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Oh yea,  i didn't realize you have a "bypass" path for the secondary coils.  It's similar concept to Thane Heinz transformer.  I watched it earlier with no audio and didn't see that you addressed the LENZ problem. Your theory is pretty good.

I saw a video some years ago that a core was built using Iron powder and resin mixed together.  I kept it in mind just in case. Your model  could be built using that process.

It will not work. why?

life is illusion:
Magnetic current will always take the shortest path, so N1 will go through solenoid core and not through the bypass. The exact moment when N2 is generated, IF it pushes the N1 towards the bypass, the N2 will die itself because its existence depends on the incoming N1. Thus The moment N1 goes towards bypass, the path of solenoid core will be free of resistance and N1 again will take the shortest path :) 

Build it now so we can see the results.  ;D

I am thinking thanes hanes bitoriod. I think his bit can be simplified by the second and third picture.

Oh man,  this thread has gotten me interested in Thane Heinz' bitoroid transformer. I have ignored it for years because I didn't think it was going to be a "free energy" device.  I considered it to be more of a super efficient transformer still with a COP <1. However, if this was applied with the Flynn concept,  it may have the potential to do something fun.. I love solid state devices. It's really my goal to build something along that line.

Update:  After analyzing your current design,  I think the magnetic field will bypass the secondary coils altogether since it will present a resistance due to LENZ.


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