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Author Topic: Ice age model freethisone  (Read 2005 times)

Offline freethisone

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Ice age model freethisone
« on: November 18, 2014, 03:56:00 AM »
a snow ball effect..This model in its physical form, and character was  made with great care to include all know probability in its most simple of form.

The establishment of the most probable of all the inputs i include for this simple model.

Greetings all.

I have been working on this theory over the last two years.
A warning this is a very unconventional theory, it only came to light recently, and is related to my special study's.
This will include research I have done in order to make global climate change theory possible to every reader.
I have determined a need to account for the recent flurry of questions about ice ages, and Global warming.
The information I will include will have as many Facts as possible for this very simple Ice age theory.

Background information, define ice age.

A change in climate were the northern pole, southern pole, or both begin to experience a build up of ice sheet, or snow cap for an unidentified period of time.
This can relate to mini Ice age definition as well.  The best I can do is relate this to observation.

'The "wiki"- definition An ice age or, more precisely, glacial age, is a generic geological period of long-term reduction in the temperature of the Earth's surface and atmosphere, resulting in the presence or expansion of continental ice sheets, polar ice sheets, and alpine glaciers.'

The wiki definition is also speculative. It considered an ice age as a long term scenario. I simply excluded that premise.

The basics . Q: When we describe a system effected by change, how do you determine, and go about explaining these changes in a scientific manner?
Include, and determine the state of changes occurring in the system leading to a functional physical working model.

My question was used to determine these factors.
The methodology, I had used the axiom assuming all is true.  I picked it apart piece by piece, what is left are these observations, and determinable effects.

I had tested for a high degree of accuracy.
All statements used for explaining changes by categorizing the fundamental laws of nature.
Change was determined by cause, and effect including only what is not assumed, but instead what is widely known.
Factor that are less widely known are also included, and gives answers to questions current models lack.

by use of axiom assuming all statements are true, and then by testing it for truth.
by using well known principles, explaining a cause for a given effect.
by keeping it very simple, including self evident or well known principles.
by explaining other less known causes for a given effect.

Try to see this for what I show. I have a carpenters level. It has a bubble of air in the center. The level is used to show what side is up, and what side is down. The air bubble in the center shows equilibrium.
How can I use this in my model that this is so in the case of our planet? How will this predict when a possible ice age will occur?

let earths axis be the level plane, and if I stretched my level from north to south pole the bubble is in perfect equilibrium.. This be the implication, the earth has an up and down.
Obviously Earth is not in perfect equilibrium, when it comes to cold air finding its place among the cold air in our planet system.
We may then state the planet is not in perfect balance, and the bubble resides over the southern pole, rather then the equator. Do you agree?

I will add to this, but if you see were I am going then, ask a question, ponder the thought..

How will that bubble then in fact shift from equilibrium? Not as hard as you may make it, but by a change in earth axial position. This would cause the bubble to shift.. do you agree?
We have a northern hemisphere, and a southern. If the coldest hemisphere be the southern, than because of Antarctica having a lower temperature then the north pole. This remains true.
Now I wish to cause all the cold air in the south to flow to the north. How can that be? A simple explanation.
A move in axis will prove a shift in bubble, and therefore equilibrium is now in the process of shift, and change.  The observable factor, and start of the age. Prediction is important.
I have determined the Northern side now in a process of cold air shift. That shift will eventually find its equilibrium with the coldest air once again above the northern pole.

There are many circumstances that can be related to an ice age, long term, or short term.
One of these circumstances has to do with the earths temperature in relation to the evaporation rate of the oceans world wide.
More evaporation, more water vapor in the atmosphere, and not in the oceans. Predictions that self verify are important.

How can cloud cover effect the globe in relation to temperature rains, snow, oceanic currents, and airflow circulation in the system?
In the same manner volcanic gasses may block out the sun. In the same manner if a deep impact was to occur here on earth, by causing the solar rays to be reflected.
This could lead to a progressive ice age, as time passes world temperatures will fall at a faster rate, more so after the blocking of solar radiation.
Other factors included are also determined, and  agree with current knowledge.
Such as gasses from volcanoes. this may block out the suns energy over time. I include the most understood factors, well known today by modern science.
Dust from either volcanoes, meteorite impacts, and the deforestation of the planet. To much air born material in the system.
Perhaps even a dust bowl world wide. leading to a colder climate due to less solar warmth reaching the earths surface.
Solar fluctuations, may lead to a cooling, or warming of earths surface. Both can lead to an ice age. I can  agree with that.
Location of equilibrium, or a change in Earth Axial position can lead to a warming, and cooling in one hemisphere over the other.
Non equilibrium. The teeter totter perspective. Similar is the function of a see-saw.

