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Author Topic: Food for Thought: Our World  (Read 253273 times)

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #630 on: December 15, 2019, 08:57:39 PM »
Good question, populism ie. trumpism seems to be on the rise globally and with it a complete disregard for facts, the rule of law and human rights. People have made there choices and our choices have consequences in the real world. As such they have made there choice to act barbaric and my choice is not to disclose free energy to empower them at this time.

You see, if we want to produce advanced technology we need to think on an advanced level. For example I do not recognize any country per se and consider myself an Earthling first and foremost. I do not recognize your false beliefs, religions or non-facts and consider myself as a "being" not unlike many others in the universe. Not better, only different, so one can move beyond all the barbaric behavior we see on this planet and evolve as a being.

My plan for change is considering a move to a Nordic country who seem to be the most progressive and happiest people on the planet. Free health care, education, elderly care, low unemployment and very low crime rate. Life is about quality not the quantity of our material possessions which is a fools game. Understand all of the richest countries are poor in my eyes because they possess nothing of real value I require.

You cannot help these people Chet because they cannot help themselves and do not even know who they are or what they believe. Help yourself, live your life, be your own person and try to have a little fun while you can.

"... a move to a Nordic country ....."

Canada  ?  Specific Parameters Index-Ranking Nr. 1

Not more FIRST
Next possible Ranking -Index : Canada Position 10

also here not more FIRST

Next possible Ranking -Index : Canada Position 10

Not countries but City-Index :

Are these paper-/media-rankings important. ?

For own country life standart comparison or as a moving/emigration motive/argument. ?

Did Gaugain, before his journey to Tahiti reed "world life quality"- indicies. ?

Was he glad in his new " home" ?

Is it the "head-mind" or is it the" body" from which so many people wants to escape and emigrate  global !?
I read my personal related rankings :
as german, place,( with the East-Germans as Handicap each country in our world would ......  ;) )

resident in Portugal
 and borned in Casablanca/Marokko 123.rd place.

Clearly, climate and language related, also the 122nd .position, CABO VERDE, Mindelo the Capital home-town from Caesare Evora and one century before one of the richest cities in their time global. !

No Names, No Ranks, NoTitles : as decision base

We have also" most expensive countries"-rankings :
"the cheapest countries"- ranking

Can somebody search for me the world-ranking position from the Vaticano and the ATHOS-Republik. ? ;D

Offline seychelles

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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #631 on: December 16, 2019, 03:22:21 AM »

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #632 on: December 16, 2019, 03:01:25 PM »
By the  german estate fixed monrhly/daily "human child maintenance" costs :

          INDIVIDUAL,high profit       369-479 EUROS monthly. or 12- 15,7 EUROS daily

          GROUP,non profit            organized   CHILD-VILLAGES costs

                                                               31 EUROS       monthly   or.   1 EURO daily

                          All inclusive "children sponsorship"

                                                               Senior "home place"
                     INDIVIDUAL,high profit.  3800-4000 EUROS monthly.      or    125 EUROS daily

                                                    " Olds sponsorship"- community


                    GROUP,non profit.                                  EUROS monthly.     or        EUROS daily

                                                            WISH VERSUS DEMANDS

                                 OLDS  care/" maintenance" for 310 EUROS MONTHLY or 10 EUROS daily
                              Means 10 TIMES MORE for "seniors/Olds" than for " juniors/youngs" !
                                                        Un-/FAIR. ? PRO/CONTRA ARGUMENTS
                                                 and decision and later EXECUTION

Offline Raycathode

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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #633 on: December 16, 2019, 03:30:03 PM »
Hi there, I my self would use the word 'creator' because of men twisting history  ;)
And the love bit how about unconditional love and acceptance of others? ;)

I didn't say join them or do there dirty work  8)

Happy days 
« Last Edit: December 16, 2019, 09:31:15 PM by Raycathode »

Offline sm0ky2

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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #634 on: December 16, 2019, 04:15:11 PM »
Acceptance of others is a wonderful thing
and an essential part of social interaction.
Accepting their deities can be troublesome.....

