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life is illusion:
Hello everyone  :)

Here I show how to modify the motionless generator (Flynn concept) which was patented by Tom Bearden ( Patent number: US6362718B1). This modification will help this generator to go around Lenz's law and generate much higher power output. I hope you enjoy the vid. Please let me know what you think.

We here on Overunity have seen HUNDREDS of design "THEORIES" & "EQUATIONS" through the years that DON'T work.

Go ahead & build it, THEN post the results so we can see if it works or not.
If it works we will thank you & PRAISE you to the sky.

life is illusion:
Hey fatbird :)

So much anger ;) I'm not here to be admired or praised, just simply sharing and trying to learn :)
I started to post in here 3 days ago and I already see so much negativity and anger. Whats up in here? How many of "people" in here are normal people who try to learn and how many are the agents? ;) :D

Hi Life,

Thanks for posting your stuff. I've been  lurking in the forums for years, but it's only the past few months that i started posting in here and the resistance you encounter is something to be expected nowadays. You should browse the "News" section here and you'll see what I mean.

Anyways, I had experimented with Flynn concept couple years ago and it didn't work. The reason is LENZ law. Whenever I did try to switch the magnetic path to the other side  (using flip/flop system),  the CEMF prevents it from actually switching magnetic paths.

For a solid state system,  I think Flynn is not gonna be an easy thing to solve. The only way that I could think of to address this is to have a switching mechanism that turns on and fully turn off  (collecting BEMF in the process)  and then have the field switch to the other path.  Unfortunately, it required a more sophisticated electronics than i was willing to invest something like a microprocessor.

Cheers :)

life is illusion:
Hello Madeo :)

Thank you for commenting :) I totally understand what you mean, but the bypass that I have installed in this design in parallel with the pick up coil might solve this problem. When you are taking the N pole of magnet away, the upper part of solenoid will generate S pole which will try to suck the N pole back, but at the same time, the other side of coil will generate N pole which through the bypass will attract the generated S pole on the upper side of solenoid. We should also keep in mind that we have driver coils installed on the line to suck back the N pole. In case if this didn't work, I guess we can locate a diode on the solenoid which will only pick up the electricity generated by incoming N pole and when N pole is leaving, it keeps the coil open and no current will flow, thus no magnetic field will be generated to stop the N pole to move away :)
And about the resistance; Don't worry my friend, I am the real resistance, these guys are either idiots or payed agents trying to stop the positive change :D

Best Regards


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