Factors included seem to answer all of the possible circumstances related to ice age periods.


By a change in Axial position, or equilibrium of Earth system in relationship to said  galactic plain. I can reflect this change in several ways.

1. By a change in location, and, or position of a body in relation to said plain. A body such as the Earth may experience diverse effects. Including magnetic anomaly, including a change in air flow direction, or temperature within the  given system. assuming it has an atmosphere.

2. A change in Earth axis position, to whatever degree may have diverse effects on the inner system, or atmosphere of said body.
This In relation to its present equilibrium, and its magnetic alignments to the stars.. The rotation of the given body, or its angular momentum can make predictable statements. Self verified today.

3. Ice age By volcanic emissions alone, or in conjunction with a change in equilibrium of a system. In relation to its orbit, axial position, and speed of rotation. May also lead to an ice age. Extremely non intuitive.

4 A large meteor impact may lead to an ice age, by the blocking of solar rays reaching the Earths surface.

All statements are true statements.. Yes or no? I have determined this is accurate.
How many of these effects mentioned have taken place today, and when did the first ideas develop?

1. For the axial shift, and bubble, yes there was 2 separate events in the last 2 years. the axis has shifted a total of 7 inches.

2. more then 30 volcanoes have erupted, and continue to erupt in the last 18 months.
fact. If you want to see the numbers of how much dust and ash have been sent hurling into the atmosphere. (quantity of gaseous material).

3. Water vapor level of our atmosphere is quickly increasing. Storms with high wind speed reflect these relations in the given way.  A change in angular momentum, and velocity of rotation.
I will also post the numbers. water vapor, or steam is the number one volcanic gas expelled by volcanoes. Include estimated gaseous material over time.

4. There has not been a deep impact on earth by meteorite in a long time. This observation of cause for an ice age today is therefore is excluded from any cause as of today. No deep impact.

I only need to show you with pictures how the air in the system, has made a change in direction in the last 18 months. I show air flow from the southern hemisphere is moving to the northern.
The proper term is arctic, tropical, continental flow. Crossing boundary lines.

5. Solar fluctuation, again this is present in this model. Solar energy is a given, and may decrease, or increase over time.. We now are in the 24 solar cycle, and it has produced  heating fluctuation on Earth also.
The sun has also produced many solar flare extremes during this event. 24th solar cycle started in 2010. All info can be found on the net about the problems of solar cycle 24. I can provide much more data. Make your own determinations on these conditions. Solar energy, angular momentum, volcanic eruptions, meteor impact, increase in gaseous materials , and dust in the system, axial shift, Etc..
Oceans reflect the immediate changes, and therefore determined a leveling off period is also is progressive.

All these effects  are ongoing, and observable.
The self verified Factor: solar anomalous, volcanic eruption on a large scale, tilt in axial position, Earth magnetic field anomalous, a change in direction of air circulation, and oceanic tides moving to the north.

The model is simple, and works very well for prediction. Excluding all global warming BS  mainstream claims.

According to this model are we closing in on an ice age?
Has all causing factors been reflected upon enough to make a determination? If we stick to known causes only. It definitely closely agrees.

Ice age cause,  simple verifying model.

See the movies I have made. Immediate determinations based on observation of the globe over time. The first movie was just after the Great chili quake. After the axis has shifted 3 inches.
Pleas pause this movie at 31 seconds, do you see what I do?  Intuitive of scientific  validating factors. The intimidate change is a constant in determining a cause.  There is a massive drip, or a drip of cold air moving toward the equator.  Looks like a change in equilibrium in the Earth system. This is the bubble I have reflected. Some may say this is a wobble, some may say indeterminable. Further  scientific observation does not  agree with the given notion..

Sincerely free ...

i will add a link, my model is under peer review, and making headlines in my home town..

is it ok to  pin this here? ty.
definition assume respiratory conditions are increasing.

For me, I have noticed the atmosphere is producing copious amounts of ozone, several less well know causes can be accounted for.
Lets face it, the nuclear disaster in japan is a main contributor. Radioactive material drifting around the entire world.

What does radio active mean? It means it is releasing energy.
The interaction in our atmosphere, causes a response.

water vapor in the form of cloud cover gets heated, heat causes it to evaporate quickly, leading to less cloud cover were the heating is very high.
Perhaps the drought in Texas is related to that, the radiation transforms the atmosphere leading to a huge spike in low level ozone, you may not like this answer, but it is scientifically sound.

