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Author Topic: Food for Thought: Our World  (Read 276135 times)


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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #570 on: August 13, 2019, 05:59:19 AM »
How much worse will he craziness in our World become?


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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #571 on: August 13, 2019, 02:05:48 PM »
"the glassy one"-technology will change our society and many humans their relationships
Searching and developping : the truth without " blocked" emotions

"Hidden mind" to "open mind"-TV without lie-possibility
         " Parents controles per scan their child/-s"
        " Child/-s controle/-s per scan their/his parents"
        " Wife controles per scan her husband" and vice-versa

        " Teacher controles per scan his pupils "
        " Pupil/-s controle/-s per scan his/their teacher"
        " Buyer controles per scan the seller " and vice-versa
        A 100% 24/365 self-controle society : our future - in Lab development !

       Anymore limits : scanning judges, Presidents, Patriarchs, Parlamentarians
      A " clean" relationship society


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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #572 on: August 13, 2019, 07:03:21 PM »
There is not a need for "revolution" but a need to pay back debits  !
Working with MBA-tools up to v.Weizsaecker " eternal tax law" :
has the US "new finance system"- designer anything more durable than " eternal = eternity " ?

Is the Petro-dollar well guaranted and worth covered  ?
1 barrel oil KWh worth aequivalent - CO2- tax :   
                                                                                        +- 10 €

1972 ,Lisbon/PT - international meeting : theme "Euro-Dollar"

In the seventees the E.C.-  european " virtual" currency was the E.C.U.( short phonetical : aeque )
 for Eurpean Currency Unit

Raider Soros and other hedgefunds-manager crashed this "virtual" unit and explored millions of disemployment in GB,Spain and Portugal.
Since 2002 for some E.U.-members the EURO as common "virtual" currency.
The Vizegrad-estates are intelligent enough not to become EURO-member-treat prisionized.

         Who wins needs loosers


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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #573 on: August 13, 2019, 09:02:41 PM »
The situation is very clear:


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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #574 on: August 13, 2019, 09:24:56 PM »
Lux, Nominativ: the light
ferre : to carry
fer : the carrier~ ferry

It can be Venus/Females, it can be Satanus/Sheitan/Diablo/ Teufel/ ,it can be nice

Lucifer " Jeffrey Epstein "- Ring/Circle -Investigation :
Suspect : the Queen her son Prinz Andrew
                  the Ex-President Bill Clinton
                  the actual President Donald Trump

                  and many more

Panama-papers, wikileaks, swiss banks international clients-CDs
China, Mao-Aera : the  kids mandated their parents to concentration camps.  ::)
                                  :o No, not all, only XY millions !  ;)


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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #575 on: August 24, 2019, 01:37:12 AM »


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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #576 on: August 24, 2019, 01:56:54 AM »
That's what it looks like now, during it's birth.

Mr. Roddenberry gave us a big clue what it will look like in the future.


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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #577 on: August 24, 2019, 02:19:17 AM »
Dog-One, you've dunnit again!! :) 8)

The Borg is what it (our home) has been trance-formed into.

The coming next few years should be a real doozy.


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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #578 on: August 24, 2019, 08:43:05 AM »
The Borg is what it (our home) has been trance-formed into.

The coming next few years should be a real doozy.

You won't find any association here with the dreaded Z,
but the similarities are unmistakable.

Quote from: Borg

You will be assimilated.


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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #579 on: August 25, 2019, 12:35:34 AM »
The Darkness is being lit up.


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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #580 on: September 05, 2019, 05:46:54 AM »
Quote from: Don-One
...the similarities are unmistakable.

Indeed they are!

The Debt Machine

The U.S. Empire's fall will be swift and sudden

The Cloward-Piven strategy


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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #581 on: December 05, 2019, 03:51:36 PM »
a contribution from a Blogger with a good heart and an open mind//

//.and here a new member with an interesting summary on how to move forward with Change.
from here


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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #582 on: December 08, 2019, 01:11:48 PM »
fluere ~ streaming / "panta rei"
We were babies,later teens and tweens : junex ~ young/juniorand now we are becoming.                      :  senex ~ alt/eld/old  senior ( " senil" ::) ,vergreist)

fluere fluente ~ the stream/der Fluss ( des Wassers,der Zeit) to influence

Two movies - science + fiction - in the early 80' influenced my thinking and behaviour and humans view and observation :

"Zardos " with Sean Connery and another movie about which I never more saw or read about it :

an Hollywood- movie from - I estimate- the 1960'thies ,in which an IT-scientist constructed in his home a "Supercomputer"( "super-" as view from the 60') and this computer becoming aggressive in his kind and violate the scientists his wife whose later did born an "hybrid": a "Computer-Kid",the first fictive Men-Machine "in artistic presentation".

