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Author Topic: Produce diamonds  (Read 2578 times)

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Produce diamonds
« on: January 03, 2015, 10:21:07 AM »

Offline franco malgarini

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Re: Produce diamonds
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2015, 04:37:40 PM »
------------------------- PUBLISHED ------------------------ ------ E 'success in a U.S. laboratory and so', randomly, and 'also found a revolutionary production method TITLE: By mistake manufacture artificial diamonds -------------- --------------------- The so-called "discoveries by accident" are not so 'common in the history of science than you would believe. But when they occur, usually have a considerable impact. Just think of penicillin, the result of accidental contamination of a bacterial culture, or nylon, 's discovered by accident in the laboratories of Du Pont and quickly become a material which marked an' era. More 'recently, in a small metallurgical industry of Michigan someone "wrong" recipe for a traditional method of coating materials. And the chance would have oversight proves to be particularly successful: instead of the titanium film you want, in fact, the 'American company began churning out, cheaply, quickly and easily controllable, artificial diamond. 'S interest in the unknown factory began to arouse all of a sudden by some industrial giants, and, moreover, the U.S. armed forces, and' easily explained: if the technology will prove 'all' high expectations, in fact, could be able to revolutionize the production of objects more 'disparate. by machinery 's industry, engines, windows of tanks, to ships and even cans of soft drinks. Resistant to the 'all limits, as the best self-lubricating teflon, five times more' thermally conductive than copper, very transparent to light waves, and for more 'ultra-sensitive to sound, the diamond is undoubtedly the lion's share in every possible category. And, used as a patina coating, and 'able to confer these same qualities to objects that covers. Ball bearings, heavy-duty, long-life equipment, mechanical components wear and whole ships protected against rust are just a few examples. L 'idea of ​​creating films of diamond coating is not' some born yesterday. But, unfortunately, with the 'exception of some accessories specialist. cutting tools and abrasives. coated with synthetic diamond powder, the same hardness and dimensional stability 'which on one hand makes this crystal so' "desirable", have so far prevented the 'large-scale application: in other words, the deposition methods currently available do not allow you to create films that adhere adequately to 'object to be coated. As if that were not enough, procedures are extremely slow and expensive to boot. Tant 'is that most of its major industries have started to archive the CVD, chemical vapor deposition, which a decade ago had been hoping for a rapid development of the sector. The fortuitous discovery, made recently, would seem to eliminate precisely the drawbacks of the methods hitherto used, for the first time by opening the way for a real commercial use of that technology. "There 'is no doubt that this company' and 'able to cover all the diamond what' they want and can do quickly and in conditions that no scientist considered possible," 'was the comment on the New York Times Dr. Rustum Roy, head of the center of the diamond at Pennsylvania State University. The new method takes advantage of the crossed beams of four powerful lasers that scan the surface of 'object to be coated by creating local conditions of high temperature. Before converging on the surface are made to pass through a cloud of gas which, for the 'immense energy of the brush, light is transformed into plasma electrically charged. But while this paraphernalia was used by the companies' U.S. to coat objects of titanium using the 'nitrogen as inert gas, someone has wrong replacing a container of carbon dioxide in place of that of' nitrogen. Great, of course, the wonder in the laboratories of QQC of Dearborn, Michigan, when the treated objects turned out to be covered by a sparkling diamond-hard coating instead of the much more 'common titanium everyone expected.