Other causes an increase in natural gas, and methane bubbling up from pockets under ground that have reached the surface. an earth quake, or drilling in search of fuel may release the trapped pockets of gas.

This gets even more dangerous, as it is also exposed to solar rays, and even the radiation coming from nuclear plants that fail, nuclear testing, under ground testing etc.

This is not per-say the (only factors) to respiratory problems on a global scale, but is becoming evident, a main contributor. Independent study, and sampling of the air you breathe and the drinking water being consumed
Is necessary for determining cause. The amount of tolerances a body can handle is determined not by the individual, but by the quantity a species can safely tolerate.

If the quantity of these very dangerous by products find its way hovering above your home, you can be sure the clean breathable oxygen is reduced. It may even lead to brain damage, or permanent damage to the respiratory system.

My own researches verify that.

If we go back to 2010, 6,7 or greater quakes are increasing in frequency.

If we go back to 2009 we have a somewhat stable environment.

When dealing with 2010, prediction was very intuitive, and there was found to be a cause.

In 2011, predictions may be determined on a time sensitive base if we look at 2010.

Earthquakes are generally not time sensitive. random quakes are a result of stress on plates that are in motion, assuming the earth is in a stable condition.

In 2011 the earth is quickly becoming destabilized, and an outcome for future predictions based on the time frame given for 2010 will lead to a higher degree of accuracy.

The progression of the destabilizing crustal shifts for 2011 will clearly show an increase of frequency, and more powerful quakes, leading to the next great earthquake expected within the next 4 months. closer to the end of march is my prediction, although it may be sooner December 2011 to February 2012.

January 2011 will have a high probability for 7.0 to 8.0 earthquakes.

If you had thought earthquake prediction is unlikely, then by looking at a graph of 2010, you may prove with accuracy time sensitive relations for 2011, and also 2012.

People claiming to be able to use astronomical charts in the past found it most difficult.

Volcanic eruptions are no different for 2011, and 2012 many will be erupting by mid January, and continue for a few months there after. You may find a chart for 2010, and determine these eruptions most accurately for the next 2 to 3 years. It is time to be prepared.

The progression will accelerate more so after destabilization. So yea, its not looking good.

I hope your concern may lead to a better understanding of the process of torque induced precession.

It has been found to be a progression of axial shift. Over a 3 to 5 year period starting in early months of 2010.

The magician does not tell his secrets, but in this case science does. I am a scientist, not a magician.

Get technical, and yes science does, you must provide data within the parameters, or scope determined to be highly unlikely to occur.

The greater the magnitude of prediction, the less likely it is to occur. Stated you must go back to a somewhat stable platform 2009. When dealing with averages, the greater the imputable input factors, the greater the average relation over time. We don't average here.This is clearly time sensitive.

 I have set the bar much higher. you must go back to the year 2008-2009 and make your input data entirely.

Do the same for the entire year of 2010 to the current date. Compare, see if a time sensitive progression has occurred as of Feb 27, 2010.

Then you must determine how an earthquake is related as a time sensitive factor, comparing the 4 years of total data.

To be on the safe side, 2 years before progression, 2 years of progression. Now you plot on two charts, each with 2 years of average data, and compare. The chart will tell the story all by itself. the chart must follow the time sensitive information provided. Meaning each month, and each quake plotted on the chart 6.0 or greater corresponds, or in relation with the date it had occurred.

By doing so, the data will reflect to a much higher degree of accuracy.

 7.3     2011/12/14 05:04:57      -7.507      146.791    115.1     EASTERN NEW GUINEA REG, PAPUA NEW GUINEA
Tuesday 13th December 2011
Marapi Volcano, Indonesia
Marapi volcano in Sumatra, Indonesia has been raised to level 2 alert (out of a maximum 4). On 12th December there were 43 volcanic earthquakes measured at the volcano. A 1.5 radius exclusion zone has been placed around the volcano.

RE: Ice Age Model
« Reply #2 on November 29th, 2011, 09:47 AM »Last edited on November 29th, 2011, 10:26 AM by freethisone
Observation leading to determining factors.

