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Author Topic: The Fuelless Engine! - Is it really working?  (Read 57097 times)

Offline darediamond

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Re: The Fuelless Engine! - Is it really working?
« Reply #15 on: January 06, 2017, 09:27:02 PM »
Aloha!! Can someone Email me the Plans for the "Fuelless Motor" So I do not have to Pay cash to find out it is a total Lie?

I mean lets cut to the Brass Tax!! Pretty much ALL of these try to claim they are the Perendev Plans for the Same Perendev we are all seeing on YouTube that is NOT Electro Magnets this Perendev like the muammer yildiz Magnet Motor!! This thing does NOT use electricity!! It uses the Repelling force of Magnets and I have seen about 4 Examples that WORK!!

Only thing is I tend to find the guys who have these working designs have a Secret way to Shield that Sticky spot which in turn allows them to get free spin NOT Sticking Magnetic Breaking system for a Cadillac!!

Im not sure what they are using but I know its real and a few people have made them!! I am currently working on a project with over Ten Thousand in Funding!! I simply do not want to WASTE It on Lies and Bologna Plans!!

When I say Bologna Plans I mean of Course Plans that Claim the Inventor figured out how to make the Perendev but could not get a patent so he decided to Sell you plans for a motor that he does not even use him self to avoid paying his power bill!! Very suspect!!

And while the Fact might be plans for a NON Working toy that you are left to get working.. That is not HONEST.. Honest is to give you plans to a prototype you Built and got to work!! Seems to me Inventors who COMPLETELY FAIL to get there product to work.. Try to make one last stitch effort to make momney by selling the plans to there failed motor claiming they did not market it because it worked TO good!!

All that being said can someone help me AVOID Spending money where I do not need to so my funds can go to the right things?

My Lab is currently working on TWO things!! Getting a Motor to run from HHO Alone which I KNOW Is possible!! And #2 Building a working Perendev!! Unlike Mr muammer yildiz's Motor we will not be trying to make it run 24/7 We just want one to Back up a Solar Energy Battery system!! Battery dies when there is No sun Magnet motor comes on!! Magnet motor gets to Hot, HHO System backs it up!!

Please send me Plans to the FUELLESS Motor and if Anyone has any plans that help with the muammer yildiz  design specifically help in the way of Magnetic Shielding!! I know the Bradly guy? The dude who went to Prison for Investment Fraud was LYING to other inventors abotu the Material he used for Shielding!!

So Im trying to get proper Shielding.. Im trying to Avoid the Lies and Fake Youtubes! My Email is PLEASE SEND me the Plans.. Specifically for the "FUELLESS Engine" Possibly the "Johnson Motor" And possibly this Ohter one with the Bike Wheel??

Heck send me what ever you got if its Good stuff!! I will report my testing HERE if you guys save me some Money on these stupid Plans!!!

Currently My Lab consists of over Ten grand funding,, A Machine shop capable of Building anything made of tool grade Aluminum and a LOT More!! I am also Recruiting so anyone who knows a great deal about HHO and or the muammer yildiz And or the 1983 Patent from Brazil for the Perendev!!

Also the one on Youtube that is Similar to muammer yildiz  except instead of tapping on it with a Hammer it has the Staters a big old C Clamp, when it closes the thing turns and that one Produces 8.5 KiloWatts!! Thats enough to power THREE Homes!!

Ok PLEASE.. And if you know a lot about these designes.. SPECIFICALLY The Earth Magnet Perendev Motor,, The muammer yildiz  Than I am looking for someone really good at this Magneticsa.. We currently have the Designer, the Machinest, fabricator we just need someone who has done a lot of testing and thinks they can figure out the Shielding secret!!
Forget Magnet Motor Make Axial ElectroMagmetic Integrated Motor Generator an Upgrade of fuelless Engine Model2 by my very self. You Must Apply Energy To Gain it or better say: ENERGY AMPLIFICATION BY IT OWN APPLICATION.

You need to apply High Voltage to make your Generator attain over unity. Without coil winding tweaking, if younapy high voltsge , you will be able to curb lenz!!

You do not need High Current to make a Super Powerful Electromagnet. You only need to make an High Capacitance High Voltage Coil. In Motionless Generator, you can drive such coil with Spark Gal but in Mechanical Gen, you need Copper Commutator as the Voltage you apply to your coil will determine the Speed Of The Rotor. Also, the type of magnet you used too as we as the Capacitive level of your coil. But in all, as to mechanical generator, High Voltage is the key.
The High the voltage, the higher the frequency and torque and the higher the frequency , lower the  input current becomes. So you need to use at least 2mm thigh wire to make your Alternator coils and use 0.30mm wire or lower to make a coil that can take high voltage. 0.3mm wire of 500g can under switching take up to 2KVDC if not more. So if you have 10 of that connected in series, your will need at least 15kvdc to power them all. And that will generates a super powerful torque and Speed. If you now use like 2 or better 4mm wire to wind your gen or alternator coils, your gen will be outputting Excessively high current at such High Speed.

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Re: The Fuelless Engine! - Is it really working?
« Reply #15 on: January 06, 2017, 09:27:02 PM »