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Hydrogen energy => Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation => Topic started by: raburgeson on September 22, 2006, 04:37:39 AM

Title: help I,m missing the point
Post by: raburgeson on September 22, 2006, 04:37:39 AM
I was firing a coil through water straight to ground. Frequency 533.33... the water seemed to have a shock wave traveling through it and no hydrogen was produced. I was hoping to observe an ether effect on the water and maybe I did? But no hydrogen production at all when I was so close to 600 hertz, I don't get what the circuit was showing me. 600 hertz has been mentioned by many along with 640 and 48200. I'm trying to decide if the water was stiffening in the waves flowing through it. The shock wave seemed to be traveling through the water about 2 times a secound, the reservoir was about 6 x 12 glass bread pan. The wave was very precisely the same speed going across the lenth. It was a clear line made by the water looking different, both sides were clear but, there was a definable difference and an observable sharp edge that I can only call a line. Don't think wave like a stone in the mud puddle type. Seen in direct sunlight, trying to think of everything to say so you can see this.    What was I supposed to learn from this?

I carefully inspected the stainless steel scrubing pads I used for elements for even a trace of a bubble, I am sure this exact circuit produced no hydrogen. I'm equally sure it produced some important information.
Title: Re: help I,m missing the point
Post by: raburgeson on September 22, 2006, 11:27:44 PM
Tesla used standing waves to solidify the aether to get the effect in his coil. I was trying to freeze the ether surrounding the water molecules to try to direct the energy in a concentrated form through the molecules in the water. By shock wave it looked like all motion in the reservoirm ceased, like everything completely stopped. I have to rebuild the circuit, I need to change the heat sink. I'm going to look at it again as soon as possible, but have no clue what is happening. For one thing I need to time the wave to find it's hertz. While remembering what I saw and trying to recreate it by hand motion in front of a clock I think it was about 2 hertz.

Well I may have to go to a different project, I ran a new circuit today, a low voltage high current one and had a problem with a running mouth and a peroxide taste. Running a previous circuit I got very sick (headache, metalic taste, and upset stomach), and spent around 5 hours in the hospital. There are many other projects that should bear fruit.