From Latin the infinitive "putere" ~ german : setzen,stellen,legen  = 4d positionieren
and the action "cum putere" we now use the international expression " COMPUTER".

Searching about "Evolution and Eugenik"(Darwin/Galton/Freud/Froebele/Jung) we observe and note the research and development results :
Conventional  "learning/education" to super-/ultra-learning velocity and quality

More than ten years before in the news : an eleven years "-kid" with absolved school and university " diplom",actually in the Netherland about a nine years old "-kid" in Eindhoven with "bachelor"  already
Shall we with better "quantum learning method" diminuate the education time of pupils/students from average
12 years basic/secondary/high school and average 5 years (10 Semester)  = 17 years university study to totally 5

years maximum "life school/school life"visit with general 5/4/3,....years old"cadets" entrance. ?
With 5/4/3,... years + 5 years ( maximum!) and 10/9/8,.... years bachelor-ready  ?
Less costs for the parents. !

 tele-school/college/university. : not going to school, the school comes to the pupils - by wifi

But do then the "adult kids" leave home and goes to ( commercial) work or get married and.....  ?!
The parents for the rest of their life being alone  !? Abandonated  ! Freedome to the"new youth  " !
But does the "youth" not also becoming/wants to become old/parents and do it also want to becoming abandonated. ? Actio-Reactio-Actio-Reactio-...... Evolution time-line

Ouantum computering : 10000 years to 200 seconds"
one specific "question/problem/case" tempus need diminuation by parallel and seriell operator( Laplace ) processor work combination

Sparta and his society: shall the youth -in general- become divorced from the olds. ?

The youth education method in future general ,from "externato" to temporal/temporary"internato" :
science+ R&D villages like "pathfinder villages" or

                        QUANTUM LEARNING : 10 years conventional ( unmotivated) ~ motivated 1 MONTH  ?

                         QUANTUM FACTOR :    Ultra-learning factor x motivation factor x concentration factor

Splitting the society in " Junior Republik" and "Senior Republik" ? By equal rights and obligations. ?
With 11/9/8/7/... having the education ready :

comparing with official " legal age" ,in general: 18 years( some coutries allows soon ,partial,with14/ 16 years these "18+-"limitation !
                 Youth laws/obligations.           Adults laws/obligations

                     RIDICULOUS  LAECHERLICH 


                                                        PRIMAT OF OUR NEAR FUTURE :


Th Past - The Presence - The Future : is based by solely one timeline : for all Earth habitants

Shall each couple, later probably parental, before the birth of their first/probably only child/"-kid" not organizebefore the child/"-kid" his birth a { "SELF"/AUTONOM LIFE - unit }  ?
A "SELF- type living box for 1000 Euros/unit. ?
Reference : jovoto 300 US$ house
Energy and water generator lease

It would be the modern answer to wrong ancient behaviour/individual treat  and in total conformity to the E.U. future program :
Nearly Zero.              Net Zero                 Zero  ex-/im- port economy :

24/365 " in situ " = local orientation in  living and production ,use,recycling/refurbishing and resuse

                     LOOK GLOBAL AND WORK LOCAL FOR

                      AUTONOMY( from the monetary system f.e)

Concentrate all known industrial production skillsand steps in one machine : 4d ap-/re-/plicator

by scanning and  digitizing movements .
Scanning and digitizing materials
Scanning and digitizing professional skills.
Synthetizising the Nature potential 100 percentum = 1/1
Cloning "NATURE II"

Actually the market worth of "academic skills" global is decreasing to legal and acceptable values ,
the global  academies professional skills acceptable by confessional laws/rules and orders

for transforming this to " neuronal machine skills".
From human cerebral " neuro-transmitter" to industrial " neuro-transformer".

"QUANTUM C.N.C. AGE" versus "PRIMATEN AGE" velocity change :

construction time of international standart family homes :  6 hours average

(Conventional) demolition     time of international standart :  5 minutes average

Without (GENF/EVE) KONVENTION demolition faster : Hiro-Shima/Yokohama velocity fast ~ plasma torch

The cristian/christliche U. S. A.  citizen says ( probably)                                 

                     IN GOD     WE TRUST

Alternatively each educated U.S.A. citizen says - by same ethical value and meaning dignity -   

                    IN ALLAH WE TRUST

THE U.S.A. : an ALLAH Confederation                       or DIEU                       or DIOS                       or DEUS                       or IO                       or  IODTH

The US President Donald Trump,the Clintons, Frau Doctora phy. Angela Merkel, Mister President Putin, le President Macron ,the E. U. President von der Leyen :
              they all TRUST IN ALLAH



 ALLAH.  IST GOTT/GOD/D'IOS ....... vormals IOPITER.     oder           GOTT/GOD/D'IO'S/........  IST ALLAH

By simple intelligence and OEKOMENE I have no sentimental barrier to declare- translating :
as same


                               HIRNTOTE, MOTIVTOTE ,VOTIVTOTE

Natuerlich steht es immer in meiner persoenlichen Macht zu denken ( periodisch) :
 Welch MIESES "opus (deii) " ! MISZGEBILDETE KREATUREN ALLWEIT  ! Hier, zurueck, verbessern  !




