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Author Topic: BMW to release 7-series hydrogen limousine in 2007  (Read 2591 times)

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Re: BMW to release 7-series hydrogen limousine in 2007
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2006, 03:58:51 PM »
If Oil Companies will not stop it !

as last 70 years .....

read : (source : Lyne)



I have in my files a list of over 200 patents for vapor
carburetors, granted between the 1920s and 1940. Many of these
carburetors were available to the public until 1940, from such
manufacturers as the Holly Carburetor Company. These companies
still have them in their files, and probably still possess prototypes
and production models of them. So why don't they start
manufacturing them again and sell them to us?

The Pogue carburetor was tested in 1935. A V-8 Ford coupe,
driven from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Vancouver, B.C. Canada, got
130 miles per gallon. The government grabbed the carburetor and
put it on the Sherman Tank, as WW II began. The tanks got 70
miles per gallon. Rommel's Afrika Korps ran out of fuel. After the
8th A.F. Ploesti (Romanian) oil refinery raid, the Germans resorted
to American "acetylene chemistry" to produce gasoline from coal,
but the Panzer Korps eventually ran out of fuel during the war.
Hence, the Pogue carburetor became a "national security secret",
denied to the public by extraordinary "national security" policies.
The pattern of using the government's national security measures to
unconstitutionally suppress the natural technological progress of our
people has never been broken, at least not yet.

In 2000 it was announced that three Japanese-made "gasoline-
electric hybrid" cars would hit the open market in 2001 (they are on
the road now). The oil companies made a pre-emptive strike,


fabricating an "energy crisis" in late 2000 to justify jacking up the
price of international and domestic fuels. They also manipulated the
markets and available energy resources to fabricate the "California
energy crisis". This 'crisis' and the artificial increase in the price of
Arab crude (the OPEC cartel was an invention of the international
importers, not the Arabs, who only do what they are told), were
used to excuse the sudden abandonment of the "conservation of our
national resources"?a major issue back in 1973?incredibly, to
support the continued suppression of domestic production in favor
of importation of foreign crude, right in the middle of another
(artificially-created) "fuel crisis"!

Domestic oil production has been suppressed since WW II in
favor of the large?mostly Rockefeller-owned?international oil
importers from sources in South America, the Middle East,
Indonesia, etc. The oil-importers were able to get our government
to limit domestic U.S. oil production, so they could buy cheap
foreign oil and sell petroleum products domestically at artificially
high prices at the expense of independent domestic producers, who
were restricted to limited production. In Texas, in the '60s, the
"five-day allowable" meant that domestic independent producers
could pump crude oil only five days per month. Meanwhile, the
international oil importers?which also owned plenty of domestic
mineral deposits?still had their foreign oil coming in every day of
every month without restrictions, so only the public, domestic
independents and oil workers were harmed by the illegal and
unconstitutional denial of income.

It is pertinent to note that, while we ordinary citizens are
denied the fuel-saving carburetors, the oil companies ship their
crude in giant, long, narrow tankers which exploit a highly efficient
nautical principle, using ships with proportionally long hulls to move
the crude from foreign locations to the coastal American refineries
of the Rockefeller companies with the greatest efficiency. When it
came to saving HIS money, John D. Rockefeller really didn't mess
around, but he made certain that the U.S. government prohibited us
from practicing the same kind of frugality.


In 1967, before the 1973 "fuel crisis", the government began
to require special equipment on new automobiles for use in
America. One of these devices was the catalytic converter. So what
does a catalytic converter do? A catalytic converter contains
"activated carbon"?impregnated with a catalyst, such as "platinum
black" (platinum oxide) or "palladium black" (palladium
oxide)?which converts hydro-carbon gases or liquids to carbon
dioxide (CO2), on contact. Hydro-carbon gases and liquids are fuels,
which can be used to run your engine.

CO2 is a fire extinguisher, especially for hydrocarbon fuel fires.
If you put the hydrocarbons in the vapor state, from your gas tank,
into a carburetor vacuum intake, it will help to run your engine. If
you put CO2 into your carburetor vacuum intake, it will partially
"extinguish" the combustion in your engine, and rob you of gas
mileage. So why does the U.S. government require auto
manufacturers to install mandatory catalytic converters on your car,
which convert usable, raw hydrocarbon vapor fuel from your gas
tank, and CO (carbon monoxide) "blow-by" from your crankcase,
into a "fire extinguisher", then put that fire extinguisher into your
carburetor to interfere with the combustion in your engine, and rob
you of gas mileage? And why did it require the manufacturers to do
that in 1967? Because the oil companies wanted it to.

FREE ENERGY SURPRISE - ?1997, Wm. R. Lyne$10.00 -ISBN 0-9637467-5-8

To order this technical report send $10.00 plus $2. shipping and handling to Wm. Lyne,
Creatopia?, Cerro Circle 31 -B, Lamy, New Mexico 87540. For more information call or fax