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Author Topic: What To Look For When Selecting Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light  (Read 694 times)

Offline hyewindturbine

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Wind and solar hybrid street light is a system that combines wind turbines and solar panels as power generation components, which together charge the energy storage batteries to power the corresponding LED street lights at night, referred to as "wind and solar hybrid street light".


Wind-solar complementary street lights can make full use of solar energy to irradiate solar panels on sunny days and wind energy on rainy days and at night. The two complement each other to produce a large amount of electricity, which is stored by the solar cells to meet the lighting needs at night. The controller maintains the battery overcharge and over discharge, and manages the light source on and on time.


The structure of the wind-solar hybrid street light complementary street light consists of a wind turbine, an integrated solar street light, a fan control system, a light pole, and an embedded section.


What to look for when selecting Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light?
Selection of wind turbine
A solar street light wind turbine is the landmark product of wind-solar complementary street lamps, the key of fan selection is to make the fan run smoothly. The lamppost is a cable tower without a position. It is most careful that the fixing parts of the lampshade and solar support are loose due to the vibration of the fan during operation. Another main factor of fan selection is its beautiful appearance, lightweight and reducing tower load.


Design of optimal configuration of the power supply system
To ensure the lighting time of Solar and wind-powered street lights is an important index of a street lamp. As an independent power supply system, the wind turbine powered street lights can be used from the selection of street lamp to wind turbine.


There is a problem of optimal configuration design for the capacity allocation of solar cells and energy storage systems, which needs to be combined with the natural resources of the place where the street lamp is installed.


Strength design of lamp pole
The quality of Solar and the wind-powered street light pole is the same as the flange length, width, and height, whether the welding is single-side welding or double side welding, and the diameter is large.


light pole, wall thickness, surface treatment method (spray paint, plastic spraying, fluorocarbon paint spraying, whether the whole hot-dip galvanizing, etc.),

The selection of steel, surface polishing, and so on are closely related.


According to the capacity and installation height requirements of the selected wind turbine and solar cells, and combined with the local natural resources, the intensity of the lamp pole should be designed to determine the reasonable lamp pole and structural form.


Generally, the stability of the lamp pole should be considered first, because the wind complementary solar street lamp adopts the top installation of fans, then solar panels, and then lamps. If the lamp pole is not used way of the thick arm and large lower opening will cause the overall resonance of the fan in the process of rotation.