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Author Topic: OverUnity Does Not Exist!  (Read 33440 times)


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Re: OverUnity Does Not Exist!
« Reply #45 on: November 25, 2022, 11:11:07 PM »
Yes you read the title correctly, OverUnity does not exist, and it never will.


Please see ...


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Re: OverUnity Does Not Exist!
« Reply #46 on: November 26, 2022, 12:21:03 AM »
I agree with you 100%
We all know it - nothing new
free energy- is energy for free , at no expense and it exists,
overunity doesn't exist,

so title of this form is just the title
like somebody's name is Greta and one needs to find who is this Greta
and what is she about?

overunity forum contains curious minds from total dilettantes to scientists.



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Re: OverUnity Does Not Exist!
« Reply #47 on: November 26, 2022, 04:45:24 PM »
"//" - means shortcut  in text.

Please see ...
Fallowing this link  that takes me to situation where:
// cannot balance if the real portion of input is reduced to // (nano or pico watts) and no exit is allowed  // the formation of the normal orientation of the flow of current.

fallowed by:
The model// I conjure // an open transmission line // one of its terminals is  shorted transmission line (a closed loop). The open line sets the stage for the reversal of current which will manifest within the shorted transmission line. And if there is any energy available, nearby, for stealing, then this architecture will steal it. But, if there is no energy, nearby, then this architecture will manifest its own negative watts from its catalytic condition of starvation and constriction of movement.
fallowed by explanation:
The conventional view is that current will be in alignment with voltage, more or less, not greater than plus or minus 90 degrees of temporal angular displacement between the two. But my non-conventional view induces coils to become generators rather than consumers since current is *forced* to become inverted to voltage.
fallowed by statement:
Under the weird conditions which I am proposing, current *must invert itself* to head for the only exit. This will be through the same portal through which it came in since no other portal (of inlet or exit) is provided by design.
supported by:

... which is very similar to ...

and explanation of  this statement by:
Forget, for the moment, of reactance//
 Under // conditions, when // the real input continues to shrink and the imaginary portion becomes a negative value and accumulates // negative watts within passive coils (not being rotated; just sitting there). The complex portion continues to just "hang around" until it gets its chance to generate more negative watts while the real input continues to thermodynamically shrink (due to various resistances acting against that real input of power) and the complex portion continues to be retained in abeyance until the next cycle of oscillation does something with it.

few hours of reading and analyzing.
instead of discussing all of it , we concentrate just on transmission line;
I assume, if one element is proved as "overunity" that is plenty enough for us
to serve  a proof of "overunity"
I understand that you talking about:
- transmission line having few outputs were one of the outputs is shorted.

if we are talking about RF than:
A transmission line is a pair of conductors used to deliver energy in the form of an electromagnetic field.
look at chapter titled: what is transmission line here:
The most common form of degradation is reflections of part of the signal (energy) at impedance mismatches. Ideally, Zout = Zo = Zload resulting in no reflections
-please look at termination of transmission line section in this article

it is not important it is shorted or open. it will behave the same
with the only difference of Phase reversal

I assume you projecting transmission line having few outputs were some of them can be shorted:
this problem was also discussed here:
but unfortunately by nonprofessionals.



transmission line has input and output or outputs.
SWR or VSWR  ratio between transmitted and reflected voltage standing waves   is explained here:

an axiom : energy at input is always higher than in its output.
Energy at output plus losses is always equal to energy and input.
an axiom : energy cannot be created nor destroyed.
an axiom : energy can only change its form. In the universe as a system
it is never increased or decreased.

 but: one impulse 10V/1A at input of the water valve on the pipe
connected to the river makes constant delivery of water for free= free energy

Free energy is proven and exists
"overunity"   is not proven and it doesn't exist

Refrigerators were often used as a proof of overunity
where people were looking at a heat pump but not at the overall equation of energy exchange.

it is not important what is going on in your house
But at first you need to have a house for that.
The "outside" of your house we have just elements of unity.
and system made from elements of unity doesn't change if viewed from outside of it,



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Re: OverUnity Does Not Exist!
« Reply #48 on: May 17, 2023, 03:38:37 AM »