I promote the implementation of Myth Bucks on the front porch.
That way when I invite my neighbors over
They can hang their god(s) at the door.

Offline onepower

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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #635 on: December 16, 2019, 08:14:24 PM »
Religion like politics is well enough until the real facts and beliefs come out.

As we speak most U.S. republican senators have said they don't care about the facts concerning Trumps criminal activity. In effect they have said they don't care about there oath to there country or the constitution or the rule of law. Apparently the senators intend to become criminals like there master and foresake there country.

Which begs the question... would you vote for these senators knowing they had the intent to forsake there oath and the constitution?. You see now were talking fraud and the senators have become criminals like Trump by there own admission. Not democrat or republican, just criminal.

What a joke and the U.S. has become a tin pot dictatorship in the eyes of the world. You see, all these grandious beliefs and opinions out there seldom hold up to scrutiny once the real facts come out.

The U.S. is now on my no fly list and my companies will do no business or source materials from them. I have integrity and I have choices, the world is a big place.

Offline ramset

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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #636 on: December 17, 2019, 04:14:53 AM »

IMO Utilizing this open source FE forum for political topics to attempt to divide the membership, support Chaos and stifle build discussion beyond weird .
and to think that any figurehead leader propped up on the world stage could have any autonomy from the string pullers ??even weirder.
divide and conquer .....its in the play book.
for a person who has no interest in open sourcing FE technology sure keep busy ...doing other things.


Offline lancaIV

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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #637 on: December 17, 2019, 12:36:17 PM »
Chet, when I am hungry or thursty political discussion - with myself - or others does not resolve my feel and needs. !
Based by this idea :
I think we need a supplemental CHALLENGE project about " food-water-waste" as community/individual low cost " autonom for  local living service package"  !
Such "autark living" - boxes or gives us a  VIEW and in their material/concept/schema details "a WAY" how comfortable ecologic living can become realized in future ,

clearly - the habitant-numbers related- in greater " boxes" also called " house/home".
And each one lives in his specific climate area.And each one has his "genetic specific profile" which differs from " NORM :" human" : m./f./t./....
Political-philosophical we should treat us " as same" , from biological and medical and philological standpoint each human is a special  different " higher/lower" - case !

One of the greatest"human development" barriers :

land and the/his( in other languages view : her/it )owner-ship !

In many countries the catholic church-community is the greatest land-owner. !

By their own religious philosophy the church could do more for social and ecological human development ,but we know for example from the catholic populated Federation of Brazil,that also and even  a great movement from hundreds of thousands of members ".... sem Terra"/ ..... without land" can NOT change Confederation administration ( Ex -Pres Lula and his Partido dos Trabalhadores" included) and Church administration their " feudal view from above" - habit. !

BTW : Marx-Engels wrote in their Prospekt " Kom Mani " the term "PROLET(ARIER)" not "PLEBEJER" all over the world ,unite or release "yours" !
Plebs/plebejer is the " peuple/people/poebel"class from PATRICIA standpoint,the servants
Proles = die Landlosen," sem Terra" ,without land = without Titles and Names
In the "Heilige Roemische Reich Deutscher Nationen" this class was not defined official as " slaves" but as                       
With body-alimentation rights and their owner up to 24 hours per day serving obligation, dynastic.
Many tried to escape from their "Body-Lord" life-prison to " free cities = FREIE REICHSTAEDTE".

The " nobody"- society part since the greecian-hellenestic time :

their Athenae/Attica Federation DEMOCRACY has been served by slaves  ::)
 " vereint euch! " "vereint Euch! " "vereint EUCH! ". is never the same intellect demand by social classificat             

A great intellectual difference,important for the "Kom Mani" = volonte generale context understanding !A Testament is also a " volonte" : the last WILLE

And we know : analphabets reads very much economy and social philosophy related books/ literature. !