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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #583 on: December 08, 2019, 10:29:23 PM »
The Cloward-Piven strategy

Interesting link, I like this comment,
How long more will native Whites put up with the abusive behaviour and parasitism of our minorities?.

First, there were no white people native to North America and globally white people were always a minority. In my opinion the real problem isn't this white nationalist bs being peddled but the fact many white people have become narcissistic. In the real world your education, what you know and what you can do in reality matters more than the color of your skin. In this respect we white people are falling behind and the U.S. educational system has become a joke. China has more honor role students than the U.S. has students and within 20 years China will be the new world superpower and the dominant currency.

The main reason China is going to steam roll right over the U.S. in my opinion is because there religion is education and hard work. They tend to be more humble and do not think they are superior because of the color of there skin or imaginary gods. They work harder, faster and longer than we do and complain about it less. Obesity in America is 40% and in China it is 5%, China has 1/4 the debt and it's GDP is expected to surpass the U.S. within 5 to 10 years.

I can't say I like it any more than anyone else here but those are the facts and facts always overrule opinion's and beliefs. It also begs the question... if socialism is as inferior as most believe then why are we about to get get our asses kicked by China?.



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Re: Food for Thought: Our World
« Reply #584 on: December 10, 2019, 02:49:21 PM »
There are known international projects and programs, which mandates about the future of all "United Nations"-members, beginninng with the specific NGO- PROGRAMATIK,this NGO known in german language as "lateinsch katholische Kirche"-(ngemeinschaft)  with 1,3 billions members and their demand : " DEIN REICH KOMME, DEIN WILLE GESCHEHE".
GODESTATE or also denominated  from E.U.-member Malta their catholic citizens language perspective :

                                                                ALLAH-ESTATE,in german : GOTTESSTAAT
Taking from Physics Dr.Albert Einsteins "A.R.T.  and S.R.T. " definition and equalizing the method to economy :
S.= individual.    A.= geral/social/common/allgemein

also the Physics expression and definition " Entrophy" with economical :  " proliferation " and "demography evolution"

observing the demographic and technological  evolution stage international
60% from all E. U. A.( luso-phonic : Estados Unidos da America( do Norte) -confederation
 ~/equals total population from Portugal + Espanha +France+Italia

and doing the Paretto-Minimum/Maximum question :

U. S. A.  total population 300 millions habitants

Below 60% US population ~ 180 Mio. : <  1000 $  LIQUIDITY

? Below 60-70%US population  ~ 30 Mio. : > 1000 $ /< ?
? Below 70-80% US population ~ 30 Mio :  > ? / <  ?
? Below 80-90% US population ~ 30 Mio : >  ?/  < ?

Comparing patrimony liquidity with life costs :
: 1 month "old people's home" service costs : 3800 - 4000 EUROS = 45600 - 48000 EUROS per year           
              translates from EURO[-DOL(L)AR ] to US-Dol(l)ar              ( Euro-Dollar as currency term and theme ; project-meeting 1972 in Lissabon)

     In average 50000 US american Dol(l)ars/capita to pay by the old his patrimony directly

     or as legal obligation get paid by his family ( obligation/mandate by law )

The economic evolution of real estate worth by demography change we can see here as future common standart :
                Ghost-house Ghost-towns/Ghost-regions/Ghost-countries =

               without life and economical positive worth = book-value Zero down to book-value Negative

 ITA official GDP and population density and population average age
  compared with 1 €- terrain offer GDP/ population density/population average age

BR Deutschland,France,Spain,Portugal,.... all U.N-estates :

 GDP/estate population density in geral compared with local numbers
                1€   150 sqm ground ITA. ~ 37500 Euros 150 sqm ground

                 by same local GHOST-VILLAGE GDP/population age/density

So the value spread ( Markt-Amplitude)  from one NOMINAL EUROPAEISCHE ZENTRALBANK- UNIT "EURO"  is
                                                        37500: 1           as LIQUIDATION physical "PARITY"  !

