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Author Topic: air latent heat scavenger based on controlled artificial precipitation  (Read 2287 times)

Offline kiwaho

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Kiwaho Lab of Energy & Ecology Inc. Canada proudly announces that we have invented a free energy modality that is partially take over the God' duty of precipitation in a regulated apparatus. The USPTO assigned a patent application numer to the invention: US 14/564,711.

It is well-known that condensation can release lots of latent heat. The water vapor's heat value is about 2.3MJ/KG, circa 5% of gasoline 47MJ/KG, but former free, latter expensive.

The most used method of condensation is cold condensation that means by heat exchanging between hot vapor and cold reservoir. However the cold reservoir is too greedy, it will eat all the generated heat.

The atmosphere is the most accessible heat reservoir. but pursuing a more cold reservoir for condensation is not economics, so cold condensation no big interest for air energy scavenging.

Chemically speaking, condensation is just to clustering single vapor molecule into big polymer-like molecule. The most stable liquid water molecule is 6H2O. In a sense, cold condensation is similar to cold fusion of nucleus, but far less powerful.

Although cold fusion is hard to reach, but hot fusion is more favored in nucleus research.

Is hot condensation possible like hot fusion? YES, IT DOES! The God use it every time when it is time to rain by hot lightening and thundering.

In hot condensation, no cold reservoir steal the latent energy away, all latent energy will be released in form of infrared radiation.
Lightening spark arc is the best trigger to glue vapor molecules together. We test it successfully.

The God is too heavy duty on precipitation. If mankind only replace 5% of the said God job, we don't need to dig earth for petroleum, and the God will be happy instead to complain us for thinning his job.

Controlled artificial precipitation inside energy machine will be done better than God's job because God will dump the latent heat to outer space and only return a small percentage to human beings. 

In 1968, 2 scientists experiments showed that vapor condensation will emit 5 major infrared photons: 1.54, 2.1, 2.5, 3.2, 4μm. The 1.54μm is equivalent to 1604℃, as well as 4μm = 450℃ by Wien's law. So the heat quality of condensation is very high.

Evapotranspirarion power plant:  We are going to build a demo project in a hydroponic greenhouses vegetable farm that will scavenge the vapor latent energy from plant evapotranspiration. Of course, this invention can be used anywhere provided air exists, but cropland or rural area have enough vapor sustainable supply. Our calculation shows that energy density is about 550KW/acre for cropland, it is more higher than PV(photoVoltaic) of 300KW/acre, and dirty cheap for vapor dome canopy made of transparent plastic film.
We seeking partnership or funding now! Support and boost this revolutionary technology for securing best ecology environment and free energy supply for everyone!

thank you!

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