"Terminology of definitions, context : wiki

"In traditional logic, an axiom or postulate is a proposition that is not proven or demonstrated but considered either to be self-evident or to define and delimit the realm of analysis. In other words, an axiom is a logical statement that is assumed to be true. Therefore, its truth is taken for granted, and serves as a starting point for deducing and inferring other (theory dependent) truths.
basic, foundational proposition or assumption that cannot be deduced from any other proposition, or assumption.
to be the cause of; bring about. A person, or thing that acts, happens, or exists in such a way that some specific thing happens as a result; the producer of an effect:

Science has been looking for evidence that explain what chain of events, or factors play a major role in predicting cataclysmic events in the past, present, and future.
Making past assumptions leads to debate, a major problem for modern theoretical advancements, and the difficulty researchers have addressing these issues.

My goal : By taking certain considerations, and factors into account paving the way for new viable study dealing with past, present, and future crisis of the environment. With the flurry of data entering the debate, certain real factors may have been ignored, or misunderstood in recent years, leading to false, or misleading outcomes. The reader is stuck in the middle of this debate, asking more questions than having answers provided.

In light of the moon, Bruce Lee said, "don't focus on the finger, or you will miss all that heavenly glory." he also said when he strikes a target that "It strikes all by itself"

I have chosen the date Jan 29, 2010 to begin this study. Why? Because it was then certain information had come to light relating to the events that follow. I bring your attention to the first wolf moon in 20 years. smiling at Bruce. The event may have not been all that memorable to the reader, but it was for me. What occurred shortly thereafter was something incredible indeed. After turning my attention away from the moon I observed the sun in its relation out of curiosity for the event. I had discovered the sun was in a process of change, that change was the beginning of a new solar cycle. (solar cycle 24) A process that will be the most memorable event for the rest of my life. After I had observed this process for the next 5 to 7 days I had confirmed that a new solar cycle had begun. shortly after it was also confirmed by leading scientists of the day.

The next observation lead me to focus on the effects this change could have on the planet earth, and that is just what i did. I now had 3 factors to keep a close eye on. Each new factor was leading to other factors with a higher, and higher degree of probable outcomes. (cause, and effect chain.)

1. The sun. solar rotational periods.  In comparison, determinable factors help predict earth quake, and eruptions.
2. The moon. lunar periods of change. Time frame relations observable factors.
3. The planet earth, and all the effects relate to these changes. Predicted out comes.

The first real results came as a series of powerful earthquakes. Unaware at the time of the historical implications of the Jan 17, 2010 Haiti earthquake,
occurring just prior to the start of solar cycle 24. I had considered all may have been by coincidence, and my attention was now on the The Vernal Equinox. A time when the Sun reaches the balancing point in its path through the tropical zodiac, when the length of the day is equal to the length of the night.
Astronomy charts confirm, leading to the beginning of the new astrological year. (The new age also, 25000 years perhaps) The dawning of the age of Aquarius.
It was my belief at the time Feb 16, 2010 marked Equinox, sweet 16. I also confirmed it had occurred in a specific location on the planet looking at astronomical charts.

If you like a good mystery like I do, check out the coral castle By Edward Leedskalnin.

My focus is on the stars, I had observed something special. Jupiter aligns with mars, and the moon enters the seventh house. looking from the northern hemisphere to the west. One pill will make you grow, one pill will make you small. (feeding your head) I had expanded my mind. Smile.
These are the true observations I had made.

I scrabbled for more information in astronomy, solar cycles, lunar cycles, Earth cycles, and precession. I found what I was looking for, unknowing what would lead to the next change, and cause of events that would follow. I had found MIT lectures By X-ray Astronomer Walter Lewin, and proceeded to watch them all, over the next several months. 801, 802, and 803 lectures, as a refresher to my major.

11 days later, Feb 27, 2010 Great quake of chili happened. I thought could this have any relation to this special time, and are these effects directly related? Focusing now on Earth weather patterns, cloud cover, and the circulation within our atmosphere. I observed closely, and intently for the last couple of years. What had occurred next was another astonishing effect, seemingly there was a hick-up in the direction of circulation within the system.
Storms had spawned quickly after the Great quake, and I was like, another coincidence? I started questioning my motives to find a solution to these effects. What would be revealed to me over the course of the next year could not be caused by the sun alone. Prior to this i began predicting powerful earthquakes accurately, and immediately began to understand the true meaning of climatology. storms would spawn, cyclones, tornadoes, and even hail in diverse places on earth. Another coincidence i said? questioning my sanity, my mind suddenly ruptured into a volcano of information from my observations. I made several conclusions, and these conclusions were short lived, until I discovered the induction factor.