And understand clearly " latin language terms" and their different meanings. !
They ,the analphabets, understand royal romano-imperial Germania-EMPIRE "(FREI-)HERREN= english royal "SIR" thinking ( as minimum) over all times included franco- gotic written Codices rights/obligation and later the constitutional modernization by the French National-Konvent.

And they can differ economical and social and ethical life standards from 1848 view to 2019 view and back.

An estatal/clerical land rent up to "75/99- years rent contract "-FUNDS could make a great CHANGE. !
" land leasehold contract"/-s
( after Napoleons catholic church patrimony saecularisation in some european countries much church land was later " 99 years-leased"  !  = social ownership ,german : SOZIALEIGENTUM, not owned by individuals but estate F/Volk ownership = VOLKSEIGENTUM

And a sqm land -ownership restriction/limit  per habitant,rich or poor !
And no land in ownership of profit- companies  !

And ZERO CREDIT for land buy. !
This is not parl(i)ament-[translates in German : ( freie) GEWISSENSAEUSSERUNG]
political communism-socialism,this are the classical rules,which we find written n the Church and Religion Constitution/-s.

And also a MUST/DEMAND: the  REPAY !



This does not really interest me I give away the romano-catholic church community membership 1987.
But I observe the catholic religion orientation their change( now: since 2000 p.c. more Arianus-/ Assisi like than Nazarener)
                               CREDITSYSTEM-SERFDOM ECONOMY I remark since the 80' : in the G7

The Green-Media-Project and well organized CLIMATE Hype -Girl makes part of it :

               FAKENET. SOCIETY  ;D
« Last Edit: December 17, 2019, 10:59:24 PM by lancaIV »

Offline sm0ky2

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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #638 on: December 17, 2019, 10:11:30 PM »
The problem we face is not a lack of energy,
Or an inability to develop low cost energy....

The problem is the Economics of energy as a resource.
The sheer volume of currency rotating around the energy sector
prevents any viable energy tech from ever reaching the market.
Deflation deters investment.
There is a much lower profit margin on a cheap product
than there is with a high-priced commodity.

We already have a viable technology that can produce infinite free energy
From the heat of the Earth’s Core. No pollution, and in a closed cycle, no waste.
The same people that fight against Geothermal Tech, claiming it will cool the earth
are the same people that create taxes to prevent global warming.

The energy investors control which companies can expand, who can run heavy advertising campaigns,
who has R&D capital.
They influence legislation, such as hazardous waste taxes that keep solar prices high,
They control market prices through investments to balance the petro-electric-dollar.

If free energy is to ever come to our society,
It won’t be for sale. It will be something we teach to our children, our neighbors,
Something truly free, that they cannot take away from us.

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #639 on: December 17, 2019, 11:32:53 PM »
smokey, energy is relatively affordable  !
Many do not controle their financial sectors in their own countries !

Observation from the loan-to-value ratio shows f. e.  Germany that the REAL ESTATE  markets have now financial
JUNK-LEVEL reached. !
The marketprice/object value 500% in average over-buyed.

Ergo: also the financing banks and assurance companies

Offline sm0ky2

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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #640 on: December 18, 2019, 01:07:53 AM »
smokey, energy is relatively affordable 

Well I am glad that Germany figured it out.

Here in America, we still pay an arm and a leg for electricity
and gasoline, natural gas....

It needs to be free.
There is no other sustainable option for our human future

Offline kajunbee

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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #641 on: December 18, 2019, 02:36:15 AM »
LancaIV , what is cost per kWh in Germany. A google search says the first half of 2019 it was 31 eurocents per kwh. I don't know if anyone in the United States pays that much.  In the area where I live it cost a touch over 9 cents per kWh.

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #642 on: December 18, 2019, 12:41:04 PM »
kajunbee,"..... what is cost per KWh in .....", is a not defined question and need to be defined  !