So in the E.U. ( and as specific example for all the U.N.- nations) the cheapest real estate offer are in that price range :
1 Euro/€ the terrain/construction ground + construction costs :

knowing the U.S. scientifical data values offered by 

Contour Crafting ,UNIVERSITY of California/LosAngeles. ~ 50 US$/ sqm living area

Monolith Dome Institute Uni-/Eco-Shell                                ~ 50 US$/ sqm living area

and the european scientifical wood-frame houses costs :
canadian block-house 74 sqm ( bath/kitchen included) construction :  50 EUROS/sqm living area

cement block house construction ( Portugal,"interbloco) : 50 EUROS/sqm living area
the Federation of American Scientists and and " social = controled costs/quantity" numbers 
       - 38 sqm living are = - 3 capita.        -78 sqm living area = 5 capitas (3 generations )
and calculating : as maximal constitutional allowed B.I.Z./IWF. finance limit

     78 sqm x 50 EUROS. = 3900 EUROS social= controlled construction costs
     This can in ITALY happen by W.A.S.P.  and their 4x GAIA units a 20 sqm = 80 sqm

     Social "new construction"  financing = AK-/KREDITIEREN limit :

    1.class/Rank 3900 EUROS x 0,48 = 1872 EUROS. this is the known " prime rate"- class

.     +

    2.class/Rank 3900 EUROS x 0,16 = 624 EUROS. + risc tax increase this is the known" sub-prime"- class

    The REST,in PEACE, is the known.       :  JUNK-class.  in german RAMSCH,      luso-phonic = LIXO

     JUNK- R.eturn O.f. I.nvestment : known in german economy as Term
     MASSEKONKURSQUOTE/ LIQUIDATIONSQUOTE : < 5% the nominal book value by liquidation

    What is the value from the houses beside this 1 EURO-terrain :

    giving these building 40 years and more age : finanz-technische AfA= AMORTIZATION FUER ABNUTZUNG

                               PROGRESSIVE ABSCHREIBUNG

    book value "new construction"                     100%

    Less used 7% in the first 4 years.                 - 28%

    Less used 5% in the next 6 years.                 -30%

    Less used  2% in the next 6 years.                -12%
    Less used 1,25% for the next 24 years.       - 30%
   So,after 40 years ,the book value =                  0
    All this village has to be seen , financial book value view,as 0 EURO-net value zone

  But this is not the real value  !

  The real value is :            0 Euros net value - TARA = the estate debt ( public and hidden)

     So we have to calculate with : negative money and negative book value

     By such less material patrimony/matrimony financial worth ,
     how will the Olds their childs treat them in future. ?

     Flexible  "JUNK GENERATION"- response  ?


As E.U. citizen,this " E.uropeische U.nion"  translates to german phonetics/language :


                              THE CATHOLIC PROGRESSION AND EVOLUTION

A members-chamber working and living between LISSABON/ATLANTIK and WLADIWOSTOK/PACIFIC

But also north-american ( St.Marie),south-american(Guyana),african(Reunion/Madeira-Kanares)austra-oceanic(Tahiti)

              ABEND + MORGEN= DER TAG ( bald der lichte ueber all das GOTTES"ALLAH/IO"- LAND ?   ::) )

             AMENO and Salute/servus
p.s.: ihr alle lieszt es zu was hier spezifisch auftrat :

Mit wissenschaftlicher Akribie ist nun nach dem MENSCH/Kg- PREIS journalistisch zu forschen,nunmehr unwichtig ob nach "LEBEN-Gewicht" oder " lebendgewicht"-Schlacht-/schlacht-fertig .
Wieviel Lebendgewichtpreis fuer Buben,,fuer weibliche Senioren,fuer maennliche Senioren ,Transgender !
Nach dem "kalten Krieg" nun die Dividende : die beiderseitigen Krieger materiell ausschlachten

Logical  ? The price for godparenthood of 1 child, as example SOS-Kinderdorf  :  31 Euros

              1 EURO PER DAY - ALL INCLUSIVE ( Club Paradise ::) )

Why for old people there are for their treatment in "old peoples home" costs f.e. in Bavaria ( catholic population  zone)  and by church organisation ( Johanniter et cet.) to pay between 3800-4000 Euros per month ( 15 oldies per professional senior-nanny )  ?
                                           125+ Euros per day ( financial "Club Horror"  :P )

Do we need in future beside SOS-Kinderdorf also SOS-Altendorf. with 1/10 the actually costs,in Europe and elsewhere. !?
                                             12,5 Euros per day ~ 380-400 Euros per month
                                                SOS-OLDIESVALLEY: a really social need ?
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