Induction you may say? Yes, at this point several volcanoes began to erupt within a short period of time, and had to understand this better for my own research purposes, and knowledge. I found part of the answer. Induction, something was causing the Earths core to expand I said. On the next new moon, another eruption had occurred, and for a period of time, about 3 months the eruptions had stopped. This is very odd, I was convinced science could explain these immediate effects, and by 2011 I had used all the information I had gained, and applied it with present day predictions. Looking always for a cause, and effect, I had discovered a short time period of about 13 days before a major event, and they did occur as expected.
This was in relation to earthquakes, so i made it my goal to prove there was no way this is a coincidence. I would set as a minimum magnitude that could not be only by chance. 6.4 was the norm for these time variable events, and then i demonstrated to many of my friends who are extremely skeptical with ease. I raised the bar once again, I had set the limits of reportable magnitude to at least 7.0. with The same outcome. I even had the March 11 2011 quake predicted to 24 hours. That is strange indeed.

Prior to the March 11 2011 quake, I was looking for variables, I was also expecting the first results relating to strong quakes by February 16 2010, although it may have been subtle, or a overlooked effect at 6.4 , taking place in the same region in Japan. This as a signal of effects I had thought, a pair of events would signal the predicted outcomes following part one.

4. Induction factor related to expansion periods during the time frame proposed, 2 years. this can be extended 2 more years taken what was learned.

5. Angular momentum, or earth rotational speed that is under change. Relative to the circulation of air flow, includes immediate relation, determining factor. Strong storms, and all related effects in the systems are still under observation.

6. Oceanic tidal surges, and there specific location to the rotational center of mass of the given body. accompanied by marine life loosing the ability to navigate by instinct.
Even other magnetic variations in the system, causing airplanes to miss runways wile trying to land, and crash. leading to the recalibration of airport automatic safe guards that use the earths magnetic field.

Concluding with the continued effects, time lines, and progressive events.
All of these factors were found to be related to cause, these are the major determining predictable factors that validate this model wile at the same time excluding less known causes such as an increase of co2 levels in the system, the continued reduction of Antarctic ozone levels, or the depletion of the rain forests. even by excluding all man made flora carbons of the last 100 years.
A genuine gravitational lensing effect, and an increase in uv bursts, magnetic flux, or pressure. A cassimir effect. Coronal mass ejections, solar flairs, and solar winds interacting with the earths ionosphere.
leading to spectacular Auroras. verify  ozone production, and the rarefaction of our atmosphere.

The twist is in the traits of the species. The doors that are enshrouded, are now open. The sleepy mouse comes out to play. We open our eyes, no need to be told analogy.

The magician does not reveal his secrets, but in this case science does.

Research, and advancements if requested.
Every thing in nature, everything included in a system has a generating effect on another system.

You might say mainstream global warming scientist look at a completely empty system, with no regard for all the facts, only including there axioms that blame The human race for any changes in that system.

Radioactive material, and the inability to contain it is there fault not mine. They have destroyed vast quantity of land mass, leaving it uninhabitable for generations, leaving piles of spent fuel rods in land fills, leaving that material in a delicate system such as earth enters the atmosphere, ground water, and destroys all life.

Every change leads to other changes. Simple these changes are accumulative, and the main cause of change in the system is not co2.

That is all I have to say about that. You may wonder why most people call global warming BS. Politics include what there feeble minds allow them to.
Scientists may have a theory fine, but it needs structure, and not simple assertion.

You know what I am saying, not the scientists fault they are only there to cover up what is implied by these changes.

RE: Ice Age Model
« Reply #3 on November 29th, 2011, 03:43 PM »Last edited on December 1st, 2011, 08:54 AM by freethisone
"Extra research section. :Axial position is following the torque. Angular momentum takes over. Its simply torque times delta T."

Author notes, and topics open for your review.

Greetings all, I have outlined key factors, that separate this model from main stream science. I would like to validate any responses to this topic.

When dealing with terminology, it was stated many factors mainstream claimed may have been overlooked, ignored, assumed, and misleading, or out right lies..

It was said facts stated in this model do not fit in with current understanding on the subject. Have the virtues of science been ignored, along with the process, and steps necessary for functionality of a working model been distorted over the years?

This is open for more  available verifiable data.

The major relations dealing with cause, and effect have been determined, and demonstrated. This followed by answering the questions that make valid relations, rather then assumptions science can not account for.
In a manner of speaking, global warmers delimit the realm of analysis.
They  have lost there way, by not following self evident principles, and observation.
Also by deliberately misleading the public, and by hiding real data that is used to determine these changes. Scoundrel.

Please see movie, review.

Everything is relative to the observer's point of reference in time and space.

See Euclidean plane reference. Once it has been described in this language, it is actually a simple matter to extend its concept to arbitrary dimensions. It has an Axis of rotation.

In one way the Earth is considered a closed system, in another it is open. refer to auroras, it is a result of an external force. A CME does cause induction of that energy into the ionosphere, that energy can indeed reach the surface as electric charge. I said it was closed, because I was relating to the atmosphere, assuming it did not leak into outer-space, but in reality it can. I include both perspectives


Why are density and seismic velocity inversely proportional to one another? Very non-intuitive.

Propagation through denser material. P wave. It is when the wave reaches a more liquified medium, that the propagating wave is dampened.

( secondary waves S wave: Damping effect). In the first case you may have trust type quake, because the energy has someplace to go. This is a more sever Earth quake.

"Seismic wave Wiki

:The S-wave moves as a shear or transverse wave, so motion is perpendicular to the direction of wave propagation: S-waves are like waves in a rope, as opposed to waves moving
"through a slinky, the P-wave. The wave moves through elastic media, and the main restoring force comes from shear effects. These waves do not diverge, and they obey the continuity equation for incompressible media: Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image The shadow zone of a P-wave. S-waves don't penetrate the outer core, so they're shadowed everywhere more than 104° away from the epicenter (from USGS) Its name, S for secondary, comes from the fact that it is the second direct arrival on an earthquake seismogram, after the compressional primary wave, or P-wave, because S-waves travel slower in rock. Unlike the P-wave, the S-wave cannot travel through the molten outer core "

"In continuum mechanics, stress is a measure of the internal forces acting within a deformable body. Quantitatively, it is a measure of the average force per unit area of a surface within the body on which internal forces act. These internal forces are a reaction to external forces applied on the body. Because the loaded deformable body is assumed to behave as a continuum, these internal forces are distributed continuously within the volume of the material body, and result in deformation of the body's shape. Beyond certain limits of material strength, this can lead to a permanent shape change or structural failure.

However, models of continuum mechanics which explicitly express force as a variable generally fail to merge and describe deformation of matter and solid bodies, because the attributes of matter and solids are three dimensional. Classical models of continuum mechanics assume an average force and fail to properly incorporate "geometrical factors", which are important to describe stress distribution and accumulation of energy during the continuum.

The dimension of stress is that of pressure, and therefore the SI unit for stress is the pascal (symbol Pa), which is equivalent to one newton (force) per square meter (unit area), that is N/m2. In Imperial units, stress is measured in pound-force per square inch, which is abbreviated as psi."

"A stress energy tensor T^{mu,nu} is not the only thing that curves space-time. There is another curvature driving function Q^{mu,nu}. My friend Mzulu"said this is so.  I think he is correct.

In the same manner Earth reacts to the external torques as stresses.  It is net force Inducing.

Peace, love, and understanding all.. :huh:

RE: Ice Age Model
« Reply #4 on November 30th, 2011, 08:33 PM »Last edited on December 3rd, 2011, 08:25 PM by freethisone
The writing on the wall has changed.

Ice age 3 d -model described. Yes Doctor?  The precession is continuity torquing. It continues to follow the slipping top analogy.
Its simply spinning. Its simply stunning, its simply continues to rotate I will exaggerate your observations. Its simply up to you to observe.

As it rotates earthquakes become time variable according to rotational speed.  The axis it i pointing, it following the spinning top.. its simply slipping. its simply a stunning effect. There is a pressure of fluid within the core.  Its simply splitting, its Humphrey Dummpie. Its described ,and self verifying. Its simply continues.
Its bursting, of a water balloon. Its simply to soon.,  Its simply predictable. Its following its secondary oscillation. Beating like a drum. The wave is in front. Its simply like a pointy boat or arrow. Its simply caused by this star. There is, simply no way around.  The time frame was predictable. Its simply solar rotation. Its simply lunar precession. @3 days of solar rotation, and according to speed it will split like a cord. Ripping the seams. Its
It was simply well known. Its simply a des-cry. An utter dis-( By grace). I am simply sorry.  It simply was well known to be true. lighting up like a tree on Christ mass day. Its spilling  on two sides. The start of the  predictable out come is time variable. It also follow along the net force inducing. Its also bouncing and skipping along. simply bending space. What is relativity?

 Its simply, Cause and effect..   :angel:

As the earth spheroid preforms like an egg.


Peace, and Love all, understanding.

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Ice age model freethisone
« on: November 18, 2014, 03:56:00 AM »