When we think in "energy costs" and now specific electricity, we know that we do not go to the next market and fill "1 KWh" in a plastic box or plastics-sack !
To get electricity by a provider there is a need from a grid system.
(in future the electric cars e-load-station can be also used as private household battery-/capacitor-set e-provider)

This grid-system costs you find as price(value !?) increase of"urbanized plots" !
Between 1sqm "not urbanized" ~ "rural" land and " urbanized land" there are more than 10000% price increases.
1 Euro for 1 sqm  mobile living units to 100 -1000 Euros per sqm  for "conventional construction codes" plots  !
Most people do not calculate the full electricity price in " all inclusive" manner and thinking. !

Then the professional installation from outside to your house  !

Then the monthly fix costs in the electricity bill for grid maintenance et cetera. !

At last for each used Ampere-hour which by average alternating Voltage/tension in AC-grids gives your KWh-bill price.,the "tariffs/prices scale"  !

There is an electricity b2b and a b2c market,the second is the private household related- in average 300% b2b price level- market ,in some countries liberized and in others by only one estatal/public energy provider served !

"relatively"cheap is not.     " por gratia/ costs-free " :

3000 KWh /p.a.~ 250 KWh p.m  grid-electricity 4 habitants household a 30 €cents in Germany

by 3000 € monthly all-included-household income per month : 75 EUROS/3000 EUROS. =  2,5%

Let us change the above "grid-provider"- condition to E.U-in situ/in place= own micro-grid system- future program :

3000 KWh/p.a.~ 250 Wh pm x average10 € cents SELF-generation costs : 25 EUROS/3000 EUROS = 0,833 %

So when we think and write/speak about lower DIRECT energy/electricity costs per private household we are in a

( for this given example )

    By 5 €cents SELF-generation costs :

   12,5 EUROS/3000EUROS ~ 0,42% AFTER to  75 EUROS/3000 EUROS= 2,5% BEFORE

The "FREE ENERGY"-technology is an advanted method for autonom and mobile living households,whose does not have to pay for increased " urbanized plots/grid-infrastructure costs and these service serving personal costs" !
In Germany a part from the costs is as EEG an estatal tax/tributation.
When smOkey2 wrote about U.S.-american electricity prices/costs he did not remarked the average U.S.-b2b-electricity costs/prices :

                                                          in average 5,5 $cents/KWh

And this equals the first target : UScents to €cents = 5 EURO-cents/KWh SELF-generation on-demand electricity

"relatively cheap" also the "conventional household" to " intelligent household"
        KWH- electricity consume/costs comparison  in mind :

      BEFORE : UP TO 18 KWh PER DAY.    to AFTER : 3 KWh PER DAY ( + solar heat energy/gas owen et cetera)

And : the "0,8 KWh electricity consume per day" publicated minimum eco-living  "provocation" ::)

But : beside electricity there is also the use of " heating oil/gas-oil" or natural gas and this are then the

"Total households energy costs + car/-s fuel" which will get in future in Germany cause CO2- certification costs
from 10 EUROs /ton CO2 to 55 EUROs/ton CO2  2025 a political price increase :

In smOkey's confederation they have cheap energy resources :
 2020 estimated 2,45 USD per million British units shale gas price means.
2,45 USD/293 KWh ~ 0,85 USD-cent/KWh or
                                   14,45 USD per barrel crude-oil-equivalent shale gas market price

                                    EXPENSIVE OR CHEAP ( without CO2 certificate costs)

With cheap co-generation plants the U.S.- industry can today generate by self-organizing in situ for the same/lower price than actual their electricity provider. !               

This will hold the U.S. electricity b2b prices for long time ( shale gas and nuclear electricity price dependent) down       

Offline ramset

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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #643 on: December 18, 2019, 03:15:01 PM »
NE USA turnkey out the wallet costs Elec + support system .31 KWH [+ whatever extras surprises can be sneaked in]
@ Smokey
I agree sunshine or oxygen FE should cost the same [if harvested from ambient],if they want to Tax to keepstability be it.

no more burning stuff to grow the planet.

Offline kajunbee

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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #644 on: December 18, 2019, 03:59:25 PM »
Good morning lancaIV, thanks for the informative reply.