on the market.
The SR416 for example is 4.8mm in diameter and 1.65mm high.

Even if he doesn't use double hidden wires, there are ways to make his devices with currently existing technologies. Why would he limit himself to building these modules?

He even has modules where the load is completely separated from the switch like this one here:

Again, button cell inside the motor. He could use:
- a transmitter receiver combination
- an oscillator which reacts to an absorbing circuit nearby (like anti-shoplifting tags)
- small wire gauge along the edges of the plexiglass (but I don't think he did it this way)
- there is even conductive transparent material on the market

Why doesn't he just take a single LED and lights it up with two fingers? Would be more impressive.

I do not claim to know how he does it but they can be built using common techniques.

He won't let you examine the modules more profoundly. I found fake solder joints which didn't connect to anything, I found current flowing where he claimed there wouldn't be any current....

It just seems to be an occupation for Daniel. At the price they charge ($25) they don't make any money.

when  those devices work ? do they work only  when Daniel is